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Movie Review: Tanu Weds Manu

Tanu weds Manu (TWM) is direct by Anand L Rai (of Thoda Life Thodi Magic and Strangers fame or shall I say infame :P) and has the unusual pairing of Kangana Ranaut and Madhavan in the lead. With some interesting and catchy promos, the unique pairing, Kangana’s fresh appeal where she smiles and dances unlike her usual ‘drugged’ roles and the Sadi Galli soundtrack, TWM has kept pretty good pace with its promotions.

The story is as simple as it can get. Tanu is very unlike a traditional UP girl. Speaking slangs at the drop of a hat, smoking, drinking, changing boyfriends like her clothes, she is everything a guy wouldn’t want in his girl. On the other hand is Manu who is a suave, simple, sober and respected doctor working in London since the last 12 years. Seeing him you would expect him to go for a lovely, sweet and simple girl who would keep him happy. But then even though they are opposites, in Bollywood the twain does meet.

The storyline is wafer – thin. The entire movie revolves around Tanu and Manu’s marriage with some situations thrown in. There are a number of times when the entire experience gets pretty draggy and dull. But the movie does work for many reasons. It’s a movie about celebration, about love and about marriage. When these three things are thrown in, it becomes a deadly combo. A combo so deadly for the Indian masses which they can’t miss. The screenplay though filled with gaping holes at many places does attract you quite a bit. Many of their dialogues and scenes do stay with you after the show has ended. The cinematography which beautifully captures UP and Punjab with its rustic and ethnic feel along with the characters speaking that kind of Hindi is fantastic.

Among the songs ‘Yunhi’ and ‘Sadi Gali’ are fantastic. Jugni is pretty good too. But the others are pretty much below par. You could say that most of them are situational since the movie is entirely about marriage and the corresponding functions.

Deepak Dobriyal stands shoulders above the rest in the acting department. He has played the part of Pappi beautifully. Whether it is his comic timing or the entire gamut of dialogues he is tremendous. The character of the suave, simple and quiet Manu fits Madhavan really well. He may not have many words but his eyes do speak a lot. Kangana as Tanu whose bubbly, outgoing, happy, extrovert is such a refreshing change from all her earlier characters. Much to everyone’s surprise she carries herself pretty well.

Despite the numerous cliches, gaping holes in the screenplay, draggy proceedings, I would give it a thumbs up for a one – time watch due to its sweet family viewing experience.

Rating – 2.5/5


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