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Movie Review – Love Sex Dhokha (LSD)


First things first, Love Sex Dhokha (LSD) is an experimental movie and an amazing sign about the progressive times our Bollywood movie industry is going through. When one saunters into the theater, he/she doesn’t know what to expect and what not to. This fact coupled with hearing/reading either completely positive or completely negative reviews about the movie and just seeing 8 people in the movie hall (me included) made me seriously wonder as to how the movie would pan out.

But as the scenes unfolded one after the other, I knew that I was witnessing something so different never before attempted in Indian cinema. If I am right, this is the first time that an entire movie has been shot with a handycam. This gives the movie a grainy, fuzzy and a rather original in-house kind of look and feel putting it in the leagues of Paranormal Activity or Blairwitch Project. All the actors seem normal people like you and me. One factor could be that the director Dibankar Banerjee (of Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Khosla Ka Ghosla fame) didn’t want big stars while the other more valid facor could be that big stars don’t have the guts to act in such movies.

Even the stories depicted – that is honour killing (Love), the MMS Scandal (Sex) and Sting Operation (Dhokha) have a sense of reality attached to them. None of the scenes in them look forced and the way the actors act, it feels they aren’t acting at all and its reality. Even the sex scene may seem titilating at first, but when taken with the movie into account, it does take the story forward.

The film does have its share of negatives with a use of a hand held camera causing a lot of grainy footage throughout the movie, all new actors and things like that.

But then this is a film which does signify the progressiveness and the willingness of our filmmakers to go beyond the obvious song and dance sequences in our normal movies.

Rating – 3/5

PS – The movie is made for a very niche audience (the multiplex crowd specially and in that also for a very select few who like to watch different kind of movies)


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  1. That means LSD should be given a try. Will try to watch it after exams provided it still remains on theater screens.

    • aseemrastogi2

      LSD dekhne ke baad agar acchi na lage toh mujhe mat gali dena :P..but on a serious note this movie is an experiment and i guess a really good one 🙂

  2. I don’t think so, LSD is not a sensible movie.
    just “crap creative” and threat to society’s thinking.

    • aseemrastogi2

      hey wat i said was its a different kinda movie..the stories it projected are topics which have all happened these it the honour killing, the mms scandal or the sting operation one…the way tthe movie runs is i agree different..but isnt tht wat the people are looking for..wud surely like to know how do u say tht its a threat to the society????

  3. Kedar

    Of late..happened to watch this movie..
    It was worth the time spent..

    Of the 3 parts, I liked the L part.
    Moreover, a good thing that I liked is the connect that the movie has among the 3 different parts (L, S & D).
    Overall, a good one!!

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