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Movie Review – 127 hours

A movie which gives you a completely surreal experience about life. A movie which almost entirely runs on one particular scene. A movie which has only a single character at its heart. A movie which concentrates on driving your attention more through the background score, the hero talking to himself and splendid cinematography. A movie which you can see from beginning to end with eyes shut out of fear and thankfulness to god that you weren’t Aron Rolston. 127 hours directed by Danny Boyle has all this and more included in its 1.5 hours running time.

The movie is based on a book titled “Between a rock and a hard place” written by Aron Rolston. 127 hours is the movie adaptation of the book with  James Franco starring as Aron Rolston. The first twenty minutes are taken in establishing the fact that Aron loves adventure and is a regular thrill seeker. Over the next 70 minutes, the movie is all about the struggle of Aron to free his hand from the boulder. While mountain biking, he falls into a 10 feet deep crevice and unfortunately manages to get his hand trapped on the side of a huge boulder.

The way the initial happiness of Aron at thrill seeking turns to sadness and finally to despair is brilliantly depicted. He thinks about his parents, his girlfriend and all his folks who he realises wouldn’t come looking for him because he never told where he was going. He starts talking to himself because of despair at having no one around. He sings Scooby Doo and impersonates different voices in a radio broadcast. He imagines what he would have been doing at that moment had he not been stuck up there. We are taken directly to the scene and I dare you not that you would think “What would have happened had I been there?”

A lot has been made about the final scene in terms of gore where he cuts his arm to finally free himself. But in terms of the movie, its brilliantly depicted. James Franco is brilliant as Aron Rolston. Brilliant is an understatement for sure. If I rise by AR Rahman is soulful and inspiring while the entire background score is deserving of an Oscar.

This movie makes you thank god for giving you a life and keeping you safe. It overwhelms you! As they say, EVERY SECOND COUNTS!

Rating – 4.5/5


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    i watched this movie. and sure i had heard about it a bit here and there. when i was watching it i surely was on the edge of my seat thinking “oh maan! this is insane” its surely a situation when one needs extreme courage to cut off one’s arm and struggle for 127 hours in temperatures, without water and food. one would have definitely lost hope and would have already given up to insanity.

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