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SCAMS – Shameless Callous Astonishing Manipulative Shocking

Scams are part and parcel of everyday life in India. I am sure scams happen everywhere around the world. But lets keep the article centric to India because I personally understand scams here in a better manner. SCAM tainted individuals have become so common in our society that its become the name of the game. No day goes by, without a scam being unearthed.

Satyam Scam, The Commonwealth Games Scam, Adarsh Housing Society Scam, 2G scam, Corporate Loan Bribery Scam – From ministers, to the army to corporates to even private players like Emaar – MGF, no one seems to be clean. And does anyone care? Not at all. Its all about “What’s the big deal? This happens in India every day” There are some common traits people involved in these scams possess –

Shameless – Be it Suresh Kalmadi, Ashok Chavan, Raja, Ramalinga Raju none of these individuals even care the harm to the nation, families and everyone else their acts have brought about. They are completely shameless and are just intent on doing one thing – USING THEIR POWER TO DO WHAT EVER WRONG THEY CAN WHICH THEY THINK IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

Callous – All of the individuals who have been involved in these scams are completely callous to their families, friends, companies, nation everyone. If they did care about anyone or for that matter even the nation’s pride, they wouldn’t do such a thing.

Astonishing – Astonishingly horrible in the acts they do. Be it Ramalinga Raju, Raja or Kalmadi all of them have played in billions of rupees. They must be saying “We play in billions and not thousands“.

Manipulative – All these individuals despite all the defense they mount are very scheming and manipulative. Take the example of Ramalinga Raju who was cheating everyone in his own company for more than a decade. This was the same company he gave birth to. He didn’t care about anything other than just making sure that he got the money wherever he wanted.

Shocking – The acts of these few individuals have always and will continue to bring shock and sadness to all the people related and unrelated to them along with the entire country. This is because things like what Raju, Raja, Kalmadi etc. did didn’t only affect the company or a few individuals but directly / indirectly affected millions of individuals.

Such SCAMsters need to be stopped in their tracks and such things are possible only if unique moves like starting an anti – corruption helpline start taking place (

Until then the shameless callous astonishing-ly manipulative shocking acts will keep going on.


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    True!! Some action has to be taken .

  2. Good one Aseem…

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