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Clearing misconceptions of my alma mater – VIT University, Vellore!

I am writing this post after reading a lot of criticism about VIT University over the years since I joined, even before that and even today by a number of people many of them pissed off students while most of them who havent ever studied in this place and just talk crap based on hearsay. Every college and university has a lot of negative points and a lot of good points but it does pain one to see only negative points said about ones alma mater left right and center when it is one of the best places to study in this country! Here are some of the misconceptions which have stuck with VIT over the years –

Misconception #1 – VIT University has paid India Today to rank them no 10 and no 1 private university in India
My take – Common guys! Ok lets take it that VIT has paid them. But none of you are fools to take this ranking and come to VIT just like that. I am sure you must be talking to students, parents and teachers before taking this decision. So then why criticise after joining. The biggest suggestion I have to give all the parents and students is that dont take any of the rankings of any of the colleges seriously. Talk to a lot of people before making a decision

Misconception #2 – VIT University has abortion centers!
My take – This is the most atrocious and nonsensical thing I have ever heard in my entire lifetime. What the hell does abortion centers mean? And when I ask someone, they just say that they “had heard” from someone. Guys! Its a college and if even such things happen, I dont think that this is the first or the last college where such things happen. All kinds of students do exist everywhere. But nontheless as far as my knowledge goes, there has been nothing like “abortion centers” ever!

Misconception #3 – VIT University is a money making machine!
My take – All of us be it students or parents keep criticising VIT University for the money it charges. All of us can pay crores to teach our children in international schools but when sending to one of the best institutes in the country everyone thinks that the college is a money making machine. For your information to all the people out there, in my 4 years of studying at the college I have seen the infrastructure and development and seen how this money is spent on improving it for our benefit!

Misconception #4 – VIT University has strict rules and regulations!
My take – VIT University is the most liberal college in Tamil Nadu probably after IIT in terms of rules and regulations. They are no uniforms and even the gals and guys can freely talk compared to certain colleges in Tamil Nadu where people are punished for even talking. Calling it strict is a joke in itself!

Misconception #5 – The teaching and students are not that great!
My take – As always, there will be some teachers who are good and some who are not that great. One cant always be dependent on them to study. Same goes for the students. I am sure this happens in every college

Misconception #6 – People keep getting suspended left, right and center!
My take – You wouldnt find better, more lenient and liberal pro chancellors than the current ones. Obviously if you do something really bad, you will be punished. But getting suspended left, right and center is taking it too far!

I am sure there may be many more misconceptions but what I have tried to highlight from this post is that dont read some blogs of people or talk to those who are angry with VIT University or who have never ever studied here but want to criticise it. They will give one a biased view of the college. Every college has its good things and bad things. I have just highlighted some of them here. But this post doesnt show that VIT University is the best in the country. AND NEITHER AM I A MEMBER OF THE BOARD OF VIT UNIVERSITY OR HAVE BEEN PAID BY THEM!

Dear Parents and Students,
Make an informed decision before joining the institute. Talk to students, teachers, parents – all the stakeholders. Its very easy to criticise. But see the efforts the management is also putting in.

A proud alumnus!

Update: Calling out all alumni to help future aspirants through this post
When I wrote this post approximately 3 years back, I didn’t know what to expect when people read it. But the fact that this post has been the most visited, commented, voted and searched post on my blog speaks volumes. Whether its positive or negative, comments have flown in thick and fast. A lot many aspirants have also got their questions answered through this post.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to invite VIT alumni from across the world to talk about their experiences at the college (good or bad) through the comments section here. You could also answer questions if any raised by future aspirants on this post. This would go a long way in helping them make important career decisions.


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  1. anita

    I agree with you. With good infrastructure, VIT stands out separately among other private colleges.

  2. Abhishek Skariah

    Hey Aseem…very rightly said…Who ever feels that VIT is overcharging they should open their eyes and see the enormous amount of fees charged by not so reputed colleges and just look at the paltry and substandard infra they have….
    Trust me in VIT you get more than what you pay for….

    Keep it up Aseem….Keep writing 🙂

  3. mini

    Very well written :-). As u said all colleges have good and bad points. Its very important to trust an institution especially a good recognised institution when u get in. Its not nice to criticise

  4. Very well said Aseem. Your post will get a straight referral from me, the next time I am asked these questions.

    • shubham

      sir , how is vit chennai ( placements of ece branch ) !!!!

      • aseemrastogi2

        VIT Chennai is still relatively new. And the placements are picking up. But from what I have heard the placements of VIT Chennai and Vellore happen together. But I am not very sure.

  5. Ankish

    hey can anyone giv me any idea abt highest nd avg placement in vit??????

    • himanshu

      hey can anyone giv me any idea abt highest nd avg placement in vit??????

  6. ankit

    thax aseem ..i have given the viteee xam and got selected..i had decided to take addmission in vit but after seeing the post named “truth about vit” or something like that i m really worry about my decission bt after more enquiry from the students, their parents,teachers i hav found that vit is really a gud institute…i m very sorry for those viewers who beleive on such type posts and donot take addmission in vit…..guys ur success is in ur hands,, don’t feel that if u r going to a gud college and donot get the management as u expected then the college is bad…pls take decissions carefully

    • prashansa bansal

      same here,even i read “truth about vit” ,that thing really needs 2 b deleted.After attending d counselling i hav been trying 2 know more n more abt vit before taking admission n response dat i’ve got so far is mixed n exactly lyk it has been written above.

      • aseemrastogi2

        So what did you exactly read in the “Truth about VIT”? I mean is that a blog post written by someone? I mean if that’s the case, deleting it isn’t the solution. Everyone has his / her own view / views. If some people prefer bitching about this place, one can’t help it. My aim was to give you an unbiased opinion and hopefully I have been able to do that.

        • GAUTAM MUNKA

          Hey aseem…can u please tell me the honest round figure amout which will cost me if i study in vit…and opt for automobile engineering…please add hostel of 4 bed Ac north veg food and tell me the honest full amount for 4 years…plz help me out in this.
          I think m not getting a honest fees structure from official vit site.Thankyou
          Please reply to

    • Pranit

      hey please tell what questions are asked in the viteee councelling process?

      • aseemrastogi2

        As far as I know there are no questions asked during the counselling process in VIT. Basically they verify all your documents after verifying your rank, take your photo for the ID card etc.

      • Pranit

        what according to you should be my rank in viteee 2014 for securing a seat in for mechanical(spec. in energy engineering)?

        • aseemrastogi2

          Hi Pranit,

          From what I remember last year one needed to get a rank of around 7000-9000 to get this branch.

      • Pranit

        will a score of above 65 be fine for it?

  7. himanshu

    is teaching at vit is good ?
    someone said that you can’t go to library in vit after 9 p.m is it true ?(if you are living in hostel)

    • Mech08

      Teaching is good, syllabus is good,students are good..Ideal conditions to study(if u really want to).
      Library opens at 5:30 am and closes at 12:30 am on weekdays…and from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on weekends and holidays.. u can go anytime u want but if u r a hosteler and a junior(1st yr) you need to be inside library before 9 pm (due to strict rules fr 1st year hostelers) and can stay till 12:30.. If you are a girl, then college even provides bus facility between library and hostel.

    • ramesh prashar

      you can be in library upto 12.30 in night whether u are in hostels or are living outside

    • Are you crazy? I’m a VITan and yes you CAN go to the library after 9pm.

  8. nitin

    i just passed my 1st year from vit,vellore in btech cse ..b4 taking admission in vit i saw all those “crap” material on net “truth about vit”,n spcl comment on by bitsians)..and thousands of other such nonsense jokes..n trust me many ppl believed in thm n did not join vit,many used it as an excuse so tht thy din hv 2 cum hre (due to personal reasons),moreover ppl used this topic to make their blog a hit..n mainly due to jealousy factor frm sm othr institute students it all spread like anything..but hopefully now its getting lesser n gud 2 c ppl coming in vits defence..m pity sure students will take decision based on facts not on “hearsay”

    • himanshu

      can you tell me about placement at vit ?
      people say that the fees at vit is more but the placement is very low ?

    • Abhijeet Bishnoi

      Hey Nitin
      I appeared for the VITEEE exam this year i.e 2016 and my rank is 33501. Can you please help me know that which category would i fall into if i want to opt for Computer Science and into which if i opt for Civil?
      And how is the civil branch rated here in VIT vellore?
      It would be helpful.
      Thanks! 🙂

  9. S K Kumar

    Very well said. I am an NRI and have invested millions of dollars in India and abroad in higher education and am very willing to invest in VIT University as it is one of the best engineering universities in India.


    S K Kumar

  10. yash

    hey guys sm1 please temme the life at vit … is there a wireless connection in the rooms ?
    sm say theres no internet connection sm say there is … wats the truth ?

  11. amol bhatnagar

    in 2010 i have taken cse at vit with 6061 rank and i have got 18071 rank in eee .does i prefer eee rather than vit .please answer to my query .

  12. amol bhatnagar

    in 2010 i have taken cse at vit with 6061 rank and i have got 18071 rank in eee .does i prefer eee rather than vit .please answer to my query . i have to fill aieee councilling also

  13. RAVI


    • Shubham R

      No they are not, It is just that it is a national university not a state one where you can get admission idk let’s say through tamil nadu college counselling or something. Tamil guys are good , i did my 11 and 12th there and now i am in good college, BITS to be exact. So cheers!!

  14. Kishlaya


    Now let me come on this:

    Do you guys know what is CERN – if you dont know I pity on you , please google it . My friend Prashanth Awasthi from EEE is one of the very few students across the globe who would be interning there from tomorrow , Yes at CERN Geneva . I am sure you would be proud of it .

    My friend Saurabh Jain from Mech and Energy , is interning at Arcelor Mittal -Spain . Getting a handsome stipend and a to and fro business class travel.

    I know 3 other guys from Biotech who are interning along with ME at different Universities in Germany and getting a good stipend.

    Guys , trust me , the Environment is just changing now in VIT , I have seen my seniors doing too good in their streams , some of them are – Rahul Sanghi 2010 CS , and shailesh Upadhayay 2010 EIE passouts they have done some real big stuffs , Rahul has stood in top 3 in the google product prodigy and shailesh has been an invited speaker at MIT and Harvard .

    I have lots more to say , but I will end up .


    • aseemrastogi2

      hey awesome kishlaya…didnt know such good things have happened after I left the college :)..many more reasons 2 b proud of VIT 🙂 🙂

      • Sankalp

        my rank is 50000 in Vit Is there any chances of getting cs or mechanical…???????

        • aseemrastogi2

          With a rank of 50,000, CS or Mechanical could be really tough Sankalp. All the best.

  15. @VIT University has abortion centers!
    Ha ha ha ha ! tis is called innovative thinking… wow i say! really wow.. can’t beat tis!

    and yeah! every college is a college.. and people really need to put in a bit of their brain!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Seriously people need to get a life! I don’t know of a single college in the country where such things dont happen!

  16. utkal ram

    He guys,
    I just want to know that if branch shifting possible in VIT. I am in eee and i want to shift to ece.
    Is it passible?
    Also I want to know what is the main difference between electronics part which come under eee and ece.

  17. Kamlesh kumar

    VIT is ne of the fastest growing reputed university of india……….and thus many are jelous of it………….its the best institute for engineering and research after IITs ,BITS PILANI and top NITs like NIT TRICHY-SURATKAL & WARANGAL…………….so o desputes…………its a place to learn and a chance to grow……

    • aseemrastogi2

      VIT has improved considerably over the years. But sadly some people do nothing but put it down.

  18. nitin

    pls ….

    i am doin my 12th now…gonna appear for iit,aieee n othr competitive exmz…vit is my 1st option.As any other 12th student i hardly concentrated in 11th.I realized my mistake n started studying in its december and i hardly have any time to complete 11th vit is my main target.But i’ve heard rumours like VIT is a college with good infrastructure etc and bad atmosphere[affairs etc].I cant believe the different opinions of people on etc.Pls answer me!!

    I am damn confused abt VIt .. some say its totally bad…!i wanna knw its reality so pls

    Hope You answer

  19. ankur

    check this out you biased out the full story and click on the image.
    you will found your college on that list.this is not the case with vit.every deemed university is making money.not just money they are making profits like a huge corporations.why they are allowed to sell knowledge which is not their.i am also doing btech from some fucking private college like vit.
    education must be open source ….

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks for the article by the way..For your information institutes like Symbiosis, VIT, Sathyabama, SRM, Narsee Monjee all have thousands of people studying there..And despite this news they have good placements, good faculty and good students coming from entrances..So I really don’t understand what’s the problem if they charge money? I mean common dude if an IIM A can charge 12 lacs for 2 years, then why not any other institute! And if you have such a problem with such institutes why are you studying in such an institute..

      Education is also business..No one is doing any social service today..And why would anyone make it open source? Even an IIT doesnt make it open source so there is no question of that?

      • Don

        Hey stupid aseemrastogi2…… youtube for nptel………then you will come to know……For IIT’s…….. “Education is free to all”………………!!!

        ………………………………………………………………Proudly Indian(Marathi Manoos)!!!!

        • aseemrastogi2

          Free to all? Education is also a business. No one is doing social service here. So you want to say every institution should stop charging fees?

  20. Aayush

    Hey i am really intrested in doing Computer engineering…is VIT good for CS nd what about the placements in CS nd Faculty?? 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah VIT is pretty good for CS..The faculty has some bad things as well as some good things about it like any other college. The placements happen at the usual Wipro, Infy, TCS, etc. along with many top companies like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Capgemini etc..

  21. senthil

    my daughter is finishing 12th this year and we are considering putting her in VIT for the five year integrated MBA course. She is good at studies and will score around 90% inplus two.I have heard that the 2 year MBA there is good and get placements. What about this 5 year course? will it be considered on a par with that 2 year MBA interms of course,content,placement etc.. and will this batch will join the 2 year group when they enter the third year? Need help…..

    • aseemrastogi2


      MBA from VIT isn’t good compared to other colleges for placements and all kinds of facilities. B.Tech is good but I wouldn’t suggest you to let her pursue the Integrated MBA course for the reason that it is not as good as it sounds.

  22. linesh

    Is M.Tech in Automotive Engineering good in VIT??? Also what abt the placements inVIT for the same,?? hope to get a reply soon…

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey, I am really not sure about how good M.Tech Automotive is in VIT. I will surely need to check on that. Would try to get back to you soon.

      • Nijel Jacob

        I’m from the first batch of the M.Tech Auto Engg course. 23 of my 25 classmates were campus placed.2 others continued in business.I’ve seen the labs at VIT and they are good.The course content is huge,If you are good at studies,you can learn a lot.The best part is when you come to ARAI for the second year.NVH,Engine,Emissions,Safety,Structural Dynamics and much more.I work at Bosch,my friends work at Tata,Mahindra,Ashok Leyland,Suzuki Powertrain,FML,JohnDeere… or any company that has an R&D department in India.

        • aseemrastogi2

          Thanks Nijel for the details you have provided of this course for the benefit of others here. It’s highly appreciated.

      • sri

        hi i got 1800 in vitmee 2013. Is it possible to get mtech in automotive electronics in vellore?
        what is the placement statistics for that course?

        • aseemrastogi2

          Hi Sri, Honestly am not very sure about your 1st question. But as far as placements are concerned, I would say that generally M.Tech placements at VIT are surely not as good as the one for B.Tech.

      • RAVI



        • aseemrastogi2

          Ravi, first things first – Request you to avoid typing all the sentences in caps. Yes, I agree with you that M.Tech for Automotive is quite good. But as far as I understand, there is no B.Tech for Automotive which VIT offers. Do correct me if am wrong on that.

  23. GOURI

    i just want to know if in last 25 years how many successful,famous peolple has this college created,this is not sarcastic i really want to know

    • aseemrastogi2

      That’s a difficult one Gouri. Personally speaking I don’t know of any famous personalities. And anyway its just 26-27 years old, I am sure there must be people who must be successful in their own right. But it depends on what you define as success. If you consider Bill Gates as success and an NGO worker as a failure,then you never know what you consider wrongly. So its all in your mind.

      • GOURI

        I appreciate your prompt reply Aseem. I agree with your views entirely.But in todays world advertisement goes a long way. See the tom-toms of IITs apart from being excellent.I am a doctor and we have premium institutes too,and so must be research institutes,architectural colleges etc.But is there such hype about them? no.Why because they dont do it. It would be good if possible to publish such peoples names so the faith of new aspirants will be strengthened.anyway VIT indeed is very good institute and may it progress always

        • aseemrastogi2

          IITs and others wouldnt advertise because they have established their standing over the years. But private instis including VIT and others do the same because they need it though obviously I too admit that many charge crazy fees and may engage in other fraudulent things but private instis cant help but advertise cuz of market pressures..As for famous alumni I personally don’t know really famous ones..will have to check

      • privatewithoversight

        All institutions lobby, advertise, etc. for promoting themselves, and that includes IITs, my alma mater. The fact is that, today government has squandered much of its revenue on many things, and does not have money for infrastructure. Infrastructure such as roads, institutions, airports, manufacturing zones etc. In all these areas, the government has long sought the involvement of private institutions. Now, ones hopes that the BETTER private institutions succeed, and the RUN-by-NIGHT ones do not have an impact in the long run. VIT has promised for many years now to be a long standing and successful private institution. I have seen their labs and have been impressed. They certainly are not perfect and have their problems (some of them very avoidable). But, so do IITs, NITs, MITs, etc. It is my hope that the government at least are able to guide, monitor and ensure performance of private institutions.

        • aseemrastogi2

          Thanks for your post Thiru. Yeah in the end education is a business after all and who doesn’t advertise. But during my stint at VIT Vellore, I always felt that though VIT advertises a lot, it provides adequate facilities in terms of hostels, labs, sports, clubs etc. at the college. Yes, there are problems but which college is without any problems whatsoever.

  24. kamlesh kumar

    just wanah say that if u r not getting admisson in any of the premier institutes like IIts,BITS,BIT,NITs………..then surely VIT is the best choice………… depends on you …how u utilize VIT resources………only <10% of VITIans utilize the available resources in better way……… r just acting as smart critics……….so if u have the potential to do something great….u r most invited to VIT…. 🙂

  25. allwyn

    sir, Can u tell me how much it will cost to study ece in vit(4 years)? And i also wanted to knw will they ask fr any capitation fees if my viteee rank is low?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey no need to call me sir. You can call me Aseem. I passed out of VIT in 2009 and as of that time the total cost to study ECE was about 4-6 lacs. I don’t think there is any question of capitation fees because the competition these days has become really stiff. And that’s why management quota has been reduced or even removed.

      • Nayan

        management quota is still there..that’s how they take a direct admission..

  26. allwyn

    thanks aseem. I heard that if my viteee rank is low, they will ask for the payment. Is that true?

  27. anuj sareen

    hey, i hav got 11698 rank in vit.. m ready to go in vit but only if i get ece in it.
    shall i be able to get it???
    plzz reply!!

    • aseemrastogi2

      not sure whether itll b easy cuz the competition is getting really tough..

