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Is there any value for human life in this country?

An Air India Express flight IX – 812 crashed on landing at the Mangalore airport from Dubai today morning killing 160 of the 173 passengers on board. This is one in thousands or dare i say millions of incidents which happen in our country day in and day out be it terrorism, weather events, shootouts whatever where scores of people are killed or injured. Interestingly most of these can be tackled by effective governance, police forces, people viligance and what not. But do we really learn from each accident or bomb attack or shootout or terrorist attack?

Whenever there is a cyclone or other kinds of natural calamity, our politicians make promises of money, a good water drainage system, proper weather management and what not. But as they say the show must go on, all of us move on with our lives as if nothing had happened at all. When its an air accident, our politicians again make more and more and more promises of money, “improving safety” and above all finding fault with someone or the other. Blaming someone is common to all tragedies whether its an accident or terrorist attack or natural calamity. Its an open secret that the Mangalore airport being situated at Bajpe was good for the politicians and all the stakeholders involved. The fact that they dont care about human life is evident from them sanctioning the shorter runway for international flights. The most horrendous of all statements is that “since no accidents have happened here, its safe!”. Guess these people were waiting for a disaster to happen?

In a terrorist attack or the recent Maoist attacks, there are “again” promises of better intelligence, more defence forces, better equipment n blah blah blah. There’s this stupid way of indicating that no one values human life in this country by this statement – “Though Mumbai has been attacked so many times, it still comes alive and goes about its daily business”. The way they keep putting this statement after each and every tragedy, it just goes to show that people know the so called authorities wont ever do a thing other than do what they do best – TALK TALK TALK and make PROMISES PROMISES PROMISES!!!!

I know you guys would be thinking I am going the usual way of blaming the government. But guys don’t you think at the end of the day its their role to ensure our security and make a stand so that human lives are not lost again in this manner. We can help by being vigilant but they are our guardians. Sadly they have just converted this duty into a BIG BAD JOKE!

Someone rightly says – “In this country, there are so many people, that even if hundreds die in different accidents / incidents in our month, why would the government bother”



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  1. forum

    well i do agree that it hurts when people die due to human mistakes and negligence. and we have been questioning the government from quite sometime regarding a lot of issues. hope something materialises soon enough.

  2. anita

    yes, we have very short memory. Few days the Mangalore tragedy will be in news and then everybody will forget except who lost their near and dear ones!!!!!

  3. mini

    Yesterday was a very sad day indeed :-(. The news really shook me.

  4. mini

    And as u said life is very short indeed. You never knw wen ur last moment is. So enjoy to th max till it is there 🙂

  5. True!! absolutely true.. I just wanted you to put the “media” part which happens to be very irresponsible.. Need I say more?

  6. subhankar

    nice one pal…also a new trend is the ministers deciding to resign on moral grounds…that is utter cowardice. Rather than owning up to the reality and trying to devise remedial measures…these ppl have discovered a new way to gain popularity.unless the government gets to the root of the problem and adopts measures to counter these vagaries things wont change.this is equally applicable to cases like IX-812 ans the maoist menace that is rampant in the country.

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