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The Journey from 05BBT034 to 32235!

For the uninitiated, 05BBT034 and 32235 are my roll numbers at VIT University and SIBM Pune respectively. This day last year was when we left VIT University to pursue our dreams be it work, timepass (as many companies hadnt called till then ;)) or MBA, MS (CAT, GMAT, GRE ;)). We parted with the usual we-will-meet, we will mail, chat, phone and blah blah kind of promises.

Neways even I moved on to pursue MBA at SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management) Pune. Everyone had said that the college is amazing, the faculty is too good, the college is located on the hills, the alumnus is soooo good everything. All that has been amazing and its been a great honour to study in this institute but somewhere down the line I just feel that still I tend to compare both the institutes which is unfair but I guess after staying for four years at a place, you do feel for it. FC, Enzo, All Mart, QB, Sugarcane juice shop, Juice Land, Gobi 65, Cheese Dosa are some of things which really have no replacement.

I miss the quaint little town Vellore was with we being able to watch movies for Rs 30-40 at Raghavendra. We always had a joke as to how small Vellore was that at the height of the bomb blasts across the country between 2006-08 we felt it was the only safe place in India. Katpadi felt my own after all these years. It felt that am back home whenever I reached back there after coming from home. These 4 years made me fall in love with South India as even today I dont miss the opportunity to go to South India (went twice in last 1 yr :)) at all.

Most of all I miss all my friends the most who made my 4 yrs at VIT. In everyone nowadays I try to see a Mohsin or Girish or Arun or Padhee or Sruthi or Ranju or Anish or Ahalya or all the others whose name I am missing here. It doesnt mean that I dont have any good friends around but yeah guys I guess there’s no replacement for the years we had at VIT.

All this may sound lame and stupid and whatever to certain people. I am sure some will say it happens and life goes on and whatever but at the end of the day I do feel one thing that in graduation one has more of an emotional connection with friends but in post graduation its more of a professional connection.

As they say life moves on and it has. This post is a tribute for all you guys who have made my 4 yrs at VIT the best ever!


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  1. Mini

    Seriously ur life at VIT has been th most special . I understand how it feels wen u spend so many good yrs in a coll and place and wen u have to leave frnds and th place to move on in life :-(. I really understand

  2. ahalya

    totally agree with ur conclusion of graduate and post grad life … very true 🙂 miss u too 🙂

  3. forum

    well college life is an amazing place. its true that when a person graduates and moves on to other places to pursue something in their life,but true friends are the ones that bond together during those initial stages where we all are innocent and growing. there absolutely no substitutes for friends which we make during our college days. 🙂

  4. anita

    Can fully understand your emotional attachment with Vellore!

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