  28. harsha

    i have got 5301 rank in vit 2011. vit ppl r asking 4 30000 bucks just ti atend councilng.if i dont join vit, will i get my money back?pls reply

    • aseemrastogi2

      you will get some portion of the money back but not sure how much

  29. aseemrastogi2

    thank god losers like you are’nt part of VIT n thats why its a much better place

  30. anjali gupta

    i got 13746 rank in viteee 2011. will i get chemical in vit vellore or chennai campus

    • aseemrastogi2

      hi anjali
      i am a 2009 pass-out, as far as i know chemical engineering has been discontinued in vit vellore campus. but i request you to confirm regarding the same.

  31. very well written.GUYS SOME GUY HAS WRITTEN SHIT ABOUT VIT ON under the title vit facts blah blah.not even 1% of that is true.every thing is a bloody lie.i m a student of vit and proud to be one.ask the guy wrote this whether he was able to get his big smelly butt through even a simple exam like viteee.i m sure he wouldnt.that’s why he is trying to spoil name of such a fine university.
    proud vitian.

    • aseemrastogi2

      People who don’t have any work keep critcising everything under the sun. Sad but true.

  32. Payal

    I just want to know if VIT is a known institute. I mean, is VIT ranked as one of the best in India, because as far as I know, NIT’s are surviving on a reputation that the no longer live up to. As an alumnus, do you believe that a student who has a seat at any of the NIT’s and one at VIT, should choose VIT above NIT?

    • aseemrastogi2

      comparison is a matter on perception. both nit and vit are good in its own ways. in the nit’s especially, trichy, surathkal and warangal are the ones to look out for, but there are certain courses such as mechanical and biotechnology for which vit may have a bit higher ranking, but as i say in the end, ranking is what you think and not the others

      if u have to make a decision, i would talk to aluminus, talk to present students, discuss about the facully as well as placements and make your decisoin

  33. cerberus

    do vit hostel rooms have internet or wifi?

    • aseemrastogi2

      till 2009 when i left they dint have but now i think they do

      • Mech08

        We are having it for last 3 years.. and now even everyone is given 3 gb free usage pm..

  34. KSJ

    I am seeing a lot of good things about VIT here and I agree all the points. However, based on the few cases that I came across few days ago, I really doubt if VIT would value for merit/meritorious students and if they are trust worthy. This bothers me a lot and making me uncomfortable; I am rethinking about going ahead in continuing him with VIT.

    I have admitted my son to VIT for this academic year 2011-12. His rank was around 9000 range and wanted Mech. Engg. (specl. in Automative), Mech Engg (specl. in Energy) or Mech Engg. in the order mentioned. Finally, he opted for Mech Engg (specl. in Chemical Process), because, by the time his turn came at the counselling desk, which was based on the rank, those programme were filled. Then, we were directed to the hostel accommodation process and only “Non A/C six bedded rooms” were available by the time his turn came and he had no choice but to accept it. The admissions were over for upto 12,000 ranks and the rest had to go back as there were no seats; students upto 16,000 ranks were called for counselling. They have followed a full transparent system in telecasting the available seats live. Every one know on real time basis how many seats are filled, how many are available in each branch and in each campus, who is taking what programme, what is his rank, etc…..

    During the counselling, there were repeated questions from the parents about management quota and what could happen to the seats that would become vacant when the candidates didn’t join after accepting provisional admission offer. The reason for this question by most of the parents were, because, as AIEEE results were yet to be announced, considerable potential candidates who would be joining in NITs also should be accepting admission offer, to be in safe. Then, not joining VIT, which would result in large number of seats getting unfilled.

    The pro chancellor kept repeating tirelessly and asserting, without any hesitation, to the gathering of around 2000 students & parents that there was nothing called management quota and if the student did not join after accepting the offer, the seat would remain vacant and will not be either given a chance /upgraded to the next rank student or will not be filled with management quota; there was no 2nd or 3rd counselling in VIT. He also asserted that their admission process is very transparent and only based on the ranking obtained in VITEEE. He made this statement quite number of times on that day and, I was sure, he would have continued the same during previous and next counselling days.

    Most of us present were very happy, impressed and took his statements to its core value and really felt happy to admit our wards to VIT as it was such a public announcement/ statement by a very responsible and key official of VIT management. In addition, the campus was impressive.

    When I come across few cases of close friends, I was very much upset and suspect their true motto, their true sprit and their true commitment.

    Case#1: My friend’s son could not through in VIT ranking, not even with in the eligible rank of 16,000 for appearing in counselling process. His rank was above 1lakh; around 1.70 lakh students wrote the VITEEE 2011. My friend and his other two friends of the same school approached the institute at later dates, after counselling processes were over, for their sons’ admissions, paid more (in the form donation plus accepted to pay higher tuition fee and hostel fee every year) and got the programme that was of their choice and A/C double room accommodation.

    Case#2: Son of my wife’s college wanted to do Law; he was an average student. So he did not even write VIT entrance exam. But, latter he wanted to engineering. They had approached the management and got the seat in ECE and A/C single room for huge money paid upfront and higher tuition & hostel fee every year.

    Case#3: Son of a fellow of my colony is studying in 7th semester (ECE) in VIT. He advised me that I could bribe people therefor A/C double bedded room and that was how he got the room type he wanted.

    Balance fee had to be paid on 23 Jun 2011 and original certificates had to be submitted to confirm the admission. I went on 23 June 2011 and completed the above formalities to confirm the admission. During that time I asked them if the programme of my son’s choice be given as there could be few vacant seats by then. It was the last day and surely that management would have a feel of vacant seats. The person again confirmed that as told during in the counselling the vacant seats would remain as vacant and it would not filled.

    I am sure, now, all the vacant seats will be filled through such ugly means. If they are in good spirit they would have given a chance to meritorious students to exercise the option and filled the vacant seats through 2nd/3rd counselling; In fact they had called the students for counselling upto rank 16,000. But they must be filling the vacancies through such ugly process – to students who had not written VITEEE, not well with in the eligible ranking of 16,000, and even to the eligible rank holders by taking money

    I am not against any management quota or NRI quota. Every private institute has some percentage, say 10%. So, if it should have earmarked a reasonable percentage of quota of total seats sanctioned and fill only those seats for the above category without grabbing the seats meant for the students in the merit list, which would, otherwise, affect the morale of the meritorious students. VIT would have done this, if it was in the good spirit and wanted/committed to build the institute of world class/ of national importance,

    By this act, VIT is fundamentally hitting the heart of parents and students (and their honesty & hard work), disappointing them heavily as well as failed to build trust among present and future potential parents & students.

    By this way, we would clearly understand what kind of environment VIT is providing.

    – Are they conveying, “If you cannot pay come on merit and get whatever available. If you can pay, pay and get what you want, not necessarily to be a meritorious student”?

    – Why can’t it be publicized with full details of quota, if they have or intend to execute the manner through they would fill the vacancies?

    – Why should the management make such public statement to the gatherings of parents and students and create a wrong impression that VIT would honor only merit?

    – Why should they cheat the meritorious students who had spent a lot of time, energy, hard work and took the pain of writing the entrance exam to succeed and obtained the merit rank?

    – First of all, why should they conduct such entrance exam, when they would not like to honour meritorious students?

    – Why should any one believe/trust towhatever they claim, such as, faculty quality, foreign university MOUs/affiliations, placements statistics & quality, etc…

    – Why will not they go to any extent to bribe the concerned agencies to get the grants, approvals, impressive rankings, etc… without having required facilities and infrastructure and fool the students & parents?

    – How could the sensitive young minds cope up & morally fit in such environment to succeed when they felt cheated and realised they could not get due value/respect for their honest hard work and pain taken for securing the merit.

    – Why can’t VIT charge more, if it is not financially viable to run the institute with merit students; people will be willing to pay premium to some extent for quality.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hello Sir,

      Firstly I would like to thank you for taking out time to write such a detailed comment about what you actually went through. This is something every parent hates to see in an institution and I personally condone it happening at my own alma mater.

      I passed out of the institution in 2009. The four years I was there, management quota and NRI quota was openly declared to the parents and students alike. So if the pro – chancellor himself is saying that there is no management quota, it’s outrageous. As far as bribing is concerned to get seats and hostel rooms or changing streams, I hadn’t heard of anything like that during my 4 years there.

      After such an experience I can surely understand your grievances and how you would lose trust on an institution which doesn’t even reward merit students or declare the quota system openly.

      I know a lot has changed in the past 2 years since I left the institution. But the facilities provided at VIT did rival the best like the library, the labs especially for Mechanical and Biotech students. Even the Food Courts and Sports Facilities were excellent to say the least. The faculty was a mixture of good and bad. But placements especially the core ones in Mechanical have been pretty good. And truthfully Mechanical at VIT Vellore is one of the best branches rivaling the ones who study at IITs or NITs. I am saying this out of a fact that three of my good friends who had done Mechanical and are now with Mahindra in Pune.

      As far as ranking goes, I believe it depends on the perception of the people. I personally don’t agree with the ranking just because of the fact that it’s not really a true reflection of the institute. But that said and done studying at VIT particularly Mechanical was a rewarding experience.

      I know things may have become really bad as you have mentioned in today’s scenario. And therefore I suggest you do talk to a few other people before making a decision. Obviously if you or son isn’t happy in continuing with the institute, you shouldn’t.


      • KSJ

        Dear Aseem,
        I appreciate your response… Thanks.

        • aseemrastogi2

          not a problem.
          you can surely contact me for any other help

      • suresh

        the admistration of vit is just horrible….all vit wants is just money and it will do anything for it……not a good college!!!

      • Its true,,one of my friend son got 38000 rank and got admission in cse after paying premium fees and got hostel of his choice.

        • aseemrastogi2

          Rajesh I understand your concern. There have been cases like this over the past few years since the popularity of VIT has touched new heights. And I strongly detest them. But I would just say that one shouldn’t make it a generalization. There are a lot of students of amazing calibre as well. It just becomes a bit sad when people notice only one side of the coin.

          Though, I am really sorry that your friend had to pay a premium to get his son in. I wish that wouldn’t have happened. And I would never endorse such acts.

    • hp

      what Mr.KSJ has written is exactly what i have experienced too,for my son got ssn college by merit in management quota,but we decided to put him in vit only b’cause we wanted him to have a campus life as we are from son’s only regret was that nobody would believe him if he said he got in thro’ merit at vit,but people would immediately recognize his merit once he says he is from ssn.but finally we convinced him to go to vit,as I don’t go much by anna university syllabus,my daughter having gone thro’ it(it is only learning by rote).my son got 8100 rank in vit,and has got eie at only regret is he hasn’t been able to get into any of the iit’s or rec’s,or bits,as the brightest go there,whereas even the ordinary children get into vit thro management.but how does vit manage to get a clean chit even after all the goof up’s they do during admission time is what baffles me.I went from pillar to post trying to know if there is sliding but got a blank mr.ksj has rightly said if only there was sliding our hearts would be a bit lighter,as there would have been transparency in their admissions.I too believed every word of the pro vice chancellor during the councelling.


      • aseemrastogi2

        Hello Sir,

        Nice to see responses coming in from parents.

        First things first, I would like to say that it’s a misconception that one doesn’t recognize that a person studying at VIT is on merit. On a personal note I can only talk about how things were upto 2009 when I passed out. There have been issues during admissions and I myself don’t deny it. Why would I? During the time I was there, sliding used to be there. If it’s not there right now, I am seriously surprised. Personally I condone in the strongest possible terms any such acts by the VIT management which affects students because at one time even I was one of them.

        Sir, as for one of your points about learning by rote at Anna University, I would say that you can’t blame Anna University alone. It’s the problem of the system in this country where one is taught only that way in the class. Since one can’t keep blaming the system all the time, I personally think a student needs to himself / herself go to the library, read articles in magazines / newspapers, go online and research on his own on how better he can develop his skills and learn about the practical world. I was a student at VIT but in my four years, I visited the IITs, NITs, BITs etc. for competitions of different kinds and networked with different individuals across the nation. So I think learning by rote or not or being practical depends on an individual and his determination to excel and succeed.

        Sir, Truthfully speaking I don’t agree with your point on the brightest going to IITs or RECs or BITS. I would like to believe that this may be true to some extent but isn’t always the norm. Say for example if there are 180 students for 1 seat in an IIT, would you say that the remaining 179 who aren’t able to get a seat are “ordinary” compared to the 1 who does get it? It’s just that the problem is few seats and more aspirants and until good institutions keep pace with the requirements, things will keep falling short. I am sure even those 179 students would be good in their own way. It’s about how well he / she as well as the institution is able to utilize him / her to the maximum potential.

        As far as the issue of it getting a clean chit and lack of transparency in the admissions process, I would say that I hope requisite action is taken for the same. Because if this is really happening I strongly disagree with it because I know how students can suffer and what effects such acts can have on their careers.

        Sir, I can surely understand that you must have felt cheated as this is very important for your son’s career. All I can say is that the facilities whether the library, sports facilities, food or the infrastructure or even the placements are all pretty good and strongly placed. I can only say from my personal experience that it was a good four years of my life.

        I am sorry for the pain you have had to go through. Do contact me in case I can help you in any way.


    • mahalakshmi

      ksj sir,did finally put your son in vit?

      • Abhinav Jadaun

        i agree with KSJ sir, my friend’s elder brother got admission in VIT computer science course, he didnt figure in the merit list anywhere and the other day my friend was bragging about how his Dad( who happens to be a rich Businessman) paid around 15 lacs to bypass the Admission procedure.

        • aseemrastogi2

          I wish that wouldn’t have happened in an idealistic world. But sadly Abhinav we don’t live in one. But yeah as far as I know they discourage such kind of admission procedures. But I can’t say anything with a 100% guarantee..:(

  35. nitin

    I have got IT (info tech) in VIT this year. Are the placements and faculty really as it is portrayed? I have got admissions into a good college in my city with my preffered choice i.e. cse … is it worth going to vit?

    • aseemrastogi2

      worth depends on one thing that is what a person thinks of the faculty, students, placements and all and I personally feel its worth it whatever others say.

    • suresh

      they pay to show 100% placements….actually not evryone gets a job , only few ….

  36. Hello Sir,

    I am planning to pursue my post graduation. Is VIT a good choice. Pls let me know. Thank you…

    • aseemrastogi2

      In my view VIT is really good for graduation. But for postgraduation it depends on the course you want to do though personally I wouldn’t suggest you to try VIT for post grad. Anyways what course you looking out for?

      • ankisha

        I am planning 2 pursue my PG in computer science from vit.Is it good??should I join vit or not??

        • aseemrastogi2

          Aniksha, as far as M.Tech is concerned at VIT, the courses aren’t that bad really. But it isn’t great as such either. I mean its not that you would regret after pursuing M.Tech from VIT. But am sure there maybe much better options out there :).

    • suresh


  37. hey.,…u missed a missconception…
    they sell condoms nd drugs in the canteen !

  38. mahalakshmi

    good nice and sensible post for my problem regarding admissions in vit.I have finally put my son in is up to you rightly said its not that the others who have not got into iit’s are bad but just that the pain of your son not getting into such a prestigious institution sometimes blows the inappropriateness of the situation into oblivion(more so when you expect a good institute to give you a sliding option) .hope vit takes remedial action next year atleast

  39. Iyer

    Just a small info about vit’s quota system…. NRI quota does exist in vit and it is clearly and neatly specified in the website. Management quota does exist but that too this year has been strictly restricted to students with less than 50000 rank in viteee….some people are admitted without all these criterion fulfilled but as per my knowledge they are usually people who have a strong recommendation from ministers etc. (in tht case the institution doesnt have much of a choice) btw i am a third year student

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey nice to hear what’s happening right now at VIT from a current student 🙂

  40. suresh

    VIT just sucks….u have no freedom to do anything there….i really regre joining this stupid college….fell like i hav wasted my life now….
    strictly not recomended…!!!

  41. Student

    is the use of mobiles allowed??? and can we use laptops with internet connection in the hostels….in VIT campus…pls reply..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yes Shakthivel mobiles are allowed inside the campus and hostels. You can use laptops and internet connection in VIT campus is free (WiFi) as of last year. 🙂

  42. after a lot of thinking..i decieded to give a shot in VITEEE exam…but my best friend said that the college is not brother studied in VIT..he dint write the VITEEE exam..he had to pay 13 lakhs donation to get a seat there…he was so mad about VIT..but he was not treated well by the teachers..the teachers get angry if you dont wish them goodmorning or goodevening whatsoever..he had a really tough time over there..he had to leave VIT after his 3rd year..the VIT management asked him to pay for the 4th year of his ECE els they wouldnt give him TC..That was pain in the ass to evryone in our family…we had to pay fr his 4th year to get him a TC…
    my brother sugests me not to get into VIT..even my best friend whos brother is a pass out student of 2010 suggests not to…

    even after a loss of nearly 15 dad doesnt critisise VIT..he says..whereever a student studies well…success comes his way… he says ..just because brother had a tough time in VIT dusnt mean evn yu il hv…he told me if your bro has fallen on some road..dusnt mean even u il fall in d same place..hilarious..

    my bro had this problem from Tamil teachers who kept repeating in de class dt he is from andhra..
    i really dont care about all that crap…only if i use the resourses provided der..nd onli if i use my brain..i il be able to do great works.. teachers are good if you are gud to them..
    my bro is reckless..he dusnt tok properly to anyone..he has high self rspect and cant take any word from teachers..its my broz fault…he hardly had attendence and he stayed out..not in hostel..


    Aseem..i need serious help regarding my can i mail you? and wt is de VITEEE rank required to get into the IT course?

    Please do reply..

  43. Raghvendra singh

    Sir please tell me the minimum rank for getting admission in mechanical and civil…@vellore campus…
    Please sir i need guidence..

  44. Raghvendra singh

    Pls tell me about the rank needed for admission in mechanical branch

    • aseemrastogi2

      Raghavendra, I personally am not sure about what rank is required for mechanical and civil branches at vellore campus. But I can find out about the same and get back to you.

  45. ranj

    Great article! But the rules have become strict over the years! and if you’re a girl hosteller, well they make us feel like we don’t deserve freedom!!!!!!
    But apart from that, VIT University is one of the best in India. Great infrastructure, diverse crowd..Immense opportunities , one of the best things i like about this university…. there is no limit!!!! You have various platforms to showcase your skills and talents and it doesn’t end there, these people make sure you’re recognized!!! You become an all-rounder!!!! I’ve enjoyed my last 3.5 years here.. and the thought of leaving this place is saddening…. 🙁 too many memories attached with this place! And definitely, i have learnt a lot during my time @vit!!!
    All i can say, I feel proud to call myself a VIT-ian… “Once a VIT-ian, always a VIT-ian…”

    • aseemrastogi2

      Ranjani, nice to know that you liked my article. Yeah I have heard that a lot many things have changed since we left VIT 2.5 years back. The hostel rules for girls weren’t too great even when we were there. And now that you saying its worse, I cannot even imagine how you guys would be feeling for the same. Pretty sad for sure..:(

      Yeah VIT gives everyone a pretty good platform to everyone whether he / she wants to pursue a postgrad or a job. Even though today I am done with an MBA and working for the past 7 months, I can still say those 4 years were the best years of my life. It’s just sad that one keeps criticising it when he / she is there. One realises the true value only when one leaves :).

