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United Nations: The most useless organization on the planet!

The United Nations (UN) is an international organization whose stated aims are facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace.

The above is the Wikipedia definition (accessed on 24th March, 11:40am) of United Nations and the work it does. I am sure all of you must have studied about the United Nations and its mission, goals and objectives while at school. Or if not been to school, you may have read about it somewhere. All of you can be forgiven for thinking that UN has closed down because interestingly it hasn’t been able to do anything useful over the past decade and more.

The first two charters of the UN mandate “To maintain international peace and security (and if necessary to enforce the peace by) taking preventive or enforcement action”. Have these mandates really been followed when US attacked Iraq or invaded Afghanistan? Where was the UN when US along with its NATO allies decided to just bomb Libya from the top when they know that doing so can kill civilians in large numbers? Where was UN when many US soldiers were indicted after the “Collateral Damage” video showing them enjoying the killings of news reporters and journalists was shown to the world by Wikileaks? Where was UN when the US couldn’t find the WMDs they had attacked Iraq for? Where was the UN when Osama was nowhere to be found but US kept using drone missile strikes on Afghanistan and Pakistan?

The bitter truth is that UN has become a puppet organization which has become irrelevant in today’s world. 22% of the budget is contributed by the US and this is used by them as a means to manipulate the function of the organization. When the US had to attack Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya, they didn’t even care who voted against them in the Security Council. They just told UN “We are attacking them. You better get that into your head.”

The other divisions of the UN include Unicef, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Atomic Energy Agency, International Monetary Fund etc. The irony is that despite the presence of such divisions which have been created to protect our rights, troubles, problems and everything wrong that pervades the world, there is nothing they have been able to do other than releasing documents about growth rates (IMF), food issues (FAO), atomic inspections in Iran and Iraq (which were crap) etc. Interestingly even the UN peacekeepers across Africa, many of whom are Indians are not even cared of by the people in these countries. The biggest example is the recent disasters in Congo where no one cared for the UN peacekeepers.

After all this, do you really wonder, India needs to fight for its place in the Security Council? I personally think UN needs to be shutdown in today’s world because it has become a completely puppet organization rather than anything else!


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  1. Mini

    I agree wit u on tat !!

  2. forum

    i remember the way i had to remember the objectives and goals and date oif incorporation etc etc of these organisations and it was a herculean task. at that point of time i really felt that whoa! our planet has so many organisations and they seem pretty strict and aim to achieve their goals. but today when i come to think of it. i really think US of A has taken everything under its control. america seems to be pretty greedy and is never satisfied, and i believe obama got the peace award. yeah right. someone please tell me where did these organisations vanish!!!!!!

  3. nope

    You’re right the U.N. is worthless, and yes it is true that when the USA decides to attack another country we do not need anyones permission. Yes, we are greedy and no, we are never satisfied: that is one of the great things about this nation, and why we have the highest standard of living in the world. That is why educated people like the United States and why uneducated people dislike the United States. Yes, Obama is a worthless socialist bastard and he is trying to ruin America but he will fail just like Jimmy Carter failed. Oh by the way I guess you never figured out that we did not attack Iraq because we thought they had WMDs. We attacked because Sadam’s refusal to comply with ispections forced the US to keep troops in Saudi, This pissed of Bin laden who then formed Al Quida and attacked the US. So Sadam was the root cause of the problem– We blamed him for the attack and so we decided that his country should be detroyed. We just told the world that we were looking for WMDs because we didn’t want to keep telling the french to go fuck them selfs– that would just be bad politics. Any more questions?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Firstly I would say that you should cool down. I can see that you are irritated and pissed off with my article. Following is my response to the points you have mentioned in your comment :-

      1. Yes I agree that USA has the highest standard of living in the world. But I disagree with the point that uneducated people dislike the USA. I personally don’t dislike the USA as a country. Many of my friends and family stay, study and work there too. But it would be unfair to see if they dislike it that means they are uneducated. People dislike the American policies especially the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan more so for the fact that they have resulted in spending of large sums of money. And as a result with too much borrowing the American economy is in the doldrums today. And their credit rating by S&P has gone to AA+

      2. Yes he didn’t comply with the inspections by the IAEA inspectors. But after executing him and killing him, what did US achieve? What has really been achieved in Iraq after all the war and stuff? Yes probably in Afghanistan and Pakistan they have managed to kill and execute 100s of terrorists many of whom are still diverted to attack India. But attacking Iraq? I still don’t get it at all.

      But yes whatever one says, America has managed to prevent any terrorist attack since a decade. And they deserve kudos for that!

  4. Dee

    ask US folk queueing at the soup kitchens what standard of living they enjoy

  5. The U.N. is a useless organization and counter-productive – Issues Non-binding resolutions with no legal standing that includes the ICJ advisory only.
    The U.N. cannot create State or modify borders, they have no such authority.
    In a Democratic legal system if you have decision that you think is erroneous or unjust you can appeal that decision and many times it is reversed.
    U.N. opinions and or resolutions are (non-binding) biased, unjust, arbitrary and capricious (the same apply to the ICJ – International Court of Justice).
    The U.N. has issued numerous opinions and non-binding resolutions that are biased, unsubstantiated and contrary to historical and factual evidence. This U.N. collusion with corrupt and biased countries and the issuance of non-binding egregious opinions and resolution has eroded the credibility of the U.N. beyond repair.
    This has raised the ire and an outcry by many nations, politicians and institutions to de-fund the U.N. and dismantle it.
    It is well known that the U.N. and the ICJ can only offer and issue a non-binding advisory recommended opinions and resolutions which carry no legal standing or affect. They can only issue a non-binding recommendation and resolution and if it is accepted by all parties in writing, then their recommended opinion and resolution is applicable (Provided the parties abide by the terms). Otherwise it has no meaning, validity, and no legal standing.
    Therefore, my suggestion is stop panicking and aggrandizing these biased criminal organizations. Their recommended non-binding opinion has no meaningful value and no legal standing.
    By reacting to and citing the non-binding recommendations of this criminal organization as having any validity, you are misleading the public that the recommended opinions by these criminal organizations might have some validity, which it does not.
    It is time to expose the fraud and deception by these unethical, corrupt and unjust organizations and dismantle them completely.
    It will also save a substantial amount of money and resources that could be put to a better use.
    YJ Draiman
    P.S. The League of Nations was replaced by the United Nations, since the league did not accomplish its purpose. The U.N. has not accomplished its purpose for what it was created to perform ethically and honestly.
    In today’s society the Nations of the world can function without an organization such as the U.N.

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