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CV – The two most important letters of a person’s life!

Curriculum Vitae (CV) for short is probably the most important document of a person’s life. Its a description of a person’s entire life in those two sheets of paper. The best part about the whole thing is the fact that all the people advise that the shorter the CV, the better it is for a person in terms of getting a job or helping a person get an idea about him / her. No one has time to go through sheets and sheets of paper to know more about a prospective candidate for a job.

A CV is like a passport to success for a person’s career. To bluntly state the fact, it can basically make or break a person’s life. Most of the companies for internships and placements at colleges or even those which take in applicants through direct applications go through the person’s CV to make the first round of eliminations. I am sure some may argue saying that a CV may not entirely be a true reflection of a person’s ability. But the fact is that in a country like ours with millions applying for only few hundred jobs a year, it does make sense to make the CV as the first round of elimination. People also make CVs for marriages especially in our country where girls are “shown” to the bridegrooms after he has gone through her CV.

That’s why whether we are at college or anywhere else, we are taught to make the CV in the best possible fashion. Even if we don’t have really good achievements or much to write about, whatever is written there should be amazing for a person to read; so amazing that he says “WOWWWWW!!! Maan we should take this guy..He is too good” even though one may not be as good as the person has projected to be. The distinguishing factors from some other candidate (like eg: working with an NGO) if highlighted properly would surely help a person stand in a good stead vis – a – vis another candidate. This is the reason many agencies and organizations and also online portals have come up which charge certain amounts to help a person make the right “eye – catching CV”. Its actually become a thriving and interesting business.

A person without a “good” CV is seriously like a fish without water. He / She maybe amazing in his / her communication skills or whatever stuff, but if he / she doesn’t have the kind of CV which makes the prospective employer interested in them, then that person is no good (to state it bluntly). So everyone’s success mantra today :-

Amazing CV = Amazing Job Opportunities = Amazing Money or = Amazing Marriages or where CVs are used

P.S. (CVs are not the be all and end all of everything though)


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  1. u r right on target aseem….

    I think this blog has come out of ur experience of summers…:)

  2. mini

    I completely agree on the fact that a person without a good CV is like a fish without water 🙂

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