  46. saami

    i have got 1000 rank in international science olympiad and 15 state rank and 2300 in international mathematics olympiad and 27 state rank ….. i have also stood first in the same science olympiad in my school…. bt sadly i wont be able to give viteee becoz of some family issues ….. can i send a request letter to the admission incharge along with attested copy of the olympiad certificates……. and wil the consider my request….. will i get an admission there….. please mail me the answer

    • aseemrastogi2

      Ahmed, I think these Olympiad scores wouldn’t stand for entrance into VIT as far as I know. VITEEE is the main exam and you would have to clear it for getting admission into the university.

  47. saami

    so sir… writting to the director … wont help…..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey no need to call me sir :). I am myself a 2009 batch alumnus. You can try writing to the director but I seriously doubt it would be that much of a help. But no harm in trying though.

  48. saami

    thanks alot….

  49. Aditya

    Hi. Im going to appear for vit this year. Just wanted to ask how is the cs dept. And will i able to do from usa if i graduate from vit. Because i have heard us universities accepts only students from iit and nit. Have any of ur friends in vit done If so, from which college.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Aditya, the CS department in VIT is pretty good with decent faculty and good placements as well. As far as American universities accepting only students from NIT and IIT for M.Tech is concerned, its just a myth. There’s nothing like that which I have heard of. A lot of my friends have completed their MS degrees at Lousiana, Cornell, MIT (Massachusetts), Pennsylvania, Sunny Brook etc.

      • aditya

        omg. thanks a lot man. i was clearly worried because i thought that is a no go if i do my from private institution. Well, looking forward to viteee 2012. Btw is viteee very tough?

        • aseemrastogi2

          VITEEE is much easier than the rest of the entrances like AIEEE / IIT etc. Till last couple of years it basically involved preparing your 12th std concepts to the best of your abilities. But now with much higher number of aspirants and one branch in Chennai, things have become a bit difficult I would say.

  50. Aditya

    Hi again. Just one last question. Has anybody in vit got foreign placement up till now.

    • aseemrastogi2

      As for foreign placements, I really don’t think anyone had got one during our 4 years. Many big companies like Microsoft, Caterpillar etc. came to VIT but no one gave a foreign placement. But yeah a lot of people regularly do their 8th semester projects outside India.

  51. Aditya

    Hi again. Has anybody of ur vit friends gone to iim ahemdabad?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Many of my batchmates got admission in IIM Bangalore and IIM Shillong. But IIM Ahmedabad I haven’t heard of anyone.

      • vivek anand

        Hello aseem bhai
        VIT is good for MCA ? and i want enter through Management quota
        i have 65% in UG and how much costs for MCA management quota

        • aseemrastogi2

          Hey. According to me B.Tech is the best course in VIT among all other courses. Personally speaking I am not really sure how good MCA at VIT is.

  52. prakash

    hey….I just tht of doing my M.Tech CSE from VIT…does any1 have any idea about the M.Tech placements ??? Some of my friends said that few big companies prefer M.Tech students ?? is that true ?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Prakash, I am personally not very sure how good M.Tech is at VIT. But from what I understand it surely is not as good as B.Tech.

  53. Vinodh

    I have decided to do my MBA in VIT vellore . I am planning to take a house for rent near to the college . Guide me on that .. What is the college timings ? Are we allowed to come to college in car/bike ? Is there any big residential serviced apartments nearby with hightech facilities for my accomodation?

    How good is the college life ? I understand that college is becoming strict .

    • aseemrastogi2

      Personally speaking I really don’t know that much about MBA in VIT. But yeah the college timings do get hectic with classes starting from 9-10 till evening 6-7pm or so. Coming to the college in a bike is a better option than a car in my opinion. As far as I know, till 2009 when I was there, there weren’t any great residential apartments (By great I mean like big cities) so to stay around the campus. Yes there were accomodation but basic stuff. But not sure of today. May have developed quite a bit I am sure.

      College life was bliss. If you have the right friends, college life at VIT is the most enjoyable. Even today I feel those years of mine at VIT were the best ever. As far as the college becoming strict is concerned, it depends. They always say such things to scare people. But its not really that big a deal you know.

  54. aditya

    hi do read this post and pls let me know what do u think. I’m seriously considering vit and post like these r really putting me off. Here’s the link:

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey Aditya,

      See there’s a good and bad side to everything. Personally I have always said to never go by ranking of any college. Ranking is by an organization, magazine whatever. You may never know the real deal from that. As for money, management quota, NRI etc. etc.its not that it doesn’t happen at VIT and its not that it doesn’t happen at any other private engineering college in India. It’s just that with some the experience is bad while with others its not so bad. Though personally I wouldn’t approve of taking money and getting admissions done and stuff.

      Another point is that its become a trend to criticize VIT all the time. To tell you the truth, many people were surprised with my post. They were like we didn’t expect that even a VITian can praise VIT. I mean c’mon yaar. There were so many of my friends who don’t go about bitching about the college left, right and center just for the heck of it. There are problems everywhere. But everything has a positive side as well, right?

      And seriously the stuff about CS department and professors is just plain atrocious. He has just gone there and seen some professors and made an observation. C’mon VIT has 14k students and don’t know how many hundreds of professors. How can someone make a judgment just like that?

      I just say. Don’t go by facts. Take people’s opinions – both positive and negative and then make a decision. Even today, more than 3 years down the line, I still stand by the fact that my 4 years at VIT were one of the best of my life.

      • aditya

        thanks dude ur awesome!! I’ve decided, no matter what other people say, i’ll be sitting to viteee,

  55. aditya

    thanks dude ur awesome. I’ve decided, no matter what other people say, i’m going to vit. And after all it’s up to the students to utilize the facilities.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Your welcome. All the best for VITEEE :).

      • aditya

        just one last question. I heard that students get money as prize for topping the class. Is it true? Is there any kind of prize which students get for topping their class

        • aseemrastogi2

          Yeah they had that till 2009 at least. It was a good motivation for people to study well. They gave a prize money and certificate :).

  56. vicky

    i would like to crack viteee. please help me in that matter.what books i should prefer to crack it .. For e.g.i am preparing Physics -h.c.verma.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Vignesh dont worry so much about VITEEE. It is one of the easiest entrance exams in this country. Whatever you have studied in your 12th std is more than enough to crack it. Obviously you should revisit all those concepts to ensure you know everything well.

  57. rahul

    Hey is doing mtech from vit in automotive electronics really worth and how is the placement for this mtech programme.
    Hoping for a quick reply

    • aseemrastogi2

      I am not really sure about the M.Tech Automotive program. But from what I have heard its pretty good. But I really have no idea about placements for this course at all.

  58. aditya

    hi aseem. Just one last question. Ur not kidding that ur friend good to mit massachusetts right? I mean… is the toughest to go into.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey Aditya..Haha..Why do you think I would be kidding? Yes its very tough to get into. But then the quality of the students at VIT is also really good ain’t it? Maybe you need to see it to believe it :). Obviously every1 cannot land up at MIT but you have a set of people who are awesome always :).

  59. rajat

    i am rajat, 1st year in vit cs. Have the students of vit submit international papers i mean, can we submit international papers?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Rajat, a lot of students at VIT submit international papers, participate in international competitions and also go for final year projects to locations abroad.

      • rajat

        thanks!! But i must say ur post is very correct. Those are clear misconceptions, i’m finding very good and rocking.

  60. rajat

    thanks!! But i must say ur post is very correct. Those are clear misconceptions, i’m finding vit very good and rocking.

  61. Abhilash

    hey aseem, can we change course in the 2nd year at vit? see, whatever college i get into, i will opt for eee coz i heard that has one of the highest market values presently. so my decision is based on prospective salary! but suppose i realise while studying that eee isn’t my type and say suppose mech. is, then can i change my course? also, will the profs. help me 4 GATE prep.?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey Abhilash, from what I remember, there was never an option to change your course in the 2nd year. But instead you can do courses from across streams or something of that sort. That was something which they introduced in the year after we left (2009). You can decide the number of credits you want to do in a semester. It helps one to fast track a course.

      As for deciding a course, salary is an important criteria for that. But don’t keep it as one of the only criteria. You need to like the course content, the faculty everything else. Salary is a part of the entire package and one shouldn’t see it as the be all and end all.

      As for GATE preparation, there is nothing like formal preparation which happens. But once you have begun preparing, I am sure there are a lot of professors who you can approach for guidance. And anyway by that time you would have met a lot many of them. So they would know you as well :).

      All the best!

  62. Joelle Marie

    Am at the moment making a choice between VIT and Canada for my child.Was so apprehensive abt Tamil Nadu but most of your post have given so much encouragement that I can consider this institute as my child doesnt wat to go far away from home…..these posts have got me thinking. Thanks!!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey Joelle, I am sure you would make a good choice at VIT. Yes, there are issues of different kinds. Obviously its not that everything is hunky dory. But then where aren’t there any issues? It’s the students who make or break a college at the end of the day. And I am sure if you choose VIT, you wouldn’t be making a bad choice.

      As for comparing it to Canada, I can’t say because I don’t have that much idea about Canadian institutions. But VIT isn’t a bad choice at all :).

  63. srinath

    very informative

  64. Sashi

    Hey Aseem! Just read your post! Really informative man! I gave VITEEE this year and I’m expecting a good rank. I want to do Mechanical engineering with specialty in energy! Is that course as good in VIT as you say it is? I’m not sure if I can get into the top NIT’s like Warangal, Suratkal or Trichy but I can get Mechanical in the less known NIT’s. So if given a choice, which should i choose? VIT or the NIT’s (except the three I’ve mentioned there)? Waiting for your response! I guess the results are today! Tensed.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Sashi :). Mechanical Engineering at VIT is awesome. It is internationally recognized and is one of the topmost in the country at par with IITs and the best NITs. Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Energy is something I am not completely sure of. But personally I feel doing a course like B.Tech Mechanical would be better than B.Tech Mechanical with speciality in Energy unless you are completely sure of what kind of job you want. Because the recruiter may get a bit confused on your likes and dislikes.

      I would say Mechanical at VIT is better than the rest of the NITs. It would be on par with the top 3 for sure! You have my word for it. 🙂

  65. shubham bomble

    hey i got 26413 rank in viteee 2012 will i be able to get mech /electrical branch in vit vellore campus

    • aseemrastogi2

      Shubham, with this rank Electrical is almost impossible. Even Mech is really tough. Probably you could try for some Specialization Mech courses like B.Tech Mech with specialization in Power Engineering etc. The competition has gotten really too much in the last couple of years for the VITEEE.

  66. Dr Arundhati Kanbur

    Hi Aseem, Nice blog. My son has got a rank of 4250 in VITEEE 2012. He wants Chem Engg. I believe the vellore campus does not offer it. How is BTech Mech with spl in Chem Processing at Vellore? How is the ragging scene in VIT ?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Dr Arundhati,

      Nice to know you liked my blog. By the way congrats to your son. His rank of 4250 is really awesome :). With lakhs appearing for VITEEE, it is quite an achievement to get this kind of rank. Yeah, the Vellore campus has scrapped Chemical Engineering since the last 2-3 years if I am right.

      B.Tech Mechanical is awesome at VIT. I am not too sure that B.Tech Mech with specialisation in Chemical Processing was there at our time. But from another point of view, I would suggest you to avoid a more specialized course for 2 reasons: –

      1. In case your son doesn’t like the courses, it closes the doors to a lot of other opportunities in terms of recruitment, future education etc.
      2. A recruiter may get confused whether he is a mechanical guy or a chemical processing guy. It maybe good to be a jack of all trades but I feel being a master of one is more important :).

      But this is my personal view. Don’t want to influence your opinions in any negative way :).

    • aseemrastogi2

      To answer your question about ragging, its not much of a problem at all. It’s more related to general introductions of people and stuff of that kind. They normally have a very strict approaching to ragging. In our times a lot of people were rusticated or suspended if found doing the same.

      But that said, there are some cases here and there. But nothing really serious or hurting someone or damaging their integrity. Don’t worry. I am sure your son will have a good time at VIT. Even after 3 years, I can still say those 4 years were the best of my life :).

  67. Shubham bomble

    Sir but only 20000 are called for counselling.
    Nd could I be able to get in to vit nd ge a core branch such as civil,electrical,mech.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Oh!! Then I think it will be really difficult Shubham. 🙁

  68. Abhilash

    hey aseem, i got 9000 in vit 2012. will i get EEE, Mech., ECE or CSE?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Abhilash, your ranking is good. I am not exactly sure as to whether I can pinpoint what branches you have a chance to get. But I feel you could get a good core branch you interested in. But then I am not really 100% sure how things have changed in the last 3 years in terms of admissions.

  69. praneeth

    hey is their course to do ms in vit n how much it costs

    • aseemrastogi2

      Praneeth, VIT does offer MS in Software Engineering. It is a good course but I am not sure the industry acceptance of that one. The cost in our time was something on the lines of Rs 4-6 lacs.

  70. Rakesh

    Hey Aseem, I got 4500 rank in VIT and i want to pursue Mechanical! My BITSAT is still left but if I were to take admission in VIT, I’ve heard that the rules are really strict-like boys and girls aren’t allowed to roam together plus in Fests and stuff, they are kept seperate. These rumours have been floating around. It’ll be much of a help if you could clear my doubt! Is it really that strict?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Rakesh, your rank is a pretty good one. Must commend you for this achievement :). Secondly, the fact that girls and boys aren’t allowed to roam together or kept separate during fests is nothing but a hoax. There is nothing of this sort which happens at VIT. Yes, there are rules and regulations and many a time there are issues obviously if a girl and guy are walking hand in hand in campus or something.

      But randomly hanging out doesn’t cause a problem. And in fests, both guys and girls work together even late at nights to make things a success. These things you have heard are just RUMOURS!

  71. Sashi

    Hey Aseem, Sashi here again! I wanted to let you know that i got 3550 rank in VITEEE and would like to go fot mechanical! Suppose I don’t get into BITS, is VIT a good option? You’ve said that Mechanical is good there and I trust you! Also, how is the campus life there? Are the rules very strict as I’ve heard they are? How are the placements for Mech guys? And what are the packages Mech guys get over there after their four years? Awaiting your response.

    • aseemrastogi2

      The best branch in VIT for all the time we were there was B.Tech Mechanical. And even today, I would say it is so. It would be a pretty good option for you I am sure. Campus life is pretty good.

      Picture this – When I joined in 2005, there wasn’t much in terms of development around the campus since its generally far from the Vellore town (20 – 25 mins). In 2009, when I left there were multiple web cafes, Dhabas, Restaurants, MBA Coaching Centers, Photocopy Centers and what not all around. It seemed as though a new city had grown up.

      At the college, you have the food courts, the Nescafe Coffee stalls, the various fests, multiple clubs, so much happening all the time. There’s so much to take part in. So many activities to do. So many people to meet. That you don’t have time to get bored. Obviously if one sits in his / her room and does nothing, then its easy to get bored.

      As for the placements, Mech guys have a lot of core placements like Britannia which came last year gave 9 lacs, Titan, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra and Mahindra etc.

  72. mahesh

    Dear Assem,
    thanks for good article in Vit as lots of misconception are there about this institute. I am Orthopaedic surgeon from Gujrat and my daughter got 6700 rank . We are confused . Should we go for counselling as it would cost as more than 60.000/ Rs including airfare.
    Is this institute is really worth compaired to other institute like Nirma and DAIICT in Gujrat.
    Dr Mahesh Khandelwal

    • aseemrastogi2

      Dear Dr. Mahesh,

      Nice to know you liked my article. First things first, I think your daughter has got a good rank. Must congratulate her for the achievement :).

      As far as sending her to VIT is concerned, I would tell you things this way. VIT is a good institute in its own way. But it depends on the branch your daughter wants and also whether she’s ok with something less. Yes, I am sure you will spend money going there. But it could be useful. Though yeah on the other hand, staying in Gujarat would have its own benefits that she would be much closer to you as well as there are good colleges. Nirma and DAIICT are pretty good colleges I am sure. As far as comparing them with VIT, am not really sure whose better and who isn’t since I don’t have that detailed an idea about Nirma and DAIICT. But has she got calls from Nirma and DAIICT as well?

      In my opinion, if money isn’t a VERY VERY big problem and also if she isnt 100% particular about doing only one branch, then you could go for VIT. I am saying this on the assumption that there is going to be lots of issues during counselling in terms of her getting the branch she wants. But otherwise if you want her by your side, not spend that much money and also study in a good institution, Nirma or DAIICT would be a good choice.


    • Himanshu

      Dear Sir,
      I too am on the same condition and i am frm gujarat too and i gt 5335 rank and went for counselling(registered for cse) and about the comparison with other instituions i found that VIT is better than nirma and DAIICT in the field of cse ece nd mech in according to the ranking of the silicon india which is on the basis of avg salary.

  73. rsv

    quality of an institution is determined by quality of students cracking tough jee,aieee, vit exam and students entering vit compare with this.especially the reputed institutes do not have any management quota.recruiters normally look for talent rather than facilities ,infrastructure of an a recruiter i would rate nits much above vit because of quality of students.iit and bits pilani are different class and no way comparable with vit.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Quality of an institution is surely determined by the quality of students I agree. VITEEE is not a very difficult exam. But over the years the number of applicants for this exam has increased to 1.5 lac odd. And that’s where the competition comes along. This is where the top performing students are called for counselling. Yes, there are cases where some people have paid capitation fees to get into. And I strongly don’t endorse that. But that doesn’t mean everyone else is like that.

      IIT’s and BITS Pilani are in a different league for sure. But then again it depends here. For eg: B.Tech Biotech is better at VIT than any of these colleges. The kind of facilities and labs are way better than any of them. Yes, facilities are not what recruiters look at. But facilities are built for the students and talent who have to use them. Without that no one would come. As for the quality of students, one can’t be always sure that the quality at VIT is much inferior to those at IIT or BITS Pilani. Looking at the difficulty for students to get through an exam is the easiest way for people to look at things. But then normally its more than that. I have seen people who are of better quality at VIT compared to the instis you mentioned. I have also seen people who have come through quota system do better than those who have merit. Neither I am I supporting VIT nor quota students. Its facts which I have seen.

      As for NITs, Surathkal and Trichy are better than VIT, I agree. But the others are at par or below VIT’s credibility. It’s easy to criticise as one can find 100 million reasons to do so.

  74. Aditya

    Hellor sir,en have to say a well wriiten blog u have!
    i want to ask i have got 15,300 rank in viteee 2012..what are the chances of getting civil engineering?eand is it worth going for the counselling as it will cost around 70,000 for us including airfares!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Aditya. Your rank is good but getting civil engineering could be a pretty tough task :(.

      • Aditya

        Thanx for the response!:)
        well then which branch can i get?..(PCM)
        en wat will be the fees if i go through management quota?

        • aseemrastogi2

          PCM?? As for management quota, I am not sure. And I am not sure how much it exists.

      • Aditya

        By PCM i mean..branches apart from bio subjects!

        • aseemrastogi2

          Aditya, I just talked to one of my friends. And he said that you should have a good chance of getting some branch. Probably Civil could be something which you could crack. All the best!

