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My Name is Aseem and I am not a TERRORIST!

Swami Aseemanand has recently accepted responsibility for his hand in the Mecca Masjid, Lumbini Park and Gokul Chaat shop blasts in Hyderabad in 2007 as well as the blast on Samjhauta Express! The fact that there are reports that he is an Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh man (RSS) has given cannon fodder for the Congress government to beat their own trumpet on so called Hindu Terrorism.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was started off as Hindu nationalist and culturalist organization more than 75 yrs back. But over the years it’s critics have accused it of supporting militancy while others have called it as a totally extremist organization. But BJP supporting it directly / indirectly has always accused Congress of bringing up the concept of Hindu Terrorism. On the other hand Congress has always been accused by the BJP of pleasing the Muslim minorities in a bid to get more votes and therefore not solving the hundreds of terrorism related cases in the country.

Mixing terrorism with religion is the deadliest combo ever and our politicians are so adept at doing that for their own gains – political and individual! From when did terrorism become Hindu or Muslim? When a Hindu does, it is to save our country against Muslim jihadists while when a Muslim commits this heinous crime he goes to heaven, this is what our leaders teach us right? Does any religion teach to kill or even use weapons and bombs? Who is responsible for distinguishing between RSS, hundreds of madrassas and other terrorist organizations? If it’s our police force and security apparatus, then we are rest assured that their decision is in the hands of the government – if its Congress it means support Muslims while if its BJP support Hindus. Does any god damn thing go beyond religion for our politicians? SADLY NO!

Be it Kasab, Afzal Guru, the Bhatkal brothers and many others implicated in terrorist cases, all seem to be alive and kicking. And suddenly from Rahul Gandhi to the entire Congress, everyone is behind the concept of Hindu Terrorism from Malegaon to Samjhauta Express. Ok fine guys, we understand that Hindu’s and Muslims are involved. But what’s this concept of Hindu or Muslim terror? TERROR IS TERROR – That’s it!

If you bloody catch a terrorist, convict him, rather than blow a trumpet about his religion!! After 60 yrs of independence, the divide and rule policy of the British seems to be back again and this time with literally a BANG!.

For those who are listening, get this in your head, its SERIOUSLY NOT IN THE NAME!! – All Aseem’s are not terrorists neither are all Ahmed’s


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  1. Bhavik

    If you bloody catch a terrorist, convict him, rather than blow a trumpet about his religion!!
    Absolutely Perfect line!! Convict him rather than playing Communal Politics!
    By the way with the support of media, Congress has successfully portrayed RSS as Pro Hindu and Anti Muslim. But as a matter of fact, Even RSS and accused Indresh Kumar has 1000+ muslim supporters.

  2. Mini

    I agree wit you on this !!!

  3. mohit

    i dont agree…rss has not spread any kind of issues dividing the people..but wat can we say if these terroriats always do their activities in the name of islam and pakistan…indian muslims are still in better condition than the paki”s…they have got many facilities what even hindus havnt got…and if u r a paki fan go to your country ..

    • aseemrastogi2

      First of all you need to get some things right here. Terrorism is not defined by religion neither Hindu or Muslim. That’s what I have said in the post itself that its terrorism not Hindu Terrorism or Muslim Terrorism. Why distinguish it based on religion?

      As far as Indian Muslims being in a better condition than Pakistanis and about Pakistani Muslims, please don’t start separate discussions here and make the whole post look controversial. I never discussed about Pakistani Muslims and neither Pakistan here at all. I guess you seriously need to read the post again. As far as RSS is concerned in dividing people, I stand by it that they have many extremist views. They may not be a terrorist organization directly but their views are hardline to a large extent.

      As far as a Pakistan Fan is concerned, one really knows who has started this discussion about Pakistan. Not me for sure :).

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