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Conspiracy Theory: Spotfixing in India vs England ODI on 27th Feb?

The India vs England game was a mind – boggling match in which 676 runs were scored with the loss of 18 wickets without any winner. It was special for many reasons. Sachin reached his 47th ODI hundred while Strauss reached the highest score by an Englishman against India in the World Cups. This was also the highest ever match aggregate in World Cups. But then is it really a coincidence that the match between the two teams ended in a tie?

There are many questions which suggest chances of spot fixing in the game yesterday: –

1. Shane Warne predicted in a tweet before the match began that it would be a tie. C’mon it cant be a coincidence, can it? “Looking forward to the game between India and England today (Sunday) should be a cracker. My prediction a tie!”

2. India were coasting along at 305/4 in the 45th over and looking to reach around 370. But they instantly collapsed like a pack of cards to 338 all out with 1 ball to spare. Yes I know everyone hits out in the end. But losing all the wickets like this? Weird!

3. Two clear edges of Strauss to Dhoni weren’t appealed at all when everyone heard that there was a noise. Now that’s what you call crazy!

4. England were batting like a dream at 281/2 in the 43rd over when they took the Powerplay only to collapse 25/4 in the next 5 overs! Suddenly the England middle order seemed to have forgotten the way to bat. All this despite the fact that the pitch was the same and there was nothing special in the bowling.

5. When 29 were required of 2 overs with just 3 wickets in hand, Swann and Bresnan and then Shahzad suddenly discovered their batting mojo to tie a match which India looked to have sealed.

This is nothing to take away from Strauss and God’s performance with the bat and Zaheer and Bresnan’s bowling heroics at the death. To play they did for around 40 odd overs like a dream, God and co deserve a huge applause. And same can be said for the way England paced their chase.

Many cricket experts say that a match cannot be fixed for a tie. But then these 5 points if considered do make the ending seem a bit weird, doesn’t it?


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  1. Abhishek

    Well i do not agree and still feel it is a coincidence !!!!

  2. Match was fixed.
    1. Shane warne predict.
    2. Match start and No one catch to Sehwag , which can be do easily, sehwag given same 4 catch, and 4th he was catch out.
    3. Why Yuvraj sent on wrong batting order in place of Kohli ?
    4. How possible India All out in 49.5 overs.
    5. Why no body appel with sachin for Strauss out ?
    6. Why called to Raina in place of Sachin for Fielding?
    7. Why India dropped 4 simple catch ?
    8. Why power play taken on 43rd over ?
    9. India balling is not that much week to give 6-7 run continues all the over including one 4 in all the over.
    10. India Balling is not that much strong take 4 wicket in powerplay and england loose easily.
    11. Dhoni statment after loosing the match we are happy for tie inplace of if make 5-10 extra run and can win the match.
    12. Zaheer khan statement we are happy from tie.
    13. why second last over given to Chawla ?
    14. England caption statement Warne predict is great he realy know what is going to happen ?

    It is not the only match fixing , it is making fool to one Billion people of Inida. who just watching match from afternoon to night after leaving all the important works.

  3. Kapil

    If it was a match fixing then one team should have won…I think it was just a coincidence and nothing else.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah I agree on that. I personally hope that there is no spot fixing or match fixing in the game and the World Cup in general. But its just that some events did look a bit suspicious.

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