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Isnt 3,235 crore a huge amount compared to 36 crores? Then why the hypocrisy?

Two interestingly famous or unfamous as one may put it happened recently. For one, the Behenji of the nation, Mayawati who has created a large number of records in having the biggest rallies, spending the greatest amounts to make her birthdays the biggest tamashas ever, installing her statues at every nook and corner of UP went one step further – She was presented a garland of 21 and 15 crores on two separate occasions in a space of a few days. Yes guys! She was given a garland of just currency notes at one of the by now infamous BSP rallies. Interestingly in that rally she was affected by a group of bees which she thought was the handiwork of the opposition (hahahahaha…Our country and our politicians! My god!). There was a big hue and cry about this by people and other politicians alike with people even asking for a CBI enquiry.

The other big event was the bagging of two new IPL teams – Kochi and Pune by Rendezvous Sports World and Sahara Group for 3,235 crores!!! Yes guys that totals more than the costs of all the other IPL teams combined. And this is without the player costs, promotions, ground etc etc etc. There are a lot of factors here other than cricket which dictated this decision. First is the money and then is politics. The Kochi bid was “blessed” by Shashi Tharoor and the Pune bid was supported by Sharad Pawar. The worst part of all this is that Kochi doesn’t have a stadium yet. But in all this no one other than a few sane voices here and there said anything against the kind of money being shown, thrown and showered.

So why this hypocrisy? Because whether we accept it or not we are a really hypocritical society. When one leader does something, everyone goes behind her like a dog running behind a cat. But when someone spends a fortune in cricket (which is reportedly our national game), everyone is so happy that they would get to see more matches and more cricket. I am not saying that Mayawati or the IPL team owners are right. Both are very wrong. But the point is why treat both of them differently in the public eye? Aren’t both of them guilty of a brazen show of wealth? But then its all about contacts. Who would dare to say anything against Lalit Modi. At this moment he feels that he has been able to buy anything and everything in this world – the people, the game, the players, the celebs and everything and rightly so because we are treating him this way. In Mayawati’s case she is not stranger to controversies and would surely manage to get through this one.

This surely proves one thing that all of us Indians are pathetically hypocritical. At one end we criticise Mayawati saying that she should have spent this money for public welfare, helping the poor, in various schemes etc and at the other end we feel so happy and proud that two new IPL teams have been sold for such astronomical amounts.

Pretty sad story of our lives REALLY!


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  1. santa

    “Priety” sad indeed!! But isnt democracy wonderful? The people get the leaders they deserve.

  2. Anita

    You seem to be right. No hue and cry about IPL!!!!

  3. strange comparison, IPL teams is an investment rather than blatant show of money.
    It just shows the speed in which the brand value of IPL has increased over the years…no matter how much it harms the game, there’s no denying that IPL has massive brand value

    . where as in case of Mayawati it was a shameless exhibition of abuse of ‘Taxpayers’ money

    • aseemrastogi2

      I have never said that the brand value of IPL is less..I surely agree also that its a long term investment..Though the comparison may seem not exactly valid because in Mayawati’s case its the taxpayers money while in IPL its private, but my point was to basically compare how at one level they criticise a leader for not spending enuff money on public welfare and how at another level private corporates are more interested in building their businesses by spending extravagant amounts of money just for a the west spending huge sums of money on games like EPL makes some sense but not exactly in India..cuz at d end of just makes the rich richer and the poor poorer..

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