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Does social media constitute being a social animal?

Weird topic from me right? All of you must be wondering on what happened to me and how come I am writing such stuff? Yeah I guess probably something happens to you when you start writing on such abstract topics. Coming back to the topic, what does constitute being social in society? Is it talking to people? Is it about making friends? Is it about networking? Is it about more comments on your Facebook wall and Twitter pages? Or is it just about knowing everyone around you for getting your work done?

If you see today everyone has moved online from corporate executives to students be it Facebook, Twitter or even have started using their iPads, iPhones, Blackberry’s etc. on the move. And probably that’s the reason everyone is talking about the term social networking these days. But is social networking a phenomenon of today? Social networking as we know it has been there since ages. But its just that today its gone to the online world and become much easier as one can chat with someone situated thousands of miles away.

Though some may say that social media has replaced the real world of networking, that is not true. Even today in offices, with friends, with relatives one has to talk to people, know them, discuss things to build relationships. Social media can probably make relationships stronger over a period of time. But it cannot replace the real world.

Even if you see examples of bosses talking to their colleagues, of people getting work done from their subordinates, of friends enjoying while going to a movie together, do you think its all about social media? I don’t think so. But yeah many people like me have networked better online than offline at certain times with interesting results in terms of getting projects, recognition and building a BRAND for myself.

So do you think Social media can replace the real world in making a person SOCIAL in the society?


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  1. Kameswaran

    A controversial topic i guess..but then the two worlds offline vs online can never be interchanged but the discussion is that more and more young people are taking to online communication which is a little depressing knowing the fact that face-to-face discussions douse serious fires in relationships or vice-versa but its good that people believe in both forms and use it to good purposes Online communication has brought a CHANGE

  2. Social media (subset of) a social life.
    No Social media != No social life.

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