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Aid in the name of funding militancy? – Pakistan changes its colours by the second!!!

The way our ‘beloved’ neighbour – Pakistan changes its colours, it would even surpass a chameleon. The reactions and statements coming out by ministers, terrorists and others alike in that country everyday show one fact – Pakistan is changing so much every second, that one has lost any idea of what is really happening. One day it blames India for attacks in Pakistan, Baluchistan and other unrest so that the world can target India and Pakistan can train its terrorists to strike and destabilize India while on the other day it says that the Taliban is their biggest threat.

The recent floods in Pakistan which have been probably the worst in their history have left millions dead, stranded, homeless and also led to massive damage to infrastructure, communications and the entire public system. Pakistan knows that its activities of supporting terror groups has literally made it a criminal in the eyes of the world. Even US which gives it billions every year despite knowing that the money goes to the so called war against India has been delaying the payments a bit in recent years. Therefore Pakistan was left wondering as to what to do.

Then they came up with the “most audacious solution” ever thought since 1947. “Say that terrorism inside Pakistan by Taliban and other terror groups is the number 1 enemy and not India”.

This link talks about that ––number-1/Article1-588073.aspx

But sadly all of us know that this is another ploy in their vicious game to attract as much international aid as possible. And then in turn transfer this aid to terrorists to buy new equipment and artillery for their war against India.

These link shows where the aid money is really going –

Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and others have set up camps in Karachi to get aid for people who have suffered from these tragic floods. These groups have set up relief camps with different names to avoid police action (as if it happens). And interestingly they have the highest amount of aid even more than the government.

Yes, I agree that these groups may be helping people at one level to overcome the tragedy. But at another level, it just shows where all the aid is going – IN THE HANDS OF THE TERRORISTS! They want people to support them so that when they give a call for suicide bombers against the government, they are ready. And even despite this, US supports Pakistan because they don’t want problems to their forces in Afghanistan. This just goes to show that everyone is in the game for his / her own personal reasons.

So what do you think should India’s next response be? Turn a blind eye to this statement or regard it as something life changing?


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  1. Abhishek

    Very true. Its a viscious circle of aid.

  2. Mini

    Tats always th major question, where is th money in th form of aid going !!!. Very little is actually utilised in helping th victims.

  3. well writtn.. but i guess. India should help this time.. its a major flood.. and if not with money.. help by sending. food and other relief material to pakistan..

    • aseemrastogi2

      India always helps and too much more than what anybody would expect but suddenly Pakistan has only one – dimensional thinking and doesnt care at all

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