    • Aditya

      Thanx for the info buddy,thanx a lot! 🙂 🙂

      cheers,jst one life last question

      I kinda like to chill out en the hostel and campus life of VIT will help me in that or i can get dissapointed?

      en how is the crowd out there(specially girls :D)

  75. Rajesh Lohia

    vit has started counselling very early and asking for 30,000 initially and 20000 for hostel,nthey have nor mentioned about refund procedure. and asking for first installment before aieee results,,it clearly shows their insecurity and it seems money making and exploiting students, , at least they should wait for first installment after aieee results. they just want to extract money, and that also by trapping students,,shame on them,,

    • aseemrastogi2

      Rajesh, I agree VIT does that. And that is a wrong thing. They have a refund procedure in place for some of that amount if I remember it correctly. But why won’t they be insecure? Obviously even they know that IITs and NITs particularly Surathkal and Trichy have a better chance of attracting the aspirants. So they do that. But it’s something which a lot of private colleges do.

      It’s wrong and I dont agree with it. But its something which happens not only at VIT. It’s not about trapping students. Maybe this way they know that the people who come are mostly sure that they would get through or have a good chance while the remaining if they have a better option elsewhere may try elsewhere.

  76. Deven Mehta

    hey..your blog is really really informative!! really nice and helpful. I have got a rank of 4562 in VITEEE. i have a lot of doubts so please help me on it. firstly with this rank will i get a seat in computer science or IT. secondly if i dont get it there, is it better to take the same field in the chennai campus or move on to my second preferance? people telling me to stick to the vellore campus as far as possible. next are there any courses in vit which more reputed than the others? i mean is there any field for which vit is highly known? like VJTI is known for chemical eng and UDCT is also knwon for chem….next what are the companies that come to vit for job placements? any big companies? what are the avg job placements pays that are offered? please reply as i really need advise

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Deven. Your rank is pretty good. Hopefully you could get a seat but I can’t say anything with surety. The Chennai campus is recently started arnd 1-2 yrs back. I wouldn’t suggest to go for it. Personally I don’t even have any idea about their infrastructure, placements, faculty anything.

      VIT is known the most for B.Tech Mechanical and B.Tech Biotechnology. At least that was the case till 2009 when I left. People who did Biotechnology including yours truly didn’t get placed in core companies though. But for Mechanical companies like Titan, Ashok Leyland, Britannia etc. have come over the years. Normally quite a few core companies do come which at our time was called Dream Offers. They offer around more than 5-6 lacs. These take few people but getting into them is pretty prestigious.

      Otherwise there are also a lot of the usual IT companies like CTS, TCS, Wipro etc. which offer 3-3.2.

  77. Honestly speaking Aseem, I agree with half the facts ! (won’t call them misconceptions)

    • aseemrastogi2

      Prateek, that’s how you see things and many others do. And I wouldn’t say anything against that. Maybe would just say that these are my personal views on how I see things.

  78. Deven Mehta

    hey aseem please reply to my post….i am highly confused and need help!

  79. Iyer

    There are a couple of things which worry me. I have got a rank of 6000 and will I get the choice of branches – which are either ECE or Mechanical? Secondly, the huge number of students is worrying me – will the place become more like a factory of students without any personal attention? I have not seen any college with 300 seats per branch. Thirdly, how many students get into IIMs each year after passing out from VIT?? And lastly, since this is the first college to open its doors for admissions and since they propose to start classes also before the results of NITs/ BITs are out, will they take time to return the original documents which were submitted?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah you would get a choice during the counselling I am sure. Yeah the number of students have increased in the last couple of years and that’s something which even I am worried of. I can only hope that its not a factory but yeah 300 students per branch is way too much. Really wonder how would they be able to place so many of them.

      As for the number of students from VIT getting into IIM every year, I personally don’t have any figures on this. But I can say that during our time in 2009, 20 of the 60 people in the 1st batch of IIM Shillong were from VIT. Though I still say that may not be a great figure and even IIM Shillong was a new one at that time and is so even today. But why would you want to know that? Just to access the quality of the students?

      As for returning the original documents, I don’t think it takes too much time.

  80. adarsh

    Hi aseem,
    i have got 10436 rank in viteee
    which branch could i get
    my order of prefrence is:
    i am expecting around 20000 rank in aieee should i go for vit counceling or not

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Adarsh,

      If I go by last years cutoffs, you could be on the borderline for Biotech branches with this rank. Civil and IT very very very slight chances.

  81. Hi, One of the finest blogs on VIT. Seems to be an honest and independent observation. I had heard negative reports and had mentally ticked it off my list of choices for my daughter. She has a rank of 1733 in 2012 Now, I’m happy she has taken the exam and done reasonably well. Will go for the counselling on 14th. She is keen on Aerospace. Only IIT’s and BITS Mesra are reputed colleges for this stream. Which course in UG in VIT Vellore would help her in pursuing her dream in PG

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks sir. Yes, there are a lot of negatives and I don’t disagree. But I guess its always good if we see something from both sides of the coin :). Firstly I should congratulate for daughter for such an amazing rank. Kudos to her for doing so well!

      To enter the aerospace engineering field, mechanical engineering would be a good branch to take. But as a personal opinion, wouldn’t it be better to send her abroad? Because as far as I know this field has amazing scope outside this country.

  82. Ayush

    Hey buddy,I have got a rank of 9940 in VITEEE-2012.Which branches can I get in VIT Vellore Campus?

    • aseemrastogi2

      For this rank, I feel you could get some of the Bio branches like Bioinformatics, Biotechnology etc. Mechanical and EEE would be really difficult. Civil and CSE could be borderline.

  83. Kushagra

    Hi Aseem!
    Read your fantastic article, good work!
    Btw, I got 2484 rank in VIT entrance.
    My predicted JEE rank is 9k so I guess I won’t get anything there. Messed up in AIEEE and BITSAT is left.
    Which branch should I prefer, CSE or MECHANICAL?
    Which has better faculty?
    Which is better and which one has got better placements?
    And one more thing, which branch requires less hardwork? 😛
    The average salaries and the highest too if you can tell, it’d be great.
    And is VIT better than Manipal?
    I’m having a tough time chossing between those two.
    Any help will be appreciated! 😀

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Kushagra,

      CSE and Mechanical both are good. But at VIT, Mechanical is more renowned according to me. Faculty is a matter of perception. There are some good and some bad everywhere. CSE has good placements but in my opinion Mechanical has more core companies like Titan, Britannia, Ashok Leyland, M & M etc. Average salaries are normally 3-4 which are given mostly by IT companies like TCS, CTS, Wipro etc. 1-2 years back, Britannia had the highest package at VIT when it took a Mechanical guy at 9-10 lacs.

      I presume that at one level both VIT and Manipal are pretty similar. But yeah Manipal is an educational and party town. VIT and CMC are the only things in Vellore. No party places really :P. But then the number of applicants for VITEEE has shot up like crazy over the last few years. So I am sure aspirants like you really do find something great here, ain’t it? 🙂

  84. Ganesha

    Hi, Thanks for the enormous amount of information. I would like to know what branches would be available for a rank of 6000. I also want to know how VIT is seen outside India, whether it would be easy to pursue MS in US after doing graduation at VIT. It is afterall a deemed university, so how is the perception of VIT the world over. I would like to know more about EEE and ECE branches and their faculty, how good they are and whether core companies come for their placements. It seems that Cognizant picks them up in droves from VIT, and doing EEE,or ECE would not be of much use there.What companies come for these branches specifically. Do elaborate, and advance thanks for doing a yeoman service for VIT and its reputation.

    • aseemrastogi2

      For a rank of 6000 you could have a good option of quite a few of the branches if I go by the previous years cutoffs. VIT is seen as pretty good outside India. A lot of my friends have done their MS from US after pursuing the graduation from VIT. Being a deemed university is actually not a great thing today since there are so many deemed ones now. But yeah the reputation of VIT is generally a good one.

      For EEE and ECE there are some core companies which do come. The faculty is a matter of perception. Some are good while some are not so good. A lot has to be done by the student himself in the libraries and through group study. Some of the companies last year include Honeywell, National Instruments, Schneider Electric, Philips etc.

  85. Kushagra

    Thanks Aseem.
    Just one last question, top rankers go for CSE or MECH?
    In other words, which branch fills first in VIT?
    My rank is 2484, can I get any of my choice?

    • aseemrastogi2

      I think Mech is a lot in demand. But CSE also has a good demand as well. But considering the number of seats are high, I think you could get a choice I feel.

  86. Abheek

    1. i secured 6200 rank in viteee , plz tell me which are the best branches in vit according to my rank..?
    ME, EEE , ECE..?
    2. which has the highest placements so far?
    3. how does the accreditation matter as in case of 4 courses?
    4. does bio in viteee qualification examination necessary for eligibility to apply to courses like biotechnology., biomedical?( i had attempted PCM)?

    plz reply soon.

    • aseemrastogi2

      1. With this rank I think you may have a good chance of getting these branches. If not Mech, you may be able to choose between the Electrical ones.

      2. As far as highest placements go the time when I was there I remember IT, CSE getting highest placements. A year back the highest placement for Mech was 9-10 lacs given by Britannia. When we left, EEE and ECE didn’t have too many core companies. Though today I see some good names like Schneider Electric etc. there.

      3. At one time Mech and I think even these Electrical courses had international accreditation from UK or somewhere I don’t exactly remember. I am not sure if its there today. But Mech got ABET (American accreditation) sometime in 2009 if I am right. Though I am not sure how much it helps. But I think it is a big boost for the image of a branch.

      4. As far as I know I think even with PCM you can be eligible for biology courses. That was the case till a few years back at least. You have to confirm this now.

      • Abheek

        u gt to b complemented for ur valuable guidance..thanx a lot.
        i hav decided to go for electrical courses , plz suggest me a final branch between ECE, EEE…?

        • aseemrastogi2

          Thanks Abheek. I am happy that am able to guide you guys. Hopefully can make your careers start off well. Both ECE and EEE are good and have their pros and cons. As per placements as well as faculty and everything else is concerned, its not that very different.



    • aseemrastogi2

      Someone just informed me that only top 20000 ranks have been called for counselling. Am I not right on that?

  88. Anonymous

    BRANCHWISE CUTOFF VIT 2011 ADMISSIONS ( vellore and chennai)

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks for putting these links. But request you to put your name here from next time onwards. At least it will make things look much more credible.

  89. Mohit Lahoti

    Aseem, thanks for the information about vit which u provided above. Vit is one of the best engineering universities in india. I am getting civil in vit, is civil engineering in vit good, is it at par with mechanical and biotechnology in vit, and are placements for civil engineering in vit good. Thanks in advance.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Mohit, Civil in VIT is good. At least during our time there were very few people for Civil. So yeah in a way very few people in one class. And easy to teach and easy to place. It’s a good branch. But obviously Mechanical is the top most. Biotechnology is good. But here the problem is placements in core companies. Till our time there were none sadly.

  90. Suhas

    Dear Aseem,
    my son got the rank of 4995 .But confused whether we should go in for VIT. From broucher, website etc, we are confident about infra , campus etc…too good.
    But at the same time more worried about the transperancy / intentions.
    1) They want to finish everything before results of AIEEE/BITS/CET !!!
    2) They have not mentioned anything about the refund of the amount ( 30k for admission and 20 K for Hostel will have to b paid at the time of couselling and total 2.13 lacs have to be paid before 13th June !!! )
    It seems that advantage is being taken of the helplessness of student and Parent. What do you think ?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Suhas,

      I am really sorry to hear that. Your son’s rank is really good and he should get quite a few options. Yeah, VIT does try to finish everything before other results because they know that the creme-da-la-creme would want to go to other institutes. It’s a sad case but then private institutions also know their inadequacies and this is a way to cover that.

      As for the refund, some particular amount is there (not sure how much) which does get refunded. But yeah I know this is a very money minded move from the college. And that’s really sad. And this is something I for sure don’t endorse.

      Really sorry to hear this.

  91. akhil

    thanku sir verry good information u are giving about admissions…….sir i have got 13628 in viteee2012, what branch may i expect from vellore campus and chennai campus, i heard that we can change the branch after getting in to vit by option called sliding is it true??? and if we want to change to other branch in 2 second year how is it possible……what about MS INTEGRATED 5years cources offered by vit is that best if we get low branch???

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey Akhil, with this rank you may have some chance in the Bio branches or Civil. Otherwise there maybe some options in Chennai. But since I have no idea about that campus cant really comment on that. Yeah during sliding you can change your branch. But that also has some particular rules I think. It’s not that easy.

      After 2 years, changing your branch I am not really sure. MS Integrated 5 years dont go for it. It’s nothing great. And its not that you would get a better placement. Go only if you are getting B.Tech.

  92. Suresh

    Hi Aseem, my daughter is ranked 4600 – what branches she could get? Is the place suitable for girls? what kind of package you could expect on placement?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Suresh, with the rank 4600 she could have a chance in most of the top branches I feel. Commendable achievement I must say :). The place has a lot of girls. And there are particular branches like Biotech, Biomedical which have a lot of girls. Electrical branches have a little less number of girls. While in Mechanical, there are almost none. That doesn’t mean she can’t do either of the branches. Just the kind of division I am saying. The place is relatively safe for girls.

      Placements are normally in the range of 3-3.2 mostly in the IT sector. But you have quite a few core ones like National Instruments, Schneider Electric, Texas Instruments, M&M, Ashok Leyland, etc. which come which give in the range of 5 and more. So you have a good mixture.

  93. Ganesha

    hello, I would like to know more about the Mechanical engineering course with Energy specialization, How good is it? what about the placements there, and how does it match with the regular Mech course, any special advantages, becoz the seats are limited. Do share.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Ganesha, personally I wouldn’t say its that good. There’s nothing better than the main course – Mechanical Engineering. The one with the Energy specialization I am not really sure how great it would be. And I highly doubt they have any special advantages.

  94. Yash

    hi aseem, i would like to know about the CSE branch of vit. Is it good? How is the faculty?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yash, the CSE branch at VIT is good. You have some good companies coming for placements as well. As for the faculty, all I can say is that there are always good and bad ones. That’s the case everywhere. You can’t expect everyone to be the best.

  95. Yash

    Hi Aseem adain, How is the EEE i.e Electric and Electronic engineering in vit. Is it good?? How is the package in EEE in vit

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Yash,

      EEE is pretty good. As far as the average package is concerned, a lot of people prefer going into software because it takes in bulk and gives 3-3.2. Then there are many who end up going for Masters to the US or other places. While there are quite a few core companies who also come and give more than 5 odd.

  96. anshu

    Hey I got a rank of 7340 in viteee dis tym..Do i have a chance of getting computers?
    Also can btech students take their own laptop? i have an apple macbookpro..will i be allowed to use it?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Anshu,

      With this rank Computers could be a pretty challenging option for you. But I hope you get it. From what I know at least till 2009, students could take their own laptops..No problems on that.

  97. shubham

    kudos aseem for the great post. i hav got 7569 rank in viteee. can i get mechanical or eee??

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Shubham,

      Thanks :). With this rank Mechanical maybe tough. But I think you could get EEE.

  98. anshu

    How’s IT in viteee? are the placements good?

    • aseemrastogi2

      IT is pretty good at VIT. Yes, there are the usual placements from IT companies like Cogni, Wipro, TCS etc. which offer around 3-3.2. But then there are others like Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, DE Shaw, Cisco etc. which offer more than 5lac odd. But yeah they take very few people obviously.

  99. sourav mukherjee

    what branches i can expect in vellore or chennai campus with a rank 19413 in VITEEE?….please revert back soon.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Sourav,

      With this rank, to get a branch in Vellore campus would be really difficult in my opinion. In Chennai you could get something. But I really have no idea about that campus. Sorry.

  100. Abhijeet

    Hi aseem, just wnated to know which is a better college VIT or Rv college of engineering and for the record recently one of the vit students hust got commonwealth scholarship to IMPERIAL COLLEGE UK!!!!!!!!!!!WOW

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Abhijeet,

      To be truthful I have never heard of RV College of Engineering. Is it really good? Where’s it? A student getting a Commonwealth Scholarship at the Imperial College UK is obviously a great thing.

      And that again strengthens my point that there is pretty good talent even at VIT. Quality talent as I would call it :).

  101. Parangat Shukla

    Its well written and most of the points are well justified. I am a student of VIT, presently in second year. I disagree with one thing mentioned above:
    Misconception #4- – VIT University has strict rules and regulations!
    Sorry dude but it is not a misconception. Yes, the University is very strict. They have a set of rules, most of which are totally non-logical and lame. Yes, it is the second most lenient college of TN, but that doesn’t help. Majority students don’t belong to TN and what may seem lenient to TN residents, seem highly strict to outsiders. For development (both mentally and physically) , freedom is necessary. If VIT wants to become a world class university and attract students from all over the country then strictness won’t help. Basically, I won’t call it strictness, Tyranny is the word for it. We are all slaves according to them who should live their life according to an algorithm developed by the administration.

    I would like to add one more point: The staff in VIT is the worst of all. Let me be clear, in staff I dont include the teachers, VCs, Chancellors. The academic staff, wardens, security guards, even bloody shopkeepers won’t say a word that soothes your ears. They are always rude and act like goons. Don’t expect a single sweet word from them. They will make sure that when you go back home you think in your head “what did I do wrong to him?”

    but anyways very nice article about my college. I am a proud VITian too, but can’t ignore all the insane things.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Parangat. Nice to hear from a current student of the institution. As far as strictness goes, I would just say that its something which is there according to the place. It’s something which people manage to live around and handle it pretty effectively over the years. And interestingly right now I think its much better than how things were before when there were the other chancellors.

      And I think as far as strictness goes, I would say one needs to visit colleges like PSG Tech, Jeppiar, Sathyabama etc. where it goes to an altogether different level. So if we see relatively speaking, things are much much better. Though yeah it maybe a relative comparison I would say.

  102. rajiv

    hey i am seeking adm in vit
    i hear its a good college but has a lot of speculation abt drug addicts .can bring a light on this pls.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Rajiv,

      It’s not like the whole college is full of drug addicts. There are people like that not only here in VIT but at so many other colleges. But it doesn’t mean that everyone is like that. And seriously speaking that shouldn’t be a criteria for you not to join VIT for sure.

  103. rajiv

    thanks for the reply.i am looking forward to getting into vit.

  104. Hey Aseem !!! Thanks a lot for the enormous information that u share abt VIT and i have chosen VIT for UG course. I am from Chennai btw.THE COURSE WHICH I TAKE IS CSC.
    I am just a bit confused on what to choose Vellore or the Chennai campus.

    Seeing the Chennai campus –
    I live here.NO hostel fees.
    i have a everything here , frankly all type of restaurants like McD ,KFC , Domino`s etc .. and also have beaches, old friends , and many more things that i would miss out if i would be in Vellore. I am just being a bit concerned that i would be missing out all that in my college life frankly AS THIS WILL BE FOR 4 YRS WHICH IS NO JOKE. Note this is NOT for fun in college it is just that i would spend 4 more years with my parents and in my home for a longer period.

    Seeing the vellore campus – It is established and have a few family friends there too. Also, vellore
    campus is huge when compared to Chennai campus.Also Vellore campus is well reputed than chennai. BUT frankly vellore DOESNOT have any place to roam around such as above.



    • hey again .. but i am looking forward for better faculty , good Placements , and better academics. Based on all that which is the Preferred campus ? Thank u.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey Nadit,

      With every factor taken into consideration, you MUST go to VELLORE! It has the faculty, it has the placements, it has the facilities, it has the students. As far as I know not a single batch has passed out yet from the Chennai campus. And I wouldn’t recommend that to you at all. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know about it that much. Only in the worst case scenario go for it. Yes you may miss a lot of world class restaurants, city life and all in Vellore. But, take it from me. Those 4 years there will be the most amazing of your life. You won’t regret it :).

