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Facebook’s Gmail rival “Project Titan” – The next generation in email?

Move on from Gmail, Facebook Inbox dubbed as “Project Titan” is launching on Monday, 15th November. This just doesn’t promise to be a rehash / improvement of the Facebook messaging system which exists currently. But instead it looks set to be a much more detailed and comprehensive alternative to Gmail. The Facebook messaging leave few changes here and there has been mostly static.

First things first, it would give you the chance of having addresses. At a later point in time, it would include a version similar to that like the Gmail Priority Inbox which would have conversations and interactions with the users Facebook friends those he frequently chats with. As with Gmail this would be a very good filter for an individual to categorize his messages. Eventually the aim is to include all the features of Facebook like photo and video sharing, events information and management etc. which would appeal to all the Facebook users.

MySpace had come up with its webmail service in 2008. But it lacked POP and IMAP support. But interestingly Facebook will have both POP and IMAP support. This means that one can log into the email service without going to Facebook itself but instead through third party websites like the way one uses Twitter. According to research, more than 60 million people log into 80,000 third party websites each month via Facebook Connect.

Considering that recently Google banned users from importing their Gmail contacts to their Facebook Ids, this announcement by Facebook becomes even more interesting and one to watch out for.

Only time will tell whether it can be a Gmail killer or not. But this is one announcement I am surely looking forward too.


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  1. I doubt its challenging GMail.
    Not thats it google and all.. Google anyways has much more penetration into varied fields!!
    There are people who come online, check FaceBook and leave! dont even care to check emails just incase for important mail! This would be beneficial for such soles!!!

    For me FaceBook is not even stable yet! atleast the chat feature i feel is highly unstable… one minute I see something, and I refresh UI of chat box is changed!!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah you are right! Today when I see it, Facebook Mail has actually been disappointing..But then nonetheless its interesting to see them trying 🙂

  2. Mini

    This is really cool :-)..Its very much similar to twitter and Gmail…Lets see how popular it gets..Looking forward to it 🙂

  3. Kameswaran

    hmm… this was in the news quite sometime back but hasn’t been launched for some reason .lets c how it goes . But exciting addition i would say.

    And i love the livefeed mate ..uve got people from PAKISTAN and UK chkng out your blog


  4. Gmail ‘killer’ – not really sure. It is like saying – move on Maruti, Ford has come to India.

    Plus, it gets lonely at the top – let there be competition! 🙂

    Let time tell, may the better product win!

  5. FB mail didn’t impress me much!
    How abt u ?

  6. nice blog brotha, but btr if u vl use , read more option in ur front page . It will let the knowldege seekers to explore something new outta ur blog 🙂 . Any novel by u ?? ,,.. wanna give a try , in ur words 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey thanks for your comment..Actually I am exactly confused by what is the Read more option on the front page you talking about..Couldn’t find it :(..Currently working on a novel. But it would surely take a couple of years 🙂

      • i think by ‘read more’ option he means to keep a post of limited size on home page, and clicking a link to read the whole part.
        just tried that on my blog 🙂

        while on the visual tab of the editor of a post, theres a ‘Insert More tag’ button you press to keep the portion of the post to be readable after clicking on it. Its sort of a page-break looking button…
        it makes long posts a bit more readable!

  7. lol, u might be kiddin brotha :p
    well um waitin for that year.. seeking in ur words, gud to me 🙂

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