Freshers party turned nightmare for Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies students!

At the outset, I would like to say that I didn’t know any of the people involved in this and neither do I support or I am against whatever happened on the night of 1st August in a farmhouse in Theur, 27km away from Pune. On Sunday, 1st August, 489 students of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Khadki, Pune were caught by the police for a suspected “Rave party”. Later they couldn’t find any evidence to call it a rave party and it turned out to be more of a random party like where alcohol worth thousands of rupees was found. I am of the view that a rave party is one where people are taking narcotic substances along with alcohol. But then our police and media call anything and everything a rave party these days.

My biggest question is to the police and the media. All you media guys, do you even freaking now that there are 35 colleges under the Symbiosis umbrella? Do you even care that what other students who would want to come to such institutes would think seeing such news? What the hell is Symbiosis Management Institute? In my knowledge there isn’t any college existing in that name ever. The students were from 1 of the 34 colleges. Who the hell gave you the right to blame the other 12? Don’t all of you – NDTV, Sahara Samay, Aaj Tak, Times of India, Asian Age and everyone know that there is a simple rule of confirming facts before publishing such news? But no! All you want is masala in your news items and more and more TRPs at the cost of people’s lives. All of you have just become money making machines and giving news to the people in the name of “We give people what they want”. HORRENDOUS!!!!!

And now to my next question. What is the problem if they were drinking? They were all MBA students. They surely must be above 22-23. So according to their age, they can drink or do what they want. No one is a kid here GUYS! No one is forced to drink or smoke or take drugs. Whatever they were doing, it would have been out of their free will. This doesn’t say that I am supporting them. But tell me, Which MBA college doesnt have freshers parties or for that matter such get togethers?



All you media guys are just the same – SICK!!!!!


Below are two articles of how Times of India (read TABLOID) called this first Symbiosis Management Institute on 2nd August and then finally called it Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies on 3rd!!!

350 detained for organising Friendship Day party
– 2nd August

PUNE: About 350 students of city’s Symbiosis Institute were detained by police for organising a “friendship day” party at a farm house at Theur near here.

Some of the students, including boys and girls, had consumed alcohol at the party which was held at the farm house last night without “proper permission”, rural police said on Monday.

The detained students were being subjected to a medical test to determine alcohol level in blood under provisions of Bombay Prohibition Act, they added.

Dr Vidya Yeravadekar, director, Symbiosis Institute when contacted told PTI that the students had sought permission of the hostel authorities for a “late out” but had failed to return within the time limit prescribed by the institute authorities.

It was not a “rave” party at which narcotic drugs are consumed, police said.

According to Yeravadekar, the girls detained at the farm house, has been released by police.

The students involved are doing their MBA at the Symbiosis Management Institute.

An internal enquiry would be set up to probe the incident, Yeravadekar added.

489 management students held for Pune ‘rave’
– 3rd August

PUNE: The police on Sunday night raided a party being held at a farmhouse at Theur, 27 km from Pune, and detained 489 students, most of them MBA students of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS).

Eighty-one students and seven others were later arrested for consuming liquor without permits and playing loud music. All of them were released on bail on Monday.

DSP Pravinsinh Pardeshi told TOI the students — aged between 22 and 28 — had organised a ‘‘freshers and friendship day’’ party at the farmhouse, ‘Sindhu’, located along the Pune-Solapur road, and owned by a Pune jeweller family. Pardeshi said the students arrived at the farmhouse in 10 buses around 8.30pm. Disturbed with loud music, residents called up cops around 11 pm. The residents were also angry with the parking of buses which led to traffic congestion.

When cops arrived there, the students told them that they had necessary permissions. Consequently, police approached the organisers, who said they did not have the required permissions. Police said there were 235 girls among the 489 students. They said 302 bottles of liquor and beer were recovered.

“However, nothing incriminating was recovered from students,’’ police inspector Balasaheb Mandge said. Principal director, Symbiosis Society, Vidya Yeravdekar, said the institute has taken a serious note of the incident. She admitted 350 students were from SIMS hostels. She said Symbiosis has appointed a four-member committee to probe the incident. The institute is located at Range Hills, Khadki. Seven doctors conducted a medical examination on the students. The police arrested 81 students and the seven organisers. All the girls were allowed to go, he said.



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  1. You have brought up this issue really well . This is really sad. The problem is that the media is always looking for some masala news to hype things up. Noone can completely believe wat they say. On th other hand wat u said is true, drinking is not an issue, most youngsters do it and its totally out of their will. But to hype such small things is really pathetic. Come on u media guys there are far better news to report. Just look at wats happening in kashmir. Talk abt tat and not all these trivial matters.

    P.S–Just wanna add just becoz i m saying all this it doesnt mean that i drink or smoke . Just wanna clear it to ppl who r thinking that. I m just saying tat there r far more imp issues to concentrate upon.