      • Thanks a lot and I mean it , A LOT. I am running away to the Vellore campus. I hope I wont regret and have a great time in Vellore and i would! 😀
        I read ALL what u have written in this page and has helped me a lot in deciding and help me in clearing the misconceptions of VIT. Thank you.

  105. pradeepbhoot

    Vellore is ofcourse Good. Chennai not yet EXPLORED!! An opp. to be the first and go down History that Chennai campus is and WILL BE , what you will make it. Join the herd or CREATE one!! Your Choice.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yes Pradeep, one can surely be a part of history by being part of the Chennai Campus. But it would always be better to go to a more developed campus with a guaranteed decent set of students, good labs and good placements. As for Chennai, as far as I know right there isn’t even a single batch to have passed out as yet. So I feel Vellore is a better option. But yeah its a herd. You are right on that. And secondly I haven’t heard that much about Chennai as well. So maybe you could write something about how the Chennai campus is. Then the people could know things better out here I guess..

  106. Lila

    I am joining VIT! how is the ECE faculty?….and how is food at special messing?….I dont like spicy food so which messing do you suggest?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Lila, faculty at any of the branches at VIT I would say are a mixture of good and bad. In an ideal world, you would expect to have the best faculty you can get. But sadly we don’t exactly live an idealistic world. Some of the faculty are pretty good while some are really crap and you may get bored to death. So my advice – Don’t always depend on faculty for everything. The library at VIT is one of the best you can get at any college. Make full use of it. Do group studies. Learn together with your peers. It would be a lot more helpful.

  107. Naman

    Hi! my rank is – 5060.Is EC branch good at vit ?I am confused between ec and eee?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Naman, both ECE and EEE are good at VIT. It depends on what you exactly want to do. One has quite a bit of communication thrown in while the other is mostly a core electrical branch. Both are pretty good options and have decent placements.

  108. Suditi

    Hey Aseem,
    Firstly, thank you for a decent blog about VIT. It’s a madhouse out there with everybody stating such contrasting and extreme views about VIT.

    I got 5935 rank in VITEE 2012.. And i have taken up CS in the counselling.
    But online, there is so much criticism about the University as well as about the CS dept.
    Statements like “I am in 2nd year in VIT and i have completely ruined my future” make me scared. I know there is no credibility to what they are saying.. I also understand that there are goods and bads of every place, and i am fine with that. I just don’t wanna regret joining VIT later on. I have the option of dropping a year or something, if i wanna try for a better rank in AIEEE next year, which i believe i might secure. I wanna know, is VIT that bad an option that dropping a year might prove to be a life saver?
    What do you think?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Suditi,

      Nice to know you liked my post. Oh yeah, it surely is a madhouse out there. There are people who hate VIT as if it would be the worst college on the planet. Interestingly, every Tom, Dick and Harry who hasn’t even studied at VIT seems to have ‘gyaan’ to give about this place. The aim of my post was not to praise VIT in stuff which cannot be praised. But instead give a balance take on everything. What’s bad is bad. But at least one should appreciate what’s good.

      See at VIT, there is a trend of saying that “I hate this place”, “This place sucks”, “My career is ruined” and what not. I have also gone through it. But I have seen this at many other colleges too. In terms of AIEEE, I would say if you really believe that you would get a really good rank say which may take you to NIT Trichy, NIT Surathkal etc. then maybe dropping a year would be a better option. But then say for eg: God forbid, you drop a year and then you don’t get that. But you get an NIT Warangal, NIT Rourkela, or some other colleges, I am not really sure whether it would be a great option.

      Leav the IITs, BITs, NIT Trichy and Surathkal, VIT comes next after these. So if you really feel you could get into them, go for them. But on another note, believe me – “You wouldn’t spoil your career at VIT.” Yes they are money minded like any private college. Yes they are more concerned about money. Yes, even though its almost like the 2nd or 3rd most liberal college at Tamil Nadu, they are still relatively strict. But you wouldn’t regret your decision to join it. I am sure they get so many aspirants (1.5lakh) for writing VITEEE for some reason for sure :).

      • Suditi

        Hmmmmm, that’s the catch! IITs or BITs or some super good NITs would be worth it..but then there is a huge risk.
        I’ll think about it..

        Anyway, thanks a billion Aseem!
        This does help. 😀

        • aseemrastogi2

          Yup that’s what :). All the best. Hope to see get into a good college whichever you chose – VIT or beyond :).

  109. Debdp

    Is VIT really such a gud colege…??? I hav heard dat da overall fees for the four years is around 9-10 lakhs…also i hav seen my neighbour getting admitted to it evn before da ISC results hav been declared…i dunno how a colege can admit studnts to da nxt level evn b4 making sure dey hav cleared da previous one…

    • aseemrastogi2

      What do you exactly mean when you ask me whether VIT is such a good college? How do you actually define a good college? If you ask me placements, I would say its on par with among the best private colleges when you leave BITS. If you ask me faculty, I have the opinion that faculty and bad everywhere. That’s something you can’t really help. If you ask me fees, your figures are wrong. Those are the kind of figures for NRI students. For a merit candidate, its around 90,000-1 lakh per year. You can check the website. Request you to kindly check your facts before posting here.

      As for your neighbour getting admitted even before ISC results are declared, please go and ask your neighbour as to what wrong means he used to get admitted. If he go admitted with some wrong methods doesn’t mean everyone has to be like that. For your information, VIT counselling began on 13th – 14th May I believe. And yes it begins early because they are a private college. Yes they need students because they know that IITs and NITs will take the best. So obviously they would want good ones to come to them, don’t they? If this makes you think they are after money, I request you to kindly tell me which private college in this country is not after money?

  110. Sandeep

    Hey Aseem, Im thinking of getting into VIT this year, i just wanna know if its as strict as they say it is, i wont be living in a hostel so apart from that is it as horrible or even remotely near it as they say, cause i dont respond to Tyranny all that well 🙂 Thanks

    • aseemrastogi2

      Sandeep, there are quite a few people who really feel that tyranny of the wardens and a lot of others is a big problem. I have seen quite a few issues of that kind happen. But personally I have never experienced anything of this sort. Though yeah if you do try to take ‘panga’ with the authorities, there is a good chance of falling into some shit. So I personally would just say try to avoid getting yourself into shit. That would keep you safe most of the time.

  111. shubham

    hi aseem. i got mechanical in vit counselling this year. one thing that concerns me is that the intake of students is very high(580) in mechanical. so i wanted to know that how many students are taught in a single class?? whether it is too high or they distribute them in a number of parallel classes?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Shubham,

      What worries me is the number of students in each branch. In our times, it was a maximum of 240 odd. But now its gone insanely high. In the first year there were 120 students in a class. From the 2nd to the 4th year, it was 60 students in a class which was fine. I really hope they have more faculty and more classrooms to accommodate this strength.

  112. hi aseem!
    i wud like to know about placement in vit in cse? how much is the package offered? the companies which come? is the placement 100 %?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Shivangi,

      Placements in CSE are the usual TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant ones which offer 3-3.25. But then you also have ones like Capgemini, Microsoft, DE Shaw, Cisco etc. which have come and given around more than 5+ lacs. But yeah obviously they just take very few. As for placement being 100% one can’t say. Because there are quite a few who go for higher studies as well. But you would get placed in one of the Indian IT companies if you are a decent enough student. Obviously to get a higher or dream offer as VIT refers to, you have to work extra hard and toil.

  113. raju

    Hi aseem

    my son has got 3280 rank in SRMEE12 . He already has secured a seat in EEE at VIT CHENNAI campus. what should we do? Is SRM better than VIT Chennai or it has the same brand value like Vellore campus. should we switch to SRM or continue with VIT CHENNAI. branch is no issue , we have got what we wanted. by the way pl suggest among EEE, ECE AND MECH in order of preference.shall be grateful for ur suggestions. do not be biased for ur alma-mater


    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Mr Raju,

      Nice to know your son has got through VIT Chennai and SRM. VIT Chennai is a very new college. If I remember correctly, not even a single batch has passed out as yet. So obviously I feel in that context SRM would be a better choice. In case if your son would have gone for Vellore, I would have told you to go for Vellore though. As for the best among EEE, ECE and Mech, I can suggest you based on Vellore campus only. Mech is the best among all of them here. EEE and ECE come at almost the same level in terms of placements, faculty and everything else. But for a Chennai specific choice, you could ask someone whose son / daughter is studying there.

      Solely on the brand value and the time they have been there, SRM Chennai would be better than VIT Chennai.

  114. Dr Alpana Lele

    Thank you Aseem for your very balanced views. My son has taken admission in Energy engn branch of Mechanical at Vellore as he could not get core Mech engn.I was rather aprehensive after reading some of the “I hate VIT” type of blogs, but was reassured after reading all of the above. A few questions-
    – Can first years use all the sports facilities?
    – Do they have opportunities to take part in music festivals, what is the music scene like?
    – Is it against the rules to watch movies or access social networking sites on your laptop in hostel room?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hello Dr Alpana,

      Thanks for liking my post. I am happy when I am able to reassure parents like you :).

      1. Yes, there is nothing like first years cant use sports facilities.
      2. First years can surely take part in music festivals. The music scene at VIT is a pretty interesting one. There is a VIT band and there is also a music room. There is a music club of VIT where people can go to the music room and practice. But no one teaches anything. So its not like music tutors are there. But if you are a music freak and find some like minded individuals you can go and jam, play the guitar and stuff. Normally one has to have the equipments.
      3. It isn’t against the rules to watch movies or access social networking sites in the room. But I think there were certain sites which cannot be accessed on the VIT internet due to the firewall. Though I am not 100% sure about that.

      • shyam

        i ve joined vit dis year …….mech with energy specialisation…is it a gud choice??nd 2 b very honest..evn i ws apprehensiv of joinin dis clg cuz of the ‘hate vit’ blogs by some idiots…but u deserve appreciation for givin an unbiased view on concerns related to vit..thanx bro…keep up the gud work

        • aseemrastogi2

          Hi Shyam,

          I am not really sure how good Mech with Energy Specialisation is. Mechanical on its own is obviously awesome. So I assume this should be good enough though placements particularly for this I am not sure about. I can understand your apprehension of joining VIT. There are so many extreme views about things that its always a big mess for aspirants. But then yeah my sole aim was to give you guys an unbiased view. Dont worry. Mechanical is a good branch and I am sure even your Energy specialisation would be pretty good enough.

  115. raghu

    Hello Aseem,
    My Sister want to do in CSE from VIT .Can you suggest any thing about from VIT,I mn i think is good but i dont know how good is in VIT…!! Are there good Placements for students …???????????!! If You know pls do reply…!!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Raghu,

      Personally I don’t know too much about M.Tech at VIT. But I would like to tell you that B.Tech at VIT is really good. But M.Tech isn’t worth in my opinion. And I don’t even think there are too many placements for it.

  116. neha

    Hey aseem! Great post indeed . I took admission in VIT in IT branch this year .I just wanted to know how is the placement salary offers? What is the average annual package?
    It will be really helpful if you give me some details about the placements . Many people are criticizing VIT and are warning me not to join it but I have full faith on my decision.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey Neha,

      Nice to know you liked my post. Congratulations for your admission to the IT branch at VIT.

      Placements at VIT are divided into the normal ones and dream offers. Normal ones I mean the usual IT companies like Wipro, TCS, Infy, Cognizant etc. which offer around 3-3.2 per year. And dream offers are like Microsoft, DE Shaw, Cisco etc. which normally give above 5 per year. But obviously the dream ones pick up very few people. And if I remember correctly, during our times, one person could sit for only two dream offers.

      By the way nice to know that you have full faith in your decision to join VIT :).

      • neha nanda

        good to know ! i know that TCS and Cognizant have broke records in recruitment from VIT but packages are not good though. i am positive that things will change after fours years or so by the time i graduate 🙂
        PS- had visited the campus last week, pretty awesome it is. and i am really grateful to you for posting this article, it helped me in making this decision to join VIT after all you can always trust an alumnus 😉

        • aseemrastogi2

          Neha, normally TCS, Cognizant offer only that much when they pick up Software Engineers across colleges in India. But yeah it depends whether one wants to go with the herd or do something totally different.

          Yeah the campus infrastructure is up there with the best. One thing is for sure, in terms of campus beauty and infrastructure, VIT would be way better than IITs as well. Yes, it may not be that important. But I have always believed that a lot of the money they charge they invest in improving the college. Though I know this may sound like as if am a VIT paid advertiser :P.

          I wanted to give guys like you an unbiased opinion about this place. And if I have been able to do that, then I am happy. All the best :).

  117. Nitin

    Hey appreciate you trying to clear things about this college.I am planning to join VIT for bba and would like some insight about it.Will be staying in the hostel and since this being my first hostel experience,I am quite nervous about it.So anyways please let me know about BBA in VIT Vellore.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey Nitin,

      The hostel experience is pretty good at VIT. There is nothing to worry about at all. Yes, there is some level of ragging sometimes. But its not something really serious. At least till the time we were there all the first years got F Block. Though now I think it may have been different. The special mess is the best. And hostel life in general is an eye opener. You meet all kinds of people and its a great experience. One shouldn’t miss it for sure.

      BBA is a good course at VIT. Though I am not sure the details regarding it. Is there any specific details you would want regarding that? I can try asking one of my friends.

  118. raju

    hi aseem
    thanks for the advice , just want your opinion about SRM main campus in comparison to VIT chennai campus. Is SRM also as good as VIT and better than most of the NITs barring top 3-4 well known ones. what branch can be expected at SRM MAIN CAMPUS around 3200 rank.
    Any idea about DAIICT of Gandhinagar .
    Decision to finalise admission is really so difficult , wish had fewer choices ?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Raju,

      There is no doubt that SRM Main Campus is way better than VIT Chennai. One really can’t compare a college which was established itself over the years with a newbie on the block :). VIT Vellore I would say is better than SRM Chennai. Don’t really know about SRM Chennai or DAIICT to comment on them. But yeah can say that DAIICT is pretty good. Have heard quite a bit about it.

      Hahah. You know, there are people who crib that they don’t have much choice. So I think you should be thankful you have much to look forward to :).

  119. dave

    Hey i got admission into vit vellore and i have taken eie as of my interest (seriously)..I just wanted to know if i will get a good placement for eie..because eie is rarely discussed..only ece and eee..i had the option of taking eee but i am more interested in eie..
    So i would just like to know about the placements in eie branch..
    Look i want a serious answer [not like “ofcourse you will get a good placement…..etc”]..An experience from an alumnus would really be a great help..
    Thanks in advance..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Congrats for getting admission into the EIE branch at VIT. By the way just wanted to ask any particular reasons for wanting only EIE and not ECE or EEE? Not that am saying its bad. But its chosen generally by pretty few people and so that’s why was asking :).

      If I remember correctly, during our times there were very few people in EIE. Maybe around 60-70. And they did get pretty decent placements in companies like Bosch, National Instruments, Delphi etc. Today there are more companies like Schneider Electric coming as well. There are normally quite a few good companies for electrical students which do come to our campus.

      But yeah in the end if nothing is there, you are surely going to get an IT job :). What I mean to say is that you won’t remain jobless for sure.

      • dave

        Thank you very much for replying..I chose EIE because its both software and hardware and the syllabus topics were more appealing to me than ECE and EEE..So its basically my intrest and nothing else..[And now the seats for EIE have been increased to 120]..

        And about the decent jobs you are telling about can you approx tell the pay packages.Just a request if you could ask any of EIE alumnus friends..[Really sorry if i overstepped in asking such things,but i am really curious and a little bit afraid that EIE is such an under rated branch and whether i would get jobs after the btech]…

        Thanks again in advance..:..

        • aseemrastogi2

          Actually there are two types of placements. One is the IT kind of companies which take in bulk and pay 3-3.2. And then there are also dream companies which I had mentioned about which pay around 5 lac+. But yeah they are very selective in the numbers and the kind of students they take maybe around 2-3.

          As for talking to a senior I can surely try to find out some people who could give you some more insight. EIE is underrated but the fact that its still a small branch, they have good chances of getting some good Electrical Companies. And anyways I know of couple of people who work in IT companies for electrical / electronics clients. Though I know it may not be the same thing, it is not really that bad.

          Don’t take too much tension. You will be do fine :).

      • dave

        Thank you very much for replying so nicely..Very eager to go to this college and start the next phase phase of my life..:)

        • aseemrastogi2

          You are welcome. And you wouldn’t be disappointed :).

      • dave

        I know..Actually i never got to hear any negative about this institute from my relatives and all [seriously,i m not “over-praising”]..Infact they told i was lucky to go into this college as it was very good overall..[I am just worried about my branch]…
        Just some last queries
        1.Would you say eie placements are same as eee and ece..[success rate wise,not company wise..Like eie and ece/eee students GENERALY get the same packages]..?
        2.Actually i m pure jain..[dont eat potato,onion,etc]..So is there any way i could contact the head-chef to make the accomodations..Any way to request them..

        • aseemrastogi2

          Oh you made my day Dave. You never got to hear anything negative about VIT?? Now, that’s a first I must say considering the taunts, jibes and extreme comments am used to hearing about the college ;).

          1. I personally don’t have the exact figures as such. Maybe EEE and ECE are a bit better I feel. But then that is not to say that EIE is bad. Don’t worry. It won’t be really as bad as you think. EIE is not like the worst branch of the Electrical stream. It’s regarded as a good branch for sure and is not the poorer cousin of the other two :).

          2. As for the food, I am not really sure if a request like that is entertained. At least not that am aware of. I would say that you could go there and see how it works out. By the way in case you are from up North and are used to eating a particular kind of food, you would be disappointed at the kind of North Indian stuff made!

      • dave

        Well thats the first minor negative i m hearing from you ;)..I actually chose north indian veg..i hope they dont give the SAME meal day and night for 4 years!!

        But really thanks for helping me out here,bro..Really appreciate that you take out time and help other vit aspirants ..You really are a proud alumnus ..:D

        • aseemrastogi2

          Hahaha don’t worry. That wouldn’t be the case completely. There is a Special Mess which I think you can choose after a year. It’s a bit more expensive but the food is pretty decent. But sadly you know when we began in 2005, it was awesome. Over the years even its quality started going down :(. But its ok I started having quite a lot of South Indian there and liked it too :D.

          Yeah a proud alumnus I sure am :).

