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Salman and Kareena at SIBM Pune: Finally get to see what celebrity worship is like!!

For the uninitiated Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor are currently at the Symbiosis Lavale campus for the first schedule of their Malayalam remake “Bodyguard”. They along with the entire gang of hundreds of extras, technicians and god knows who have encroached the entire campus as if its their own property for the past 1 week and aim of doing so for the next two weeks at least. So much so that many of us are wondering whether we are in a college or a movie studio. But then there are others. Some students have been signed as extras while many others excluding yours truly are star struck as if its the biggest event of the year.

Taking pics is ok. Tweeting and Facebooking about the presence of these stars is ok. Wanting to watch and see the shooting is ok. But there are people who take autographs on tissue papers and post them as pics on FB! God!!! Give me a break! They are celebrities and not gods and goddesses and such acts border on the lines of stupidity and childishness. This reminded me of those tissue papers which some of my friends had when they were young and it had “I love you” written from their respective girlfriends and boyfriends. But I am sure no one would have put that too on their Orkut scraps ;).

Then there are other kinds of people too. People who you may have never chatted or ever seen online. But they reply to your messages just because you have tweeted about them or updated your Facebook status. Two of these seemed to be some Kareena and Salman lovers club members who were desperate to lay their hands on anything and everything related to both of them. The third person seem the craziest of all to me. She messaged me on FB saying that she was a Zoom reporter and wanted to make her friends from Karachi and New York meet Salman. So she requested me to make the meeting possible at Pune. How can people be so crazy?

Till date I had heard of people being crazy whenever it came to celebrities. I have finally seen and felt it myself. It’s ATROCIOUSLY PATHETIC! (If that was a word!)

PS – Not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments with this post!


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  1. Kameswaran

    Why on earth are people going crazy abt this??? There are gundas on campus trying to prevent entry into the campus ….. There should be a ban on shooting in campus when college is going on …. for me Salman and Kareena are more like the monkeys ..I pay the money they do the TRICKS … end of story .. Never become the monkey

    • Grace

      Kameswaran…you are green w envy…Calling ppl monkies gave the impression that you are insecure & unhappy w your looks! Agreed that being starstruck is over the board…but it’s the responsibility of the colleges not you…I bet the campus is being paid very well so why should you complained…guess you are jealous of not being there to get paid.

  2. mini

    Seriously dude !! I wonder why ppl go gaga over celebrities like this

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