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The Babas of India!!! – A deadly cocktail of spiritualism, sex, yoga, drugs, women and money!

We are a god fearing country with hundreds of us praying to hundreds of gods and goddesses. We have thousands of temples and things which remind us of god throughout our country across different states, regions, districts etc. And then there are millions of us who still cant get enough of god worship or idol worship or whatever that we worship the so called “Babas” of India.

Its pretty easy to become a Baba actually. Just make some claims about curing people or touch them with ur hand and cure them, give them something to eat and make them happy or just recite some good words, preachings or what not. Once you are successful in convincing hundred odd people, the rest follow. What you need to be is a very good orator who has the power to convince people. And actually convincing a normal Indian especially about health, future and stuff like that is a pretty easy job. Then you have big ceremonies, you give speeches in front of thousands of people, you are invited to big discussions and lo you are the most famous guy in this country who has Z security.

But are they only into spritualism or helping to cure you or talking about your future or helping you relax through yoga? Today, these Baba ashrams across the country are fast becoming centers of sex, drugs, women and above all big money. We are a country of people who easily believe in these so called Babas because we have always been taught that worshipping these babas, gods, going to temple, organizing satsangs and doing anything would help improve our health, future, money whatever. This is the reason why these babas thrive in our country despite charging people a bomb.

But today many of these so called ashrams across the country have become centers for sex and drugs with many foreigners touring them in the hope of finding these drugs. There have been babas who have demanded sex from their devotees from treatment and “consultantion”.

Thats why I say that these Babas as well as these ashrams have become centers of a deadly cocktail of spiritualism, sex, yoga, drugs, woman and money!


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  1. Mini

    Well what you say is true, nowadays because of a few baba s th complete trust over all th real spiritual babas have also gone. Its a very sad thing indeed !! In th name of god and spiritualism god knws wat all some of these babas are upto .

  2. dR mUKESH pAUL

    A fertile soil will grow anything. Throw any seeds and they/ll grow. India is like that from the spiritual point of view and Indians are bonded in it through the ingrained cultural and religious upbringing. Whereas there are genuine souls who have achieved wisdom and a higher spiritual awakening, most such enlightened souls do not come out publicly and perform. You are right in saying that exploitation of the gullible Indian population is at its height. NIce Article. Its the day of the “BABA BUSINESS’

  3. sathiajiht

    the only way to end these evil is to learn veda which will bring real knowledge about spirituality and god.We at kerala are blessed because our acharya M R Rajesh ji ,he is giving the vedic knowledge to every one who is interested to learn .KVRF is the organization acharya formed to propogate vedic knowledge.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Is learning Veda so easy? And how can learning Veda stop problems like these? People believe in these Baba’s more for the fact that they feel these men / women would bring them luck, happiness, satisfaction etc. in life.

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