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Bhopal Gas Tragedy – Do we really care about it?

On 2nd December 1984, the worst industrial disaster in the world took place in Bhopal when tons and tons of deadly methyl isocyanate gas (MIC) leaked from the Union Carbide Plant. It was a disaster which killed thousands directly and millions were and are affected indirectly causing limb damage, poor nervous system disorders, blood related disorders even to this day etc. It destroyed the entire ecoystem, water table and every single thing around it. There were many counter claims and charges over the various problems which caused it. It included poor management practices, no safety practices involved, giving money to pass their papers and what not! But in the end as usual people suffer and they had to in face of an incompetent government who never bothered about them.

In India, what our ministers care about the most is the money. Be it the power plants, the nuclear technology or anything else, if money is filling up the coffers, lets seal the deal – thats the attitude. This is one reason why the people in this country are scared about the installation about nuclear power plants. Be it, the Kudankulam power plant being built in Tamil Nadu, the cobalt 60 radioactive isotope found in Delhi, wastes deposited in the nearby rivers, ponds and lakes – one thing is common to all. They have all become a big example of polluting our natural ecosystem which we do need now more than ever. Finally what we see is just the fact that these companies are trying to improve their standing by talking about their so called CSR initiatives.

In the case of Union Carbide there were many warnings since a couple of years about the problems and lack of safety practices being followed at the Bhopal plant. But instead that person called Warren Anderson (the head of Union Carbide) thought that Indians are bloody fools and why to spend much on safety unecessarily. Even if a few Indians die it wont be a big deal. He knew that the Indians sucked up to the feet of the Westerners and they do even to this day. So even if something were to happen at the plant, Warren knew that he would be able to escape very easily. And thats what happened.

He was sent out of the country by then chief minister Arjun Singh who facilitated his early escape. Amazing isnt it? Our ministers sucking up to the feet of the Westerners so much that they didnt care of the people who were affected by this tragedy.

Over the last few weeks since the judgement of just a 2 yrs prison term with a measly fine of US $2000 has been announced the people of this country have felt even more humiliated. What the hell does our government think that a 2yr prison term and such a fine without even holding Warren Anderson guilty would remove the scars of that day? After such a judgement one can only say that our own government treats us as just some piece of shit which can thrown into the dustbin (read DEATH) as and when they want.

One thing I have realised MONEY, STATUS AND POWER is the most important when you reach the doors of politics. Who cares if the general public dies or lives? Do we?


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  1. I feel the bigger problem lies in our weak systems. We need strong independent regulators and investigators. Union Carbide was responsible, but more fault lies at the hands of those Indians who passed their designs and approved their hapless safety standards.

  2. forum

    its sad that due a mistake commited by irresponsible people whose end motive is just too earn money by any means, …..thousand and thousands have to suffer.

  3. Anita

    Mockery of our judicial system where thousands of people died and the punishment was nothing compared to the crime!!! But now the question is – are we able to use nuclear energy safely in future or another disaster is in pipeline?

  4. subhankar

    very true…politics and corruption are going hand in glove.Only doling out compensation wont suffice.The people responsible for this black day in Indian history should be booked.Our leaders must revisit and revamp safety measures put in place at all such critical industrial sites.The administration of plants as this must be removed from direct political influence.

  5. Anonymous

    Very true ….In India corruption rate is more than terrorism. For Heaven’s sake why don’t these people understand that there is always someone watchig them ….and why do they have this I-have-only-one-short-life-so-let-me-enjoy-it-for-myself-only attitude ! They buy people’s lives for cheap bunches of paper what they so call money! Cheapos!

    • aseemrastogi2

      The sad part in all this is that our government let them go scot free so easily..Everyone knows that the victims still suffer till this date but our government is sleeping as usual..:( Though Dow Chemicals is one of the top most chemical companies in the world, they had to leave India not because of the govt. but because of the people’s actions!

  6. There is a very little and fading ray of hope for our country to improve as our brains are already poisoned with corruption, greed, lust, power and of course money. A baby is born innocent, he learns form his surroundings and his environment is mainly responsible for his character as he grows upto become a man. But our problem is we keep on poisoning the new generations. Humanity as a whole, and not only India, has hardly any hope left. Only a new ice age can save the Earth. This is of course my personal view.

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