    • I totally agree with Mini…
      These media guyz juz want to raise their TRPs and for that they are ready to do anything. There are news channels like anything, and to gain attention they juz keep on flashing…
      They show
      “Prince fell in pot hole”
      “Cow saved their young one from tiger”
      “Unnecessary interviews of actors”
      and blah blah blah…

      Why don’t they talk about the corrupt practices followed by the politicians..
      So many politicians are involved in sex rackets, forgery, and n number of illegitimate activities, but THE MEDIA never talks of that. Never questions them.
      So many National issues to be looked upon, but they are busy spoiling the independence of youth.

      • You knw ashwin this is exactly wat i was talking abt. When it comes to politicians and other illegitimate activities th media just disappears and goes silent. This was such a trivial issue. This was just a friendship day party, a group of students partying.
        The media is hyping up this issue unnecessarily. It was not even like a drink and drive incident where they can blame someone.

      • the media is always interested in sensationalism n not news..they want to make any kind of news larger than life..the examples you have given are real proof of that..even when they talk about the corrupt practices of politicians or such cases, they r reported for a few days n then lost in the back columns of the paper..n again they r back to what they do best..MAKE AND SELL NEWS and not tell what exactly is the reality

  2. gr8 post buddy…..

    I am a student from Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Nashik. Seeing these biased news channels even i m getting phone calls since morning…..

    • thanks yaar :)..our news channels r just engaged in getting more TRPs at the cost of anything n everything! thats a really sad story 🙁

  3. The content was very rightly put in words, I am a student at Symbiosis, Nashik and got calls from friends and family and had to spend some time explaining them, it was with other college and the matter was hyped by media.

    The media like always has crooked the matter, taken it to an altogether different level in which the students who were involved in it wouldnt have had even believed. The only complain against them was that the music level was too high and it had exceeded the time limit (young blood as always loves parties and music) and yes you can’t blame them for having liquor, think rationally, again I am saying this but neither do I smoke or drink.

    A humble message to media, we know that you want to earn money desperately, there are right ways for doing this, do not defame the Symbiosis Umbrella.

    – Niti

    • really nice to hear from you niti :)…my post has been really critical..but today actually speaking I was fuming with anger..all these news channels in the name of giving us news end up putting our careers on the line by unnecessarily allegating our news channels…i want to take this blog and the comments to our reporters on ndtv and other channels thru twitter…i hope im successful..

    • this is not because of what the students did..instead its the police which isn’t concentrating on activities on which it should concentrate and the media as usual wants to make every news coverage totally juicy gossip and not real news!

  4. hey thanks so much for posting what exactly happened that nite..ur experience has completely shocked me to the hilt!..this is dreadful 2 say the least..i know my efforts cannot bring u guys the respect n things like tht back again..but i will try my best to get ur viewpoint n my blog across to the journalists in different media thru twitter…!

    • Well let me correct you, it was a Fresher’s party and not a Friendship day party as the media reports suggested( they even called it rave).

      Secondly thats exactly how freshers parties are celebrated across all premier colleges across India.

      if 88 out of 489 people consumed alcohol that doesnt make it an alcoholic party that you cinsider it to be.

      Secondly even if you consider alcoholism to be a crime … only an insignificant minoriti indulged in that ………………. can you explain for what reason the remaining 401 were punished ??

  5. At the risk of being the guy who gets whipped by the comments I’ll say that technically drinking in public without prior permission is a crime.

    • ok..dont you think that’s a very diplomatic statement? my main contention is that the police instead of concentrating on more serious crimes such as rapes, murders, thefts is concentrating on all this while the media is busy just in making n selling news..!!

    • completely agree…the police r jobless to concentrate on such things when more impt crimes like robberies, rapes, murders etc r on the rise..and the media as always is busy as always in making and selling news!

  6. to the owner of the blog….its my kind request not to release anything to the media or any journalist cos its always a bidding game with the media….i just said this because i wanted the general public to know…so kindly do not publish or release anything to the news channels or newspapers….thanks

    • hey ok im not releasing anything to the media..its just tht a lot of people have come n seen the post n ur comment..thts it..if u want me 2 delete ur previous comment, i will…i srsly dont have any intention for u guys 2 get any more pain srsly…i myself felt a lot abt the incident n thts y blogged abt the owner..aseem rastogi (student of SIBM Pune)

  7. After reading the news stories about this issue, I don’t know whether I should be shocked or angry.

    What exactly is the “crime” here?

    If it’s drinking alcohol without permission, then it’s BS. I am told that there is some law which says that drinking alcohol requires a permit or whatever – what the f***? I am an Indian, but frankly, this country sucks.