  120. prashansa bansal

    respected sir,
    i’m narrating my case in brief coz i got 2 know some authentic info abt vit which i cud’nt get2 know from any source till now.
    this is Prashansa bansal,i got 93% n 89% respectively in 10th n 12th.i’m from bio stream. i dropped 3yrs for MBBS.this tym i even appeared fr VITEEE n hav got 1520 rank.I attended d counselling n locked a biotech seat.I was almost selected last yr in AIPMT n BHU bt cud’nt get it finally.My parents n peers pressed me 2 drop jus 1 more yr n prevented me frm opting BDS.This yr i was very depressed n studied almost nothing all yr round due 2 frustation.this yr i hav managed jus VIT.I’ts almost finalised.As bcoz i belong 2 a lower middle class family,i’m taking a loan upon myself n wud b living in a PG.I n my parents jus wanted 2 knowdat if i study hard n maintain a gud grade throughout d course, can i expect a placement giving a package enough(abt 3-4 lpa) so dat i can start repaying my loan as soon i graduate.2 remind u,i’ve opted fr biotech.pls reply soon 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey Prashansa,

      First things first. You can call me Aseem. There’s a long way to go before I can be called SIR ;). By the way I am B.Tech Biotech passout of 2009 batch at VIT. Believe me, its an awesome course with pretty good faculty and awesome labs. But yeah the problem is getting placed in a Biotech company after you passout was at least very difficult for us. But yeah we did get IT placements in companies like Cognizant, Wipro, TCS etc. at 3-3.2. If that’s not a problem for you, then it will be fine.

      • prashansa bansal

        thanks Aseem 🙂 fr ur advice n early reply.n yes this much wud bfine 2 me.1MORE THING dat i wud lyk 2 ask is,as u hav passed in 2009 ur still in an IT company or any biotech company ???????

        • aseemrastogi2

          Actually I joined MBA immediately after college and now I work as a Consultant in an IT company. So yeah, I have moved pretty far away from a Biotech company / job.

      • Dr Viji

        thanks for the info on Btech Biotech, we are getting our daughter into VIT, and is good to read this, are there many students from eleswhere outside India, i want to talk to someone who did the Cambridge A level s CIE stream,
        how is the hostel facility for girls, safety, food, Wifi.. etc anyone?

        • aseemrastogi2

          Hello Dr,

          Hearty Congratulations. Biotech is a good stream and am a passout of the same branch :). There are many Chinese, few Africans and a lot of Indians from the Middle East. But I haven’t really seen the Africans and Chinese study Engineering. They normally come for some other courses. Hostels are relatively good and safe. The rules (like in-time) are strict maybe stricter than a lot of other places in the country. But that’s the way things generally work in a lot of colleges in Tamil Nadu.

          Food is something which depends on personal choice. They try to maintain cleanliness but there are instances which people found of dirt and these things are always reported and action taken. If you are from any other part of the country, you won’t really like the food that much. But its par for the course. There are few options in terms of canteens and restaurants in the campus to get the kind of food you want. And also many Dhabas directly outside the campus. I am not exactly sure how good is Wifi. But from what I have heard, its fairly ok. Though obviously based on the download limit you choose, the costs increase accordingly.

  121. sohailrao

    hi i have went to counselling and took mechanical(pure) at vit vellore. i have heard vit mech is gud.
    1.can u pls tell me how the placements are like in mechanical(figures if possible)
    2.what are the MoUs signed with cornell,princeton,etc. which courses are they for. is it possible for a student to go and study dere on scholarship through vit(seeing his record and his personality)

    Thanks in advance.

    • aseemrastogi2

      1. Mechanical placements in VIT are pretty good Sohail. The course is also the only one at least during our times to be accredited by ABET, The American Society of Accreditation. Placements for dream offers like M&M, Britannia, Ashok Leyland, Titan etc. are in the range of 5+ lacs. While for IT companies obviously its around 3.

      2. I think these MOUs are more for related to the fact that you could do your final year project in places like these I think. But am not very sure of what are the changes introduced till the moment.

      But should tell you, you are in the best branch of VIT!

  122. prashansa bansal

    1 more thing i wud lyk 2ask u is,will my 2yr drop after 10+2 create any problem during placement?bcoz a VITian(CS) cousin of a frnd of mine told dat i might face problems due 2 2 drops as he had faced sum due 2d same reason.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah I am afraid a 3 year drop could be a bit of a problem. But then you can mention the reasons for the same and try to make the concerned people understand. Hopefully it will work out fine. Don’t worry. When people come to Biotech, they have a lot of drops because everyone’s first aim is to become a doctor and the last thing is to go to Biotech :).

  123. Aditya

    Hi Aseem,
    Can u tell me anything about the guy who went to MIT. I mean what did he exactly do to get selected. I’m sure he must have been excellent in academics but are there any other things in which he excelled; research, extra curiicular etc.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Aditya,

      Yeah he was an all rounder kind of guy. Obviously academics has to be good. But then yeah the guy has to be good in research, extra curriculars, he has to talk and project himself well. They add all that into consideration before finally choosing someone :).

  124. sampath

    hi aseem,
    your blogs seem to be very intresting and very informative. i opted for B.tec EEE in chennai campus. how far can i go for it ? i am really intrested to get into vit because of its chances to devolop . i am really intrested in reading hard . please suggest me brother.
    Is there any sliding in vit ?
    Is vit among top 100 engg colleges in india?
    please clarify my doubts .

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Ganesh,

      Thanks. I am happy you find my blogs interesting. Personally I am not really sure how good VIT Chennai is. As far as I remember correctly, it is just 3 years old. So even one batch hasn’t passed out I think. Right now its just living on the VIT Vellore brand name in my opinion. Sliding is there in VIT for sure.

      VIT Vellore is among the top 10 private colleges in India for sure.

  125. Sohail Rao

    thx aseem. also im getting any stream of my choice in manipal n m expecting around 20k rank in aieee(thapar,lower NITs) should i still go for vit? also can u give some advice on what to do for those 4 years to be eligible for some dream offer.
    Thanks in advance.

    • aseemrastogi2

      If you are getting Mechanical in VIT, it is way better than Manipal and lower NITs. Thapar am not 100% sure how good it is. As for getting a dream offer, there is no particular recipe for it. You need to have good mixture of good academics, communication skills and cocurricular activities. And you can crack it!

      • Sohail Rao

        hmm thanks a lot aseem . i m a little more interested in research so vit infrastructure and opportunities should help out 🙂

        • aseemrastogi2

          Your welcome Sohail. I am sure you are not going to regret your time at VIT :).

  126. Gopi

    Hi Aseem,

    First n foremost want to congratulate the awesome job that ur doing 🙂
    Aseem i want to opt for Either Biotech/Envi this year but the problem is how is the placement for these branches? Does Core companies come for these branches?? and if not IT’s?? My family is middle classed and placement is important so this is important, and are these MoU’s actuallly send ppl to foreign institutes for job or internship, being from biotech background from VIT pls clarify on these yaar..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Gopi,

      Thanks :). M.Tech Biotech is a decent course at VIT. But seriously speaking VIT isn’t know much for its M.Tech courses. And I am not really sure about how placements are in the case of M.Tech branches. But I can tell you that its gonna be a difficult one particularly since its M.Tech and secondly because its Biotech. Biotech people normally don’t get placements in Biotech companies. That wasn’t the case at least till 2009 when I passed out.

      Yeah if you want to do further studies like Phd, this could be a good option. One of my friends pursued M.Tech Biotech from VIT and then did final year internship project in Dresden, Germany. And he was so good that his bosses recommended him for a Phd in France. So yeah if that’s your goal, then it would be a good option. Otherwise I wouldn’t really say that VIT M.Tech is good enough.

      • Gopi

        Oh :(, Thanks for the info though aseem…too bad biotech neva gets recognition :X

        • aseemrastogi2

          Sadly, Gopi that’s one problem. Biotech gets recognition but not with industrial jobs but instead with research. I would suggest to go for it only if you are interested in pursuing research in the future. Because if that’s what you are looking for, VIT will be a good springboard for you.

  127. Shubham Mehrotra

    Hey Aseem ,

    I chose ECE in vellore campus with a rank of 8670 although I would loved to have taken CSE.
    Will it be possibe for me to change my branch with a good CGPA in the 1st year?


    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Shubham,

      Congrats on getting this rank and nice to know you have chosen ECE. Why would you want to shift to CSE? ECE is a good branch for sure.


  128. prashansa bansal

    pls can u give an idea abt PGs for girls in vellore.I hav queries like :
    1.where can i find PGs near VIT campus areas which will b affordable 2 me(estimate-Rs.4000-5000 p.m.)
    2.In this budget if i can’t find a P.G. near campus then can u suggest me d nearest areas where i shud search.
    3.Is there any way by which i can know that who all from my state or city r going 2 vit.this tym(i’m frm agra)(to find a roommate in advace)…………or if by chance u know anyone so??

    • aseemrastogi2

      Why would you want to not stay in hostel? Yes, its expensive. But I think at least you should shift outside only after you have an idea about the place. Vellore is a very small town. And secondly, outside there are issues like water problems, food issues and stuff. So it would be difficult for you.

      As far as knowing if people from your place are going to be there, probably there maybe some Facebook groups around where you could find some people. But am not really sure. I can understand your apprehension about not knowing what kind of people would be there and how would the atmosphere be like. But I would say to just go with an open mind. Don’t worry so much. Everything will be pretty ok :).

  129. Kartik

    hey aseem. i got a rank of 5345 in the viteee and got into mechanical engineering at vellore. While i certainly do not believe any of the posts on the internet in broken english scaring people about vit, i am rather worried about a post i read in the telegraph that vit is on the list of 44 deemed universities which have been given a 3 year deadline to improve or face derecognition. what are your opinions on this. and also i plan on pursuing my masters degree abroad later on. would i be able to do this with a btech degree from vit .

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yes, Kartik there have been issues regarding deemed universities in India. But as far as I can say, nothing will happen to VIT and its students. The people at the top are strong enough to ensure no issues like this affect the students in any way. For the record, when there was the SriLankan war when the army wiped out the LTTE a couple of years back, colleges had given leave across TN because they were scared of any untoward incidents. But VIT didn’t. They didn’t want to risk causing any problems to the courses and everything of that sort which affects students.

      You can very well pursue your Masters degree from top colleges across the planet after studying from VIT. A lot of my batch mates studied in Australia, Europe and US. So not a problem at all :).

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yes, Kartik there have been issues regarding deemed universities in India. But as far as I can say, nothing will happen to VIT and its students. The people at the top are strong enough to ensure no issues like this affect the students in any way. For the record, when there was the SriLankan war when the army wiped out the LTTE a couple of years back, colleges had given leave across TN because they were scared of any untoward incidents. But VIT didn’t. They didn’t want to risk causing any problems to the courses and everything of that sort which affects students.

      You can very well pursue your Masters degree from top colleges across the planet after studying from VIT. A lot of my batch mates studied in Australia, Europe and US. So not a problem at all :).

      • Kartik

        cool, and one more thing im kinda worried about Do the rich kids at vit (management quota ) get any special preference with regards to opportunities, projects and internships ?or is it based on merit and accomplishment. A friend also told me that you get to go for internships to germany and all if you do really well. But do you have to shell out any money for such stuff ? and what about the semester abroad programme. Do they provide scholarships

        • aseemrastogi2

          Kartik, I can understand your worry. But be rest assured, if you do well in your academics and extra curriculars, you would have a good chance to get these internships, projects abroad. For the semester abroad program they do provide some level of scholarships. Not completely I think but its not that you have to shell lots of cash. I know a lot of people who have gone to top places with this and gotten valuable experience.

  130. prashansa bansal

    sry fr late reply………………………………………….actually i was expecting that u cud tell something abt PGs in vellore……………..i can’t stay even fr a yr in hostel as my parents are over concious n want me 2live in a PG only

    • aseemrastogi2

      Prashansa, in a place like Vellore if you stay outside, your parents will have much more to worry than if you stay inside :).

      • prashansa bansal

        as i told u bfore…………hostel is not affordable for me 🙁

        • aseemrastogi2

          Oh sorry Prashansa, I didn’t realize that :(. Will try to find out about it if I can from some friends.

  131. siddharth bal

    hi aseem…
    its a relief to finally find a blog where students like me are getting their queries answered..
    i got a rank of 5250 in viteee 2012…and got into cse at vellore.i got a rank in iitjee but that is of no use as i wont get any branches there…also i messed up aieee and bitsat …and have no hope of getting..cse or these exams. as i have no option left and i do not intend to drop a yr…i will most probably join vit this yr…
    going through various post over the internet….i must say we dont get a very good vibe abt the college ….which is why my parents are questioning my decision to join vit….
    but i for once….do not go by what is written on the web…i truly believe an institutuion over 26 yrs old will definitely have an edge over most of the institutions( most private colleges ,newer nits ,iits etc.) .. so..
    1)…how is the faculty for cse in vit ??…
    2)….how are the placements for the same branch?.
    3)….hostel life ,mess food quality?…
    well for me…..hostel life will be new…so i would like to know what would be the basic stuff that we would need there ( stuff that we would need to take with us)…and what are the amenities provided by the hostel in vit vellore….?
    and 4)…are all books needed for our courses provided by vit….or we would have to buy them there itself after the start of our couses..?

    thank you…..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Siddharth,

      Nice to know you find my blog useful enough :). Yes, there are too many extreme comments about VIT on the web. But then I have always felt its too biased an opinion against VIT. And what I have tried to point out is an unbiased opinion. What is bad is bad. But what is good is surely good. And we should be happy about it.

      1. Faculty as I have already mentioned some are good while others are not so good. It’s always gonna be better that along with making notes in class, you also become a regular visitor to the library. Believe me, the library is one of the bestest things of VIT for sure. I mean there is so much that if you are one to explore information, you will feel amazed. And then yeah, there is also group study which according to me is amazing way to study in hostels.

      2. As far as plavements are concerned, I have already mentioned that there are Indian IT companies like Wipro, TCS, Cognizant etc. which take at 3-3.2. While there are others like DE Shaw, Cisco, Amazon etc. which offer dream offers of Rs5+ lacs. Obviously these companies take just 1-2 candidates and one has to be the best.

      3. Hostel life according to me is one of the most important things for one to grow up and become independent enough. And VIT’s hostel life is awesome for sure. One of the most amazing things you would remember even years down the line. Normally you are provided a table, chair, bed one has to buy but the stand is given, shelves / space to keep stuff. You can take all the basic stuff. But there’s a supermarket there a pretty big one where you could buy things like beds, pillows, buckets, mugs and other basic daily items and groceries.

      4. As far as books are concerned, some people prefer to buy since they like studying from new books. Many xerox ;). By the way xeroxing of books, notes and what not is the most famous thing at VIT. And that’s why over our four years (2005-09), so many xerox centers boomed around the college that we would joke that this business would surely boom all the time ;).

      All the best. I am sure you will have an awesome time :).

  132. dev

    dear aseem,

    i just came acrs ur blog just by chance……i m a vitian……passed out in 2010…….:)
    and i just checked all the posts and must laud your efforts in order to give a clear picture about vit……gr8 job mate…..u have made me proud……the posts have been dwelt over a period of 2 years …just goes to show hw remarkable ur efforts hav been…..

    kudos to u bro….

    p.s:- i will tell u one thing….i miss my college days lyk nything…wish i had sm mr tym in cllg….i think u dnt really understand of smthing whn u have it in front of u…itz only whn tat thing is gone tat u really feel for it……wish i had some photographs to luk at…… 🙁

    nyways i m in delhi and i m currently working in BGR energy systems ….and i did my UG in MECH. and ENERGY…..we were the first batch of mech and energy branch……

    • Lakshmi

      Dear Dev, My son has taken up B. Tech Mech and Energy Engg. We would highly appreciate if you would throw some light about the curriculum and what a fresher should expect from this course. What is the scope for the future and how is the faculty involved in this stream? Also, please advise if by taking this stream it jeopardizes his chances of studying abroad for M.Tech in his chosen field of specialization.

      • aseemrastogi2

        Hi Maam,

        As far as the curriculum is concerned, I am sure Dev will be able to give you a detailed explanation of what all it entails. But I would like to add my two cents here on a general note.

        There are the good and bad for every faculty. Yes, they are an important part for any specialization. But one can’t be completely dependent on them. It also depends on how well the student brushes up his knowledge through learning on his own, group study, going to the library and reading more and more. There’s no reason pursuing any stream at VIT would jeopardize your son’s chances of doing M.Tech abroad. Moreover for a school like Mechanical, it may help since it’s ABET recognized itself.

      • Lakshmi

        Thanks a lot Aseem. Your response is very reassuring and it clears a lo of doubts and apprehensions that youngsters and their parents have regarding their academic future. I look forward to a response from Dev about his UG experience and if he has any tips and/or suggestions to the new lot of students.

        • aseemrastogi2

          As I mother I can understand what you must be going through. 7 years back, I was at a similar crossroads on what would the future hold. But rest assured and touchwood and by god’s grace, things have gone well :).

  133. dev

    and regarding VIT as a college……i think itz high tym people realize this fact tat this is one of the best cllgs fr ur UG…..tat is if u want ur 4 years of UG to be filled with colors….howerver if u want to have a mundane and colorless UG lyf of four years,thn probably u should go to these so called premier institutes….the choice is entirely urs…..afterall itz ur lyf…..and u r free to take ur calls…..

    i think all those people who are spreading rumuors regarding VIT are either jealous of the quality of lyf in VIT…tat they missed out something….or they really dnt hav any lyf in their so called TOP institutions……they are just venting their frustation……tatz all…..

    wat i m today… a an individual. and watever i bcm in the coming tymes…itz all due to my ALMA MATER..i m indebted to my VIT and i will always remain indebted ….I CHERISH those moments …..wish i had sm more of those amazing tymes..though i know tat sm more wnt be enough……

    PROUD TO B A VIT-ian,

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Dev. Nice to hear such comments from an alumnus. I am sure the aspirants here would feel more than happy to hear this :).

  134. dev

    ur welcome anytym bro……. 🙂

  135. Himanshu

    A hearty thanks for clearing the doubts with ur gr8 post.I gt 5335 rank in VITEE 2012 nd had registered for the computer science eng. in vellore bt i am a bit confused as the aieee results are expected to be out 15 bt i hv to send the fees DD to VIT before 18th so any opinion??

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Himanshu,

      Nice to know you liked my blog. Since the AIEEE results are coming on 15th and you have to pay the fees before 18th, you can still wait right? And also if you are very very confident of AIEEE, then you should wait.

      As far as rankings are concerned, its a matter of perception. Different rankings say different things. So don’t completely go by that. Read, research, talk to alumni, talk to industry people and then make an informed decision. Don’t let people or anything influence you in your choice since its about your career :).

      All the best!

  136. dev

    and one more thing aseem…i would luv to answer queries abt VIT thru ur blog……if tat is ok wid u tat is……

    • aseemrastogi2

      Sure Dev. That would be great. Two hands are always better than one :).

  137. gaurang mathur

    hi aseem i got eee branch in vit vellore , should i go????
    what is max. salary package for eee branch???how is faculty…????
    is sports are also preferred in vit….????is eee is good stream..?/???please telll….

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Gaurang,

      EEE is a good branch. As far as faculty and placement for it are concerned, you can look at the remaining comments below. I have talked at length about the companies which come for EEE and the pay packages. Sports is given good importance at VIT. And we also have our International level cultural and sports festival – Riviera every year. So college students can take part in that.

      EEE and ECE both are good branches. It just depends where one is more related to only Electrical field the other one has a mixture of Communication and Electronics. So it depends upon your interests. Placement packages are not varying greatly at least at VIT.

  138. gaurang mathur

    hi aseem i got eee branch in vit vellore is eee is good branch in comparewith ece branch???
    what about placement in eee ???and avg. and max..salary package???i vit a good college to expore..??? plz reply..

