Another Chance is Ahmed Faiyaz’s second writing venture after his bestseller “Love Life and All that Jazz”. This book has come out pretty close on heels to his previous book.

From the prologue itself you realise that this book can be right away made into a Bollywood flick. And that point is affirmed as one gets engrossed in the book. The story moves forward from where Love, Life and All that Jazz ended with the friends just out of college. Here it’s about how the protagonists are able to maintain a consistent work – life balance as well as give time to their loved ones.

Love, relationships, care, anger – all the emotions have been moulded together to make an interesting impact. As they say the stories remain the same as you can use the different emotions or have a complex mixture of each of them. But what differentiates the best from the rest is the treatment the writer gives to the story. Ahmed has effectively managed to build his characters and the entire story in a fantastic manner. The narrative is fast paced and you are always waiting to know what happens next, be it when Ruheen wants to run away from Rohan or whether Ruheen and Varun would get hitched.

The extra explanation of Aditya’s stint in sales and distribution and the visit to Amsterdam may not be liked by a lot of people. But personally speaking, I felt that it gave the story another push forward and a sense of direction.

Ahmed’s writing has improved by notches from his previous attempt. He has moved beyond the typical girl meets guy story at college to relationships in real life. The complex web of relationships that he weaves would surely keep the writer engrossed till the end.

Ruheen and Aditya are the main characters. The others like Varun, Rohan, Ruheen’s Nanaji mostly make up the numbers. But Ruheen with her combination of beauty and innocence stands shoulders above the rest.

A simple, light, breezy read which makes you wonder – “Dude, didn’t this happen to me too?”

Rating – 3.5/5

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