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Do relationships beginning in college have a future?

Have you dreamt of spending your life with your college sweet heart? Have you promised your college love of spending your lives together? Has your life revolved around your college flame? You don’t want to leave college because you are scared of parting with the love of your life? If the answer to even one of the above questions is yes, then you are in the category of millions.

Millions enter and exit college life each and every year. Some hope to top all the exams in sight and make their parents happy. Some aim to make their parents proud by their good behaviour and becoming well rounded human beings. While many others aim to enjoy and chill out, have fun and just let their hair down before they join the rat race out there.

But other than a few who just aim to study and do nothing at all, there is one thing coming to all students – LOVE. Be it having girlfriends just for the sake of it to establish a standing for themselves in their college and in front of their friends or having a long term commitment, many of us do get into relationships at some point of time.

Going on a date, talking all night on the phone, roaming about in the campus all day long making others red with envy, youngsters in college feel that love is all that is to a fairytale. And why wouldn’t it be? In a world where everything has become short, short term happiness is something we would surely love.

These love stories or college sweethearts are together for 1,2,3,4 years at max. But then many a time things come to such a pass that they take vows for living and dying together and staying with one another forever and ever. And that’s why a number of these couples end their lives.

So does these relationships ever go beyond college? Can they survive the pressures of life? The answers to all these questions are “It depends”. It depends on the people. It depends on the person’s priorities in life. It depends on how much a couple can get influenced by family and friends. As everyone says, relationships that begin in under grad end because people have other priorities. Parents tell their children to concentrate on studies all through their lives. But when they reach marriageable age, parents complain that children can’t find their own partners. Irony of life? Above all it depends on whether people really want things to work.

Its said that Miya biwi raazi toh kya karega kazi? But its not that easy, is it?



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