  139. rajiv

    hi aseem i got ECE in VIT vellore….. i already know programming in python, c++…. and studied a lot about electronics….. i have a keen interest in electronics and want to do something real and innovative… is VIT going to support me in first year??? i got 7000 rank in VIT 10200 rank in IIT and 16000 rank in aieee

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Rajiv,

      By innovative, do you mean you want to start your own business? If that’s the case, there is a Technology Business Incubator in VIT. They support innovative ideas for funding. But yeah they have a strict criteria for selection. So you have to make sure your plan is fool proof.

  140. Pragya

    Hello Mr.Aseem! I am a 12th class pass out and have secured a seat in at the Vellore campus. I have a few hesitations if you could help me out:
    1) I am a student that gets very very depressed if what I’m being taught is not understandable, also I am a SLOW learner. is the teaching in this particular course good at VIT? Will the faculty be available if I don’t understand a particular topic and want them to teach me individually after the lecture?? (As I said I’m a slow and inquisitive learner, so This is very important for me). What about the labs required to support the teaching?

    2) Will my college life be finished? (Heard a lot about the strict rules at VIT). Will I bound by the limitless rules and strict in-times (I’m a GIRL)?
    PLEASE help me out! 🙁

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Pragya,

      First things first. You can call me Aseem. No need of Mr :P. Yeah, I have done B.Tech Biotechnology and passed out in 2009.

      1. I believe in teaching one can’t always depend only on the faculty. Yes, there are good faculty in the Biotech Department. But it doesn’t mean everyone is really that good. One has to do self study by going to the library, discuss among friends, make notes. It’s all a part of learning. No faculty would teach you individually the whole thing all over again. But then yeah if you doubts, issues, clarifications they are always reachable. And I have come across a lot many who can help you out. The labs for Biotech are AWESOME! Be rest assured. You will have an amazing experience doing the experiments in the labs at VIT. They are too good.

      2. Why do you think your college life will be finished even before starting out? Yes rules are strict. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy and have a nice college life. Don’t be so negative. Rules are always there. Yes, girls do have strict in – times. And a lot of these rules even I disagree with. But then hostel life is amazing and I am sure its a great learning experience. And one can even enjoy. Just have an open mind.

      3. Yes, most of the people who come to VIT are aspirants for Medicine. Sine they don’t get that, then VIT Biotech is their next best option. But I wanted to do Biotech only. So I never dropped a year. But yeah if you really believe medical is the thing you want to do, then dropping a year isn’t a problem. But in case if you are not able to get medical, then once you come to Biotech, there maybe some issues in getting a job because they may ask you reasons for dropping a year / or two. In the end, I would just like to say, do what your heart and brain both say :).

  141. Pragya

    also I read above that you are also a biotech. pass-out!! Did you drop an year or u went straight off to VIT? As I have appeared for my first time and have not got into medical or engineering (i had both bio n maths). All i have managed is VIT biotech and Manipal BDS. My parents strongly recommend a drop. Please comment what should I do (purely your opinion).

  142. Sohail Rao

    hey aseem , sorry to bother again. i just heard from one of my friends that a guy got cs at vit at 42k through management quota,,,,,how many management seats are there in vit? doesnt this compromise the quality of the institute?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Management Quota is something which surely spoils the quality of an institute I agree. And I don’t endorse anyone getting admission through this way at all as well. Personally, I don’t have an idea about the kind, money involved and the no of management quota seats present. But I would like to say, that you shouldn’t get demotivated because of this. At the end of the day, whether in the exams or in placements the best will obviously get the best. So quality will always be recognized for sure. Don’t worry on that front.

      And moreover with VIT concerned, a lot of people have a habit of spreading false rumours also all the time. Everyone has extreme views about this place. Anyways even if what he is saying is true, don’t pay it that much attention. The powers that be still recognize the quality of the institute you are in.

  143. arijit deb

    hey… i got admission in VIT vellore campus in mechanical( spec. in chemical processing). could u pls tell what are the job oppertunities in these stream. and also could u pls tell me whether can i apply for job where it is asking mechanical engineer with these subject??

    • aseemrastogi2

      Arijit, I can’t tell you much about Mechanical with specialisation in Chemical Processing because I really don’t have much of an idea about that. But as far as Mechanical is concerned it is the ‘BAAP’ of all branches at VIT. Good faculty, ABET accreditation and good placements. So obviously having core Mechanical is a big help for sure. Not really sure how good your specialisation would be though.

      • arijit deb

        thank u for dat… anywayz if u get any information about this branch… kindly please convey it to me… one more thing could u pls tell me about da FEP( faculty empowerment programme) in VIT??

        • aseemrastogi2

          Arijit, this FEP is something new which has come up. And from what I have read it is something regarding a set of teachers giving projects to students and not evaluating them on any assessments or something of that sort. But am not 100% sure about that one.

  144. Pragya

    Also I’d like to tell u that I have absolutely no problem wid opting Biotech. this year only, but my parents are both doctors. My father says he will kick me out if I don’t EARN decently as i would have in medicine. If I choose to do MBA after Biotech (like you did), how much salary can I expect per month? Or even or a PhD? Please reply honestly, this is a grave matter of my life, please please be honest about the salary, if you wish to be private about this then you can mail me. My dad is VERY particular about the finances and he believes that as a Biotech. person I’ll never be equal to him..and I want to know if that’s true..I’ll accept it gracefully..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Pragya, first you need to think as to what is really your ambition in life? If you want to work in an industry and earn lots of money, then at least Biotech in VIT won’t help you in that for sure. Doing Biotech in VIT would help you in case if you are interested in research, Phd, MS abroad etc. If you are a hardcore research types and love to work doing experiments for long hours, then its the thing for you. But if that’s not what interests you, then don’t go for it.

      Medicine gives you a lot of money but then it takes a lot of time, strength, energy everything. You should go for it if you heart says so. Don’t only think about what your parents say or what will help you earn money. You should love studying or love working for that matter in that field. If you don’t, then you will lose all interest automatically. And it will lead to a disaster.

      As for salaries, once you finish B.Tech Biotech, if you get an IT job you can get around 3 lacs per year. If you directly do MBA and get a job from a decent enough college in India then you can earn upto 40-50k per month. But is money your only criteria? That’s what you have to look and decide.




    • aseemrastogi2

      Tarun, hahah I have read such posts about VIT since the last 5-6 years. I think these guys are jobless, bored, and having nothing to do ever. All they love to do is criticise, criticise and criticise. They write some little truth littered with all nonsense to attract attention from everyone else. Earlier I used to get irritated. But now I just laugh it off seeing how aimless and jobless these guys are.

      Yaar, it’s not this bad. VIT is a private college yes. Yes, they love to make money and yes they are not as good as the IITs or the top NITs like Surathkal and Trichy. But c’mon yaar, its an awesome college no doubt. And every college has the good and the bad. No one has washed himself / herself with milk. What’s good needs to be appreciated. And what’s bad needs to be condemned. If you are going for it, go with an open mind! Don’t think too much about such unbiased posts and articles.

      In my opinion, they are just that – A piece of crap!


        • aseemrastogi2

          Hey Tarun,

          You can go through the detailed response of Dev regarding your query. Just adding my 2 cents here.

          I feel this is the most outrageous allegation I have heard against VIT. There are people from all the states and also many international countries studying here. There are an equal mix of Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi speaking people. And everyone coexists and lives peacefully. So people from the North suffering is all nonsense spread by rumour mongers.

  146. gaurang mathur

    hi…..aseem i want to know that in eee branch can we go to IT sector ?????
    what are the companies that take eee students..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Gaurang,

      All the Indian IT companies come to recruit people for the IT sector. Wipro, TCS, Cognizant etc. are all there. So don’t worry on that front.

  147. Abheek

    sir, as per ur previous suggestions(rank 6266 in VITEEE), i tuk admission in ME at VIT .. plz brief me about the placements..
    thanx in advance..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Abheek,

      You can go through the detailed response given by Dev here. I am sure it would help you a lot :).

  148. dev


    hey abhishek…….my name is dev …i passed out from VIT in 2010….so looks lyk u are going to join my school in VIT…..i,e SMBS (school of mechanical and building sciences)……

    firstly, cngrts for getting into VIT…….trust me….u have chosen one of best colleges in india iin terms work-life-play balance which i believe makes a person’s four year college lyf colourful…..

    now regarding placements……VIT has got one of the best placement cells around….the placement record speaks for itself and none of those figures are fake….(this comes to you from someone who was rejected by four companies being getting placed in a core engineering company….i,e me… 🙂 …)….the placement usually starts with a software giant lyk TCS (which has placed VIT in the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS)…..which is given slot 1….so that they can take the maximum students….to make long story short…they are your bulk takers….TCS was given slot 1 till 2010…now the slot 1 is given to COGNIZANT which took around 1600 students from VIT within a single day last year…..

    once the bulk hiring is done …then it comes to slot 2,3 and 4…which are filled by INFOSYS,WIPRO,ACCENTURE,IBM,IGATE,PATNI and various other companies…….
    students who get placed in software companies or in the first three or four slots are given a option of two dream offers and one superdream offers (dream and superdream offers are based on the pay packages offered by the companies…..if my memory serves right dream offers are around 4 to 4.5 lacs and superdream offers would be packages above 5 lacs)……the number of dream and superdream offers given to a student after he/she gets placed in initial slots comprising of software companies may vary year to year……but most tymes at least one dream and one superdream is a sureshot……

    now let me come to the core company placements and i will give you the name of the companies that visited during 2009-2010……(before the 2008 economic slowdown…..initial slot placements usually started at around your ending of sixth semester….but after that the placements gt delayed to ending of seventh semester…..however few companies do visit in between sixth and seventh semester..but u cannot be certain that they would be doing it every year)…..

    the list of core companies along with the software companies that came for placements during 2009-2010 for all branches that i can remenber to the best that my memory can provide me are listed below…;-

    TCE,IOCL,BRITANNIA,MICROSOFT,GOOGLE,ACCENTURE (they came twice…once with a CTC of 2.8 CTC and othet tym in dream offer of 4 lacs CTC), TCS,INFOSYS,COGNIZANT,WIPRO,DELOITTE,SCHNEIDER,IBM,BOA (bank of america),INAUTIX,IGATE,TATA POWER,BILT (for placements catering to dubai), TITAN INDUSTRIES,SAINT GOBAIN, ERICSSON,ITC (they didnt came tat year but came in 2008),ASHOK LEYLAND,AMAZON,EBAY,……and lotz of other companies which i am not able to gather rght nw…will get back to you with the same in smtym….

    but the point i want to make here and i am dead serious about this is that placements has been always been a USP of VIT….tat is VIT is synonymous with placements…..i have seen people with mediocre levels of intelligence getting placed in a gud company… if your luck is not deserting you pretty badly..u cn assume tat u wnt be unemployed at the tym of ur passing out……which i know every student studying in any college wants…..

    so tatz all i have to say bro…all the best….have fun…enjoy VIT…because truly itz a place where
    u will develope academically as well as personally…… so…cheers…:)

    take care….bye…:)

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Dev,

      Thanks for your detailed responses. Really helpful for all the aspirants here :). Highly appreciated.

  149. dev


    hey tarun,

    my name is dev and i passed out frm VIT in 2010…..regarding your queries bout the north-wsouth divide……VIT is a place where you will find people from all most all the states of india if not all the states tat is……i am from from TRIPURA and i have met people in VIT who are from KASHMIR, i have met people who are from ARUNACHAL PRADHESH and i have met people who are from TAMIL NADU….all i can say is that there is region based differences there or any such languages based preferences or differences….. though i cant say this whn the IPL matches are going,,,,:)..during tat tym even best buddies argue and quarrel lyk sworn enemies…..only fr a few days though……:)..

    nyways wat i meant to say is……there is a large population of people other than south indian people and that number i believe is increasing day by day which is impossible if there is any differences based on region r language….

    so my dear friend dont lstn to wat people say….i am alumni of VIT and i am saying the above lines with great believe and faith and i am standing by it and hopefully it will remain same in the coming tymes also….


  150. dev

    @ tarun…….

    hey sorry…..u need to re-read few lines frm the above post (actually i was typing a bit fast….had some pending work…so sorry bout tat..)

    anways….. these are the corrections for the above post tat i addressed to u…:-

    1. north-wsouth divide – i meant to say north – south divide
    2.all i can say is that there is region based differences there or any such languages based preferences or differences…:- i frgt to place the word ‘NO’… the line will be “all i can say is that there is ‘NO’ region based differences there or any such languages based preferences or differences…”

    hope i hav made myself clear….
    sorry once again…

    • AKSHAY

      hey i got a rank of 6103 in viteee 2012 nd have taken a provisional admission in the branch EEE. on some sites i hav seen that VIT is one among the 44 deemed universities which are on the verge of loosing their university status is it true ???
      I dont want to malign my future prospects
      please sir tell me the truth
      AND also about the branch EEE is it good
      and what about the placements????????
      reply soon

      • aseemrastogi2

        Yes, Akshay I have heard about VIT losing its university status and stuff like that. But as far as that is concerned, I don’t think anything of that sort would happen. The people at the top will ensure the credibility, status and the careers of all students remains protected. So I don’t think you should worry that much because if that happens there will be 1000s who will be affected. And so it won’t happen as far as I can say.

        As for EEE branch and its placements, I would suggest you to go through the comments here and see my replies for yourself. I am sure your questions would be answered.

  151. Abhilash

    hey dev have joined mechanical. could u give me an idea of how the core placements in mechanical are n also suggest some good( and leniant :D) faculty members(for ffcs)
    thx in advance

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Abhilash,

      Dev has answered your question about core placements in Mechanical already here. Please go through the comments. As far as faculty members for FFCS are concerned, only he would be able to say something. Because during our times there was no FFCS introduced at all.


    • aseemrastogi2

      We reported a couple of days earlier to the joining date. The hostel room allocation was done a few days before and that was informed by mail or some communication if I remember correctly. As far as getting any number of someone joining, I think searching on Facebook is the best idea. Aren’t there any communities / groups of VIT 2012 selected candidates or something of that sort?



    • aseemrastogi2

      @Dev, would you be able to help him here? I don’t remember the exact costs to pay for the same.

      • @suvam pramanik can i have ur mobile no. plz…..evn i am facing the same problem….no one is picking up the phone there… i sent the d.d somehow…

      • suvam pramanik

        hey tarun my no is 9748500903

  154. dev


    hey……regarding FFCS….it started i guess in around 2009….so i really dnt hv a clear idea bout it……and more so…i was in mech. and energy batch…so i dnt remember a lot of faculty members of mech…..but one name i can suggest to you …..Mr. S.Ghosh……he is a civil faculty…but he is one of the global figures who are present in the campus….(i hope he is still there in VIT)….TREMENDOUSLY RESPECTED,HIGHLY KNOWLEDGABLE AND A GREAT HUMAN BEING……..u can go and meet him……just tell him that some one who was in the batch of akshay,shankhadeep,vishwaroop sharma,apoorv,bhuvnish mittal,debmalya bhattacharjee,smritik paul(they were a part of an elective course named APCC whose full name is atmospheric changes and climate control….and i know u have no clue bout ii,,,,but doesnt matter,,,the point is GHOSH sir used to take that elective class and so he will most probably remember the above names as they were amongst his fav students,,,,)…..told you about him….i m sure he will help you in a lot of wayz……just mingle with him freely….

    all the best bro…

    cheers….. 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      Dev, did you register for FFCS? I have never exactly understood what it really is. Would you be able to explain in short?

  155. dev


    hey, one more thing…….SMBS i,e my school in VIT….Oh…sorry…..our school (i guess now u are also a part of the SMBS legacy …:)…) ….is the most chilled out school…..all the faculty members are xtremely friendly and jovial…so dnt wrry much faculty and all…..i m saying this bcoz i passed out with a 8 pointer which i know how i got it……so…just take a chill pill and take things as they come….dnt try to plan everything ….bcoz in the end THE DOTS ALWAYZ CONNECT……rght…?…. :)..


    • Abhilash

      thx dev ill try to get in touch with Prof Ghosh. Can u also tell about the core placements in mechanical specifically(Brittania, Ashok Leyland,etc). Is it true that SMBS is the best school in VIT?

      • aseemrastogi2

        Yes SMBS is the best in terms of placements and status for sure. Right, Dev? 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      Haha yeah “The Dots did always connect” at VIT :D.


    hey aseem .is there any ragging problem in vit

    • aseemrastogi2

      There isn’t really a great problem of ragging at VIT at all. Yes, obviously seniors do ask for intros and some level of interaction with the juniors. But mostly its nothing more than that. And even worst case scenarios are not like beating, thrashing, making you do weird acts which do occur at other places.


    hey aseem, can i pay the remaining hostel fees for the first semester once i reach there and join vit.

    • AKSHAY

      hey aseem i have finally decided to join VIT after reading ur very informative blog
      it’s really good!!!!!!!!!
      i just wanted to know how many ppl from VIT in EEE clear GATE and get into
      institutes like IITs or IISc ‘s
      please inform me soon

      • aseemrastogi2

        Thanks Akshay :). From my batch 20 people joined IIM Shillong when it was launched in 2009 if I remember right. So you can imagine 20 out of 60 in IIM S were from VIT. And even though it was a new college, they did get good placements. Similarly, quite a few people did clear GATE and joined IITs particularly IIT Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi as of what I know. There are no fixed numbers I have. But then yeah a lot of people do keep preparing hard for GATE, CAT etc. 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      I assume you are supposed to pay the amount before coming, isn’t it?

  158. Abhilash

    thx aseem. FFCS is fully flexible credit system whereby you get to decide your own timetable,professors,courses(not the compulsary ones) n so on. Its on 1st come 1st served basis for 1st semester n after that based on your GPA. N ur right i was introduced a few years back only.

  159. santhosh

    hey aseem,i hav joined eee in vit chennai and i hav a question about the placements.will they take place on the same day alond the vit vellore students?? hw are the placements?? help is much appreciated in advance!:)

    • aseemrastogi2

      Santosh, to be honest with you I don’t have much idea about VIT Chennai at all. If I am right, the first batch from the Chennai campus would have passed out this year or will do so next year. So yeah to be truthful, placements wouldn’t surely be as good as VIT Vellore since this is still the initial years for this college.

      • santhosh

        Thnks aseem! see the thing is i talked to some of the professors in vit-chennai who were in the helpdesks,they were like placements will happen on the same day as vit-vellore n maybe in vit vellore campus itself….i also asked this to another set of professors in other department helpdesks..they also told the same thing….neways i dnt really care about the placements coz m goin to do pg! thnks aseem once agen!

        • aseemrastogi2

          Santosh, if its the same day, then it would be great. But anyway if you are planning for going for Masters, then I think you need to concentrate more on GRE, Research aspects of your field of study and stuff of that kinds.

  160. Anand

    You are doing a fantastic job helping the needy…great…
    I have chances of getting M TECH VLSI Design in VIT Vellore( based on my VITMEE rank) and the same VLSI Design course in College Of Engineering Guindy Anna University( through TANCET SCORE)..Which will be better in terms of getting placed in a core electronics company and also the overall perception?…Anyone else having an idea about this

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Anand :). Personally speaking I have heard a lot about the M.Tech VLSI Design course but don’t know how good or bad it is. And also not much idea regarding its placements. The same for Anna University as well. Anna University is a prestigious university and known across the nation as well. If this course has been there for a long time, it maybe pretty good I assume. But again its an assumption.