    Every time I think that this country has some hope, some shit like this happens, and remind me that people in India are so uneducated and pathetically backward that these kinds of things – like adults voluntarily drinking alcohol in a party – are treated as crimes.

    Meanwhile, I hear that the idiotic Pune cops are still searching for clues in the IBM employee murder case. What incompetent fools!

    So many vicious violent crimes happening every day, and they spend their times catching people who OMG! get drunk at a party!!!

    Thank you, Pune Police, for again showing to the world how utterly backward this country is. And thank you, the so-called enlightened media, for sensationalizing this and treating these students who OMG! got drunk at a party as criminals, and thus again showing to the world that you too are no better than the pathetic uneducated fools in the Pune police.

    • Awesome comments posted by you…:)..You have hit the nail right in the coffin when pointing out as to how the important CRIMES like murder, rape, robbery etc are not taken care of by the police but instead they try to act as the moral brigade of the country calling drinking as a crime for adults..!! n our news media are always ready to jump onto any ‘masala’ report whatsoever!!!

  8. hi aseem….thanks for understanding…i probably had a lot of unresolved anger in me and maybe i got emotional and said those things in a public forum…now that i think rationally, i think its better if u put it off…cos if the media catches hold of anything….im guessing a whole new storm will rise and it will take even more time to settle down. all that the students including me, want is for this matter to settle down as soon as possible…hence i would really appreciate it if you would delete my comments. However you should know that i still stand by whatever i said earlier…and we have been framed…and thanks once again for understanding and giving us your support!

    and “an ashamed indian” – haha ! loved the OMG tag!! really needed that!! thanks haha


    • hey I can surely understand..ur first comment has been deleted..m sure dont worry the matter will settle down soon in the public domain as the media would catch on new stories..i just hope n pray tht it settles down with u guys too..i truly believe what u said earlier n tho i was surprised 2 actually see i response cuz dint think of tht wen i really happy tht u voiced ur feelings here..all my readers as u wud have seen so really agree with hw u guys were badly treated….hoping tht this unfortunate chapter of ur lives ends as soon as possible…

  9. These police people are really loosers..they just know how to bend the rules to get benefit outta situation…bloody SOBs.
    All they need is money..and juz bother the youth with all their practices.
    They are the one who shud be made to starve unless they do their job right…

    • will surely check out the video tomorrow…nt able to open it..but here in SIBM Pune all of us have mostly seen clippings from Sahara Samay n other channels and have panned one and all for such baseless and useless, nonsensical stories!! will pass on this one..

  10. After reading wat actually happened tat day, i m feeling more sad for the students who were detained and unnecessarily th name of symbiosis is getting spoiled. This is really sad !!

  11. I also received calls from my friends asking me what happened in Symbiosis as I am a mother of a Symbi student.

    However, before accusing the media, check the video of NDTV (link given by anonymous). Vinod Dua has rightly analysed the whole incident.

    Whatever happened was really sad especially for the students who were treated as criminals.

    • Yes, I went through the link as you pointed out. But I still stand by my statement of accusing the media as I have already pointed out how TOI has published the news items…their article today gives further proof of hw they have made this is a joke.. the news channels have published their own reports much before anything was proved…an analysis so late after everything has been destroyed doesnt give anything…nt even a little bit of solace for those caught!..its all a freaking story and a joke for our lovely media!!!

  12. Police is known to harass innocent people, but media reactions has been the worst part .

    theyve even said that girls were wearing skimpy outfits, now if skirts are skimpy for a party than what isnt ??

  13. This is good done by police,
    see guys, these is pune,
    we try to save and keep our pune culture,
    if you wear half scurt and enjoy party with drinks,
    how people know you doings open sex also,
    its western culture,not maharashtrian culture,
    i found so many gals wearing half scurt or barmuda
    just think how people look at your legs with dirty mind whether they are good people.
    I feel good the police took action,
    if police fails to stop Rapes but they try to avoid before such case occur,

  14. I have read everybodys comments. I feel that police might be at fault at some points but such “drinking and shouting” should be dealt with some strictness. I agree with police.In such parties anything can happen, then you again blame police, this is wrong. Friendship party, what the hell, IS THIS THE WAY TO CELEBRATE FRIENDSHIP PARTY….well there are many options to celebrate. Only High profile rich students are perfectly eligible for such a mess and they have proved yet again. They should be punished.

    • See it depends what are the values one stands for! i personally speaking don’t drink, smoke or dope. But then I do have friends who do these things. I am not against it though I don’t support it. At the end of the day they are all adults who know what they are doing. No one is forcing here to do these things. Sadly, Deepika however both of us disagree, today modernity has been come to be defined as doing these things. My only concern for writing this blog was that why blame all colleges under Symbiosis when only one has caused this and whats the problem if people do such things, don’t people anywhere else do all that?

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