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10 things to not learn from college life!

Everyone talks about how college life makes you learn a lot many new things in life. Whether its learning to mix with different kinds of people, becoming independent, having a girlfriend, making relationships, college life is regarded as the period when you can make or break your life. There are so many memories that one can live a lifetime. A lifetime of happiness, joy, fun and full of beautiful moments.

But then is everything that happens at college very joyous, happy, fun loving? Aren’t there many things that you shouldn’t be learning as you go on in life? Isn’t life about learning different things whether good or bad and improving from that?

Here are the top 10 things which I feel shouldn’t be learned from college life or if I may say learning them may cause problems for people in the future. Now I am no guru or education master or champ and none of the things mentioned are commandments. But instead I would say that all these are my observations and should be taken with a pinch of salt. And it’s not that I myself may have not done any of this at all. So its something that all of us need to learn as we move into the rat race of life INCLUDING ME!: –

1. Unity in Diversity? For all our claims about being united and living together without any problems, all these claims go hollow when things come to a head. Over six years of my college life I have seen fist fights as well as those with rods and chains between North and South Indians, Hindus and Muslims and what not. Despite all our previous claims of a Muslim President, a Christian head of the party and a Sikh PM, are we really united?

2. Etiquettes? For all the etiquette’s taught to us at a b-school, a number of people don’t have as basic manners to flush a toilet properly, respecting food, talking to workers and people around etc. It seems that with the business knowledge acquired, etiquette’s go for a toss!

3. Fighting for a girl? Haven’t you heard of this before? I have seen bestest of friends fight just because one of their friends had the hots for his soulmate. I mean what kind of friendship or what kind of love is this? Do people really respect any of these relations?

4. An unsystematic lifestyle? Going to sleep whenever we want, getting up when we want, going to class late, bunking classes just left, right and center. Trust me this is the fun of college life and I loved it too till it lasted. I also felt like bunking classes or going late or sleeping till god knows when. But if you see today, corporate life is something of a different rigmarole and such an unsystematic behaviour would only lead to a disaster.

5. Assuming yourself to be a hot shot? B.Tech from IIT Madras and MBA from IIM Calcutta sir! So? I don’t care what and where you studied. Just solve this problem and give it to me. This is what happens many a time in the industry. People come out of acclaimed institutions and degrees like MBA etc. only to assume that the world is within their reach. But they get to know that they are the dirt of their bosses shoes in the first month itself! Be on the ground and you will succeed.

6. Vocal criticism? You hate the mess. Openly criticise it. You hate the teacher. Openly criticise him / her. You hate the subjects.Openly criticise to the authorities. You hate the people around you. Tell it on their face openly. I have seen many people who have done a few or all of the above. Supporters would say that openness will encourage transparency, free thinking and happiness. But then despite bosses saying they have an open culture, how many bosses would like to hear they are horrible? How many HRs would like to hear that their policies are pathetic? How many team leads would like to get brickbats from their subordinates? Food for thought?

7. Hardwork? The Great Indian education system requires everyone to study one night before the exam, mug up the text and vomit the next day thus finally enabling everyone to get a degree and a job. But does corporate culture give that easy route to earn money? Many a time people forget something called hardwork during college life and have to work doubly to realize what it means when they go to work.

8. Friends / Girlfriend / Boyfriend are everything? On phone with girlfriend / boyfriend, on chat with friends, all of us don’t have the time at all. We are too busy lost in our own world, aren’t we? Where are the family members in all the confusion? Someone’s forgotten them it seems.

9. Mugging / Vomting / Education by rote? Most of us have come up on a diet of mugging and vomiting in college life. But once a person gets the degree and goes to the job, then he / she is hit in the face. And that’s what one needs to avoid by trying to understand why a concept is, the way it is or what is the concept used to solve a problem. One needs to go to the depth regarding any issue.

10. Refusing to learn? I know am the best and who can be better than me. That kind of attitude is what takes most of us down and always will until we learn to become much more humble. One can assume this to be true if any of you thought that the above 9 points are a piece of crap and nothing else.

I never said that one shouldn’t enjoy and have fun because obviously am no authority. And even if I say people wouldn’t follow the advice. My points here are just some things I have observed over the time I have spent in college life.

As Aamir Khan says in Rang De Basanti –

“College ke gate ke is taraf hum duniya ko nachate hain, gate ke us taraf duniya hamein nachati hai”


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