  161. dev


    hey…wassup…?..hope ur njoying lyf…..

    the thing about SMBS is that it makes you miss VIT after ur cllg lyf is over…..i feel it…..not tat other students who are a part of various other schools in VIT dnt miss it…..itz just tat thr is smthing bout SMBS which i cnt xplain in words….only smone who has been a part of it can really understand it…..

    and regarding the dots..yeah they do connect at VIT….. 🙂

    FFCS was introduced i guess around smtym in 2009….it basically means a student can have more freedom in choosing his study pattern and how he/she wants to obtain the required credits……kind of making the system more flexible…..we were not a part of it ……

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Dev for making FFCS clear. Have heard about those things. But when I try to visualize people doing different number of credits per year with different subjects, I get a very confusing picture in my mind. I mean wouldn’t it be so difficult to manage all this for students, faculty as well as management? 😛 I mean different classmates, different classrooms all the time with different subjects? 😉

      • dev



        ya u r rght bout it….i mean it may backfire on you smtymes…….but anyways i guess itz gud to experiment wid new things…..

        by the way…i think people who hav joined VIT this year shold give their feedback so that in the coming tymes aspirants get more updated views bout VIT,,,,,say wat….?

        cheers man… 🙂

        • aseemrastogi2

          Yeah would love to hear more news and views about it from freshers / aspirants :).

  162. dev


    nw tat u r going to b in the campus in the next few days……i think u will be able to gather more information there itself……and meet Proff. Ghosh……tat would b gud fr u….

    all the best…

    cheers…. 🙂

    p.s:- do post here after u are in VIT….it would b nice to hear frm a fresher…..about ur experiences….

  163. arijit deb

    hey aseem… i would like to know about the difficulty level of examz in VIT…..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Difficulty levels are relative. Some exams are difficult while others are very easy. It all depends on your preparation and also whether you have bothered studying things from reference books particularly for external exams. The external semester exams are the real test. All are not difficult. But many of them are pretty challenging for sure.

  164. prashansa bansal

    do u know the refund procedure this year at VIT…………i opted for biotech bt i’m expecting an mbbs/bds seat through my state pmt seat bt in 2nd counselling which is scheduled for 28th aug……………they did displayed a list of rafund procedure during d counselling bt did nt give anything in print form……………i requested d VIT office 2 send a softcopy of it………bt they’re saying that they had already shown it during d counselling……………pls tell if u know the procedure i.e. how much refund will i get in accordance 2 the tym after admission i request fr refund..

    • aseemrastogi2

      There is some particular amount you would get I am sure. But I don’t remember the exact amount.

      @Dev – Would you be able to help Prashansa to know the exact amount of refund one can get in accordance to the time after admission one requests for refund? Thanks in advance :).

  165. Rohan

    Hey Aseem,

    I took admission in EEE course in VIT vellore and as it is written above seems to be a good course.I just wanted to know if you know or can provide a current student’s contact number or
    e-mail for further queries i may have about the college.Thnx in advance.:)

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Rohan,

      I can try finding out some numbers or email ids. But am not so sure if I know anyone whose currently studying at the college. Probably you could mail me your queries in case you wouldn’t want to discuss them here :).

      • Rohan

        Well i wanted to discuss about FFCS which is a quite debated topic here.I was just wondering if we should prefer a particular set of teachers or just go with what the Administration is assigning to us ?

        And as for a 1st year student is it true that we may or may NOT get the room we paid the money for as we have to cope with a large number of intake ?

        And finally is a laptop really necessary in the first semester ?

        • aseemrastogi2

          Rohan, as far as FFCS I concerned, am not sure about how it exactly works. So maybe Dev could explain to you on the details you need about that.

          Personally I hadn’t ever come across a situation where a person didn’t get the room he paid for in the first year. I mean if that happens now, its pretty amazing and weird according to me. But I haven’t come across anything of that sort.

          Till the time I was there at VIT, I never found a laptop a NECESSITY at all. Rather it is a LUXURY :). Yes, there are PPTs to study from and stuff and presentations to be done, but it was never a huge requirement at least according to me as some people make it out to be. And in first year, not at all.

  166. SWAS


    • aseemrastogi2

      If you are interested to pursue MS in fields like Immunology, Molecular Biology, Food Processing, Biomedical Engineering and many others, B.Tech Biotech would give you a good headstart. If you are interested in going for a job directly after B.Tech then this isn’t something I would advise to go for.

  167. Ashish

    Hey i have 2 simple qs.

    1. When a company offers a ctc to a student do they offer the same ctc they have decided b4 placement or if they see a gud potential then do they offer more than their predecided CTC. Basically is it possible to earn more than the regular ctc offered by a company based on ur potential or do they sweep every1 with the same brush?

    2. Is laptop required in 1st semester. If yes what for?

    thx a lot in advance. Its one of the rare genuine n truthful blogs on the net about vit vellore

    • aseemrastogi2

      1. Normally a company before offering gives you an idea what they would offer and gives you exactly that. I haven’t really seen them offering more than their pre-decided CTC. But how will they anyway know someone’s potential in a day or two?

      2. Regarding the laptop query, I just answered a question for the same today. You can check that one out :).

      Nice to know you liked my blogs :). Thanks.

      • AKSHAY

        sir i wanted to know about the research work at VIT especially in EEE and is there any significant role of students in it i saw on the site that a lot of projects are going on in various branches but wanted to know abt the studetnts’s role in it

        i also went thru sites of many nit’s like calicut where not much reseach is going on
        …. what do u about the reserch work ging on in VIT nd is it bettter than the NIT’s if not all then some atleast

        • aseemrastogi2

          Hey, you can call me Aseem. No need to call me ‘Sir’ :).

          Research at VIT is much lesser for sure compared to the IITs and top NITs like Surathkal and Trichy. But, if you are interested you always have a chance to work on projects which are numerous in number. No one stops you from doing such stuff for sure :). And moreover its always a good learning experience. There are projects always going on in partnerships with industries, private companies, Department of Science and Technology.

          Yes, students can enroll and register to work in them. Learning what a project entails, working with different types and kinds of people, seeing how the industry functions, developing some solutions etc are some of the stuff you can learn. As an example check this out. This project is by and of the students –

          I am not completely surely of all the kinds of projects in EEE. But am sure if you have the interest, you can always keep learning and doing some research work :). The fire should be there in the belly as they say.

  168. hiii..
    can anyone here tell me about MS SE at vit ?
    placement ?
    and everything about it ?

    • aseemrastogi2

      I know of a few people who have done MS SE at VIT. Personally speaking I wouldn’t say that its that great. At VIT, the PG courses aren’t too good. I mean its not that you won’t get a job. But then the jobs you may get after even doing MS SE may not pay you more than 3.2+. And that wouldn’t be real value for you am sure about that.

      • AKSHAY

        aseem i wanted to know about the higest pay package which has been offered to a student in VIT irrespective of the branch and what is the avg. salary given to the students in VIT.

        • aseemrastogi2

          Highest pay package has varied across years. But its been around 9-12 lacs. Average salary = 3-3.2 lacs which most IT companies offer.

      • thanks for replying …
        actuly i love do programing

        i have 2 choices .. VIT and ANY OTHER LOCAL GOVT. COLG VIA RPET IN RAJASTHAN ?

  169. Sumit

    First of all thanx for clearing all my doubts regarding VIT.Excellent article.
    I wanted to know about the average pay package in Mech. at Vellore. I am joining VIT this year. Is it better than ECE?
    Also what are the things that we are provided in the hostel.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Sumit. Nice to know you liked my article :).

      I have just answered a query with respect to M.Tech and its pay package. You can check that one out. Is your question whether B.Tech ECE is better than M.Tech ECE?

      You are provided a table, chair, a bed (You need to buy mattress, bedsheet, pillow) and a lot of space to keep your luggage.

      • Sumit

        I was talking about Mechanical’s package and its comparison with ECE

        • aseemrastogi2

          Basic packages offered by IT companies for both these branches are the same. The core packages may vary but I don’t there’s too much variation. Yes, though Mechanical has a bit of an upper hand in terms of ABET accreditation, better faculty at times. And I would say that Mechanical is the number 1 branch at VIT.

  170. Manikanta

    hello Aseem,
    i feel very happy when i found this blog and i’m very thankful to u.

    my query is.. I got 434 rank in VITMEE 2012 exam for M.Tech.
    I did my on EEE. Please tel me can i get seat in Power Electronics in vellore campus?
    Also how wil be the placements for both in software field and core field..?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Mani,

      Thanks for liking my blog :). Congrats for such a good rank :). It’s awesome.

      Honestly speaking am not too sure about the way admissions go about for M.Tech as such. Since you rank seems pretty awesome, I think you could have a chance for Power Electronics though it has pretty less seats.

      The placements in VIT for M.Tech happen mostly in TCS, Wipro, CTS etc. There’s a much better chance of getting service sector jobs. Core placements in other fields maybe difficult and the options are a bit limited. The packages are a bit higher than B.Tech ones.

      But if to tell you honestly and not to dishearten you, if given an option try for M.Tech at some other colleges as well like BITS, IITs, IISc etc. M.Tech at VIT is nowhere as good as B.Tech :).

      • Manikanta

        Thanks Aseem,

        You are the only one who is answering for any sort of queries. Hats off for your blog.

        Is it possible to stay outside the college instead of hostel as the hostel fee is very high to pay? I heard that campus is very far from the town and one cannot reach easily. But from google maps i found that katpadi junction is nearer to university. Is it a good idea to take room outside the college or better to stay in hostel?

        • aseemrastogi2

          Thanks Mani for your kind words :).

          In terms of outside, its very well allowed and very much possible. Picture this – When I came in 2005, there was nothing much around the university. But today a city has built outside and that was in 2009. I am sure now things would be even more developed for sure. Katpadi is 10-15 mins by auto max.

          Pros of taking room outside
          – Relatively cheap for sure
          Cons of taking room outside – Water issues in Vellore city which don’t affect VIT at all since we have a reverse osmosis plant, Food problems in case you don’t cook, away from friend circle and hostel life which is an important part I feel.

  171. Naman

    Hello Aseem,

    I recently took admission in the IT branch of VIT Vellore.Just had a couple of doubts:-

    1.Regarding the hostel room allotment.I have been allotted a six bedded non AC room.Is it the same case will all freshers?I mean all are provided with this same option?If yes,six people in a room isn’t too much?.I read all your previous posts about being provided a table,chairs and almirahs.Do we have to share it or it will be separate.Please do share your personal exp. in this matter.

    2.And secondly,I wanted to know about the status regarding the books.Do we have to buy the books from a specified store or we have to take notes from our seniors?

    Please reply soon.:)

    An anxious fresher waiting to start his college life.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Naman,

      1. During our times, there were options of Single Bedded and Six Bedded AC and non – AC rooms. But from what I see today there is no Single Bedded but 2,4 or 6 people in one room. Yes 6 is a bit too much I agree. But then I guess after a point in time people do get used to that. Yes you are provided your individual table, chair, bed and almirahs to keep your stuff.

      2. As far studies are concerned – books could be taken from library and xeroxed, books could be taken from seniors or you can buy books. For buying books there are places in Vellore where you can buy. But normally people prefer to xerox it from library or take from seniors who are outgoing. Taking notes would also be a great option. And one more thing which works in VIT is people xerox the toppers notes in their class to study. Though for this the topper in your class has to be very helpful 😛 ;).

    • siddharth bal

      hey naman,

      just wanted to know………….how can we know which room we have been allotted…..thorugh the student profile??…

  172. Subhajit

    Hello Aseem, you are doing a wonderful job here helping so many people. Now I need you help. I got 138 rank in VITMEE for MCA. Can you tell me if the MCA(master of computer application) degree program is good at VIT, should I go for it. And how is the placement for MCA students??

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Subhajit :).

      You can go through my responses below on Masters programs at VIT. Normally the Masters programs of Computer Science departments are the best. But truthfully speaking the salaries you would get are a bit more than what B.Tech guys get but nothing that great to talk about. So I would still say think twice before thinking about VIT Masters courses.

      • AKSHAY

        hey aseem i wanted to know how many students go for higher studies abroad from VIT university as i am intrested in pursuing my mtech from an university abroad in electrical

        • aseemrastogi2

          Akshay, there are a lot many students who go abroad from VIT to pursue their Masters. I am not sure of the exact numbers but you will be able to form study groups with like minded people am sure. Preparation won’t be a problem at all :).

  173. AKSHAY

    aseem my last doubt i have an option of pursuing my BTech in electrical from NIT durgapur,NIT Nagpur and VIT UNIVERSITY please guide me through which institute wud be the best suited for me and why. i have heard many people say that xcpt the top 4 nits rest nits are just living on their brand name with poor infrastructure lack of good research ,etc is it true ??
    while on the other hand some people say that a govt institute is always better than a private university(even if it is a deemed university like VIT).
    the split opinions has lead me into a dilemma regarding which institute to join among these 3 as i am intrested in personality development , more studying opportunities along with my enginnering degree.
    please help me out as this is probably one of the most prominent doubts i am facing since the results have been declared.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Akshay, personally I don’t have much idea about NIT Durgapur or NIT Nagpur. But all I can say is that other than NIT Surathkal, Trichy and maybe Warangal to an extent, rest aren’t something that much to talk about. But I am not sure the pros and cons about these instis you mentioned. There is nothing like the fact that a private university isn’t good.

      VIT has awesome infrastructure, good labs, a good reputation. Lots love to spoil its reputation is a different thing altogether :). If you have to choose between these institutes, I would say VIT even though it maybe a bit more cash involved.

  174. suvam pramanik

    hey aseem i have some simple doubts is there any uniform in vit .are internet facilties available there. do we have to take utensils for meals or they wil provide

    • aseemrastogi2

      1. No Uniform which obviously doesn’t mean one can wear anything though :P.

      2. Yes internet facilities are available.

      3. You can take utensils in case you plan to stay outside or in case you to plan to cook in the room. But be careful if you have kettles and stuff and wanna make maggi and all. Sometimes these security who come on checks may take it saying you shouldn’t use it because of electricity overload and stuff. Otherwise in the mess you are provided all utensils.

      • AKSHAY

        aseem my last doubt i have an option of pursuing my BTech in electrical from NIT durgapur,NIT Nagpur and VIT UNIVERSITY please guide me through which institute wud be the best suited for me and why. i have heard many people say that xcpt the top 4 nits rest nits are just living on their brand name with poor infrastructure lack of good research ,etc is it true ??
        while on the other hand some people say that a govt institute is always better than a private university(even if it is a deemed university like VIT).
        the split opinions has lead me into a dilemma regarding which institute to join among these 3 as i am intrested in personality development , more studying opportunities along with my enginnering degree.
        please help me out as this is probably one of the most prominent doubts i am facing since the results have been declared.

  175. Rohan

    what about MCA from VIT??? from both Vellore and chennai campus????

    • aseemrastogi2

      I wouldn’t advise you to go to VIT Chennai for sure. As for MCA, you can see my response to Subhajit below regarding your same question :).

  176. arijit deb

    hey… there is a course in which we have to select a foreign language to study…. which according to you should be easy to learn among german, french and japaneese??

    please rply soon… 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      Arijit, I am not sure if its a compulsory course now. During our times studying a foreign language was more as an elective. As for ease I am not too sure. But German and French are the most useful languages to learn in terms of future opportunities :).

  177. arijit deb

    cud u pls tell me about the B block hostel nd how is its mess quality??

    • AKSHAY

      hey aseem recently the hostel room allotmeint link was enabled on the VIT website and i was surprised to see that i have been alloted a 6 Bed AC room type in the F block though i had applied for a 2 BED AC room type and also had paid the fees (remaining ) on 18th june. stilll why have i been alloted this room type i dont know. IS IT NORMAL AND HAPPENS WITH EVERYBODY OR SHOULD I TALK TO THE CHIEF WARDEN of the hostel.

      please guide me

      • arijit deb

        its same wid me akshay….. i applied for a 4 bed AC…. bt i got 3 bed NON AC…… totally disgusting…

      • AKSHAY

        hmm dont know whats happening btw which branch are u in arijit???

      • siddharth bal

        hey arijit and akshay…….
        ….i had the some problem…but when i asked some of the seniors abt this issue..
        they said the rooms the allotted on merit basis….in the 1st sem..they do so by using our ranks….but after that…(2nd sem onwards) …they will consider our CGPA for alloting rooms according to our prefernces…
        as far as i have come to know….. if u get a room diffirent from what ur prefernce was or what you had paid for…..the excess amount will be refunded…

        this generally happens when there is a shortage of rooms u had applied for..and
        ppl getting higher ranks may have got those rooms….

        so i guess that would have cleared ur doubts…
        i am also joining vit this yr…..

      • aseemrastogi2

        6 bedded AC room in F Block??? My god, now during our times there was never an AC in a 6 bedded room :P. Lucky, guys you are ;). On a serious note, its pretty sad though. Yeah they do it based on ranks and cGPA later. They had introduced this cGPA concept pretty late during our stay there and to be honest we were shocked with such a rule.

    • aseemrastogi2

      If I remember right, B Block is one of the oldest mens hostel blocks in VIT. It is maintained decently though the inside gives you the feeling that you are in a very old kind of building. The mess was decent wherein some days the food was good while sometimes it was bad. But you can take some other mess also right? Does the special mess concept still exist now?

  178. AKSHAY

    thanks a lot siddharth for clearing my doubt this seems ok to me btw which branch are u in???
    and when r u joining vit?

  179. i also got 6 bedded non ac…..although i made a choice for 2 bedded ac…..nd this can’t b acc. to our rank……also., they could provide acc. to our preference wise no.???…like they can provide with 3 bedded, 4 bedded…..y 6 bedded…nd wo bhi non ac????

    • siddharth bal

      the info i got was from the seniors studying in vit…,according to them …ppl under 5500 – 6000 ranks…usually get rooms according to their preferences ….after that ppl generally get rooms lower in their preference list…..

      but u can upgrade ur room after the 1st yr….allotment will be done according to ur CGPA… higher ur CGPA….more the possibility of getting ur desired room type and desired roomate….

      btw….tarun …which branch?

  180. sam

    i am interested in communication eng. at VIT .Is it good?
    Prospectus says that it is a double degree program in collaboration with UAS,Darmstadt, Germany.Could u provide more details on this?how many students get selected, fees, criteria etc?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Sam,

      I have replied to some of the aspirants below regarding M.Tech courses in general. Would tell you to think more than twice before deciding to go for an M.Tech course at VIT. Normally M.Tech CSE, MCA etc. are the best ones because they get more placement offers. Though even their packages are a little more than B.Tech graduates.

      As far as your course is concerned since its having a double degree collaboration with this foreign university, I can try checking out more about it. By the way to tell you an interesting story, my friend did his B.Tech Biotech and then M.Tech Biotech from VIT. He went for a project abroad to Germany and his bosses were so impressed, they extended his project into a long internship and recommended him for a Phd in France. And now he’s left for that one :). So yeah its all about getting and grabbing the right opportunities :).

  181. arijit deb

    i am in mech.(spec. in chemical processing)…..

  182. arijit deb

    the temp. in vellore in very hot even in winters……. don’t know how will we survive…