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A sneak peak: What would life be without emotions?

Emotions are there everywhere around us. Be it loving your parents, fighting with your friends, laughing at others stupidity, rebelling against the status quo in the society, emotions play their part in each and every moment of our lives. But have you ever imagined what would life be without them? Incomplete, incoherent, confused, stuck in a fix – Are you thinking that any of these would be the case with life? Wouldn’t the puzzle of life be incomplete? Let’s look at the funny side as many of these ten instances would have happened with either of us sometime or the other:

1. Instead of crying when your parents shouted at you for the umpteenth time, you say ‘Ok dad! I will try to avoid it next time” and walk off.

2. When your girlfriend is in the most romantic of moods cuddling into you, you utter ‘I have some work to attend to right now! See ya later.”

3. When your friends cracked the funniest of jokes causing people to giggle and roll on the floor with laughter, you sit with a straight face. On being prodded by someone you ask “What was the joke?”

4. You are awarded the top prize in the biggest contest in the country and our invited on stage. You mumble “Thank you all.” with a completely emotionless face.

5. The plane is shaking violently from side to side because of heavy turbulence. You are sleeping soundly but are awoken by the shrilly cries of the people around. Instead of getting worried or reacting, you go back to sleep wondering what’s the big deal for since this is so usual.

6. You are driving like a maniac when you hit the car / two – wheeler in front. The guy is yelling at you and mouthing the choicest of expletives. Instead of trying to calm him down by your words or actions, you just say “I will pay the damages”, sign a document with your name and number and walk off leaving that guy’s mouth wide open.

7. Seeing the toughest paper of their lives, everyone is getting worried and biting their fingernails. You finish the paper half an hour without the slightest of reactions much to everyone’s shock.

8. Your friend is explaining to you the biggest and most emotionally draining times of his life. Instead of listening carefully and with care, you say “Dont worry so much. Everything will be fine.” without the slightest of emotions. If everything would be fine, why did he come to you in the first place?

9. You faculty / boss has given the toughest of problems to you which have to be done by the next day. Everyone around is just abusing him / her and wondering to themselves whether the faculty / boss is a human being and how can he do this in the sake of humanity. But you finish the problems without wasting your time in other things like abusing much to the anger of others (There are many people when will meet of that type).

10. And last but not the least, when you read this, there may be some who may be laughing. There maybe some who maybe smiling. There maybe some who maybe controlling their laughter. There maybe others who maybe hitting their hand on the desk wondering at the nonsense. But there maybe others who may have no reaction at all.

If you must have faced any of these or seen any of your friends in such circumstances, I am sure you can understand what am trying to imply. So do you have emotions are you always roaming around with a deadpan face?


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