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The Indian Judicial System – What a joke!!!

39,55,224 – That’s the amazingly small or the humongously large number of cases depending on how you look at it lying in the Indian courts today as of September 2009. By now it would have surely risen by many thousand more. Bhopal Gas Tragedy, Babri Masjid demolition, 1993 Mumbai Blasts, the Coimbatore blasts in 1998, Godhra riots, the Black Buck killing by Salman Khan, Jessica Lall, Rizwanur Rahman, Madhu Koda and thousands of other politicians whose names I have forgotten over the years, Harshad Mehta scam, Abdul Karim Telgi, Arushi Talwar, Satyam, Kasab, Ruchika and millions more – This is not some names of random people or timeline of any incidents. It is the list of some of the most prominent cases of how the judiciary in our country has time and again done what it does best – Not catch the accused or even if they caught the accused, they would give them the most royale treatment probably better than they would get at their respective homes.

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy was an industrial catastrophe that took place at a Union Carbide pesticide plant at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh on Dec 3, 1984. Around 12am, the plant released methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas and other toxins, resulting in the exposure of over 500,000 people. Thousands have died since from various gas – related diseases. Till date no one has been prosecuted related to the case though everyone knows what exactly happened that fateful day. Warren Anderson, the CEO of Union Carbide is sitting in his palatial house and living a life of luxury while the people affected by it directly or indirectly continue to suffer each day. It has become the biggest joke round that every year on Dec 3rd there are demonstrations on this issue by various human rights groups and then again the whole year no one except the affected people bothers and then again the same routine is repeated. Does anyone really care? This case has no hope left at all.

The Babri Masjid was demolished on 6th December 1992 when a rally by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) turned into a mob of thousands of kar sevaks who went on a rampage to completely rip apart the mosque. Everyone knew that leaders like Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Vinay Katiyar and others were involved in this horrendous act but it took Justice Liberhan 17 – Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, 17 looooong years to officially prove that. Ok the fact is that there were a very high number of delays due to the politicians and other issues obviously because the politicians didn’t want this to be proved and so on. But the point is what the hell was Liberhan doing for 17 years???????? Had he gone to sleep? Had he forgotten about the legal system as to how to punish someone or how to take a case forward? Had he taken money from the politicians to keep quiet all these years? Had he decided lets show the report after everyone’s forgotten about it so that no one will get punished? And in the end what does he come out with? A 1000 pg report full of what we call in a B – School as “PFAFF” because its all what we know about. And anyways what is the point of all this? Because as predicted, nothing has happened to the politicians and nothing really will in the future as well.

The Mumbai blasts that is the first one in memory (I know loads of them have occured over the years) which occurred on March 12, 1993 was the one where about 11 locations were attacked. More than 250 people died and thousands were injured. Even though its widely known that Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim were involved in them, the case ran till 2006 to find only certain people guilty with more than 100 conspirators missing. Even the guilty ones, especially the high profile ones like Sanjay Dutt were having such a fun life that you would surely wonder whether he was a being treated as a criminal or just leading a normal simple life. What is the point of only catching the people who helped in this act and not the other ones? For this though Pakistan is involved and they are the least I would expect from to do anything good for our nation.

Jessica Lall, Rizwanur Rahman, Ruchika, Madhu Koda, Ramalinga Rahu are all cases where you realise that if you are a big man and have a lot of power you can do anything in this nation. Manu Sharma shot Jessica in the bar and left because he didn’t get a drink, Rizwanur Rahman was driven to sucide by his father in law, the big industrialist Ashok Todi, Ruchika, a 14 year old budding tennis player was molested by the Haryana top cop SPS Rathore just because he wanted to satisfy his voyeuristic pleasures, Madhu Koda, the ex chief minister was charged with laundering money worth upto Rs 4000 crores, Ramalinga Raju took more than 50,000 employees at Satyam for a ride by being involved in a fraud of Rs 7000 crores probably one of the biggest in the history of modern India. In all the cases, the commonality was that the person who was involved in the crime was damn rich, had power to make the politicians, business leaders or the police dance to his tune and also finish a person’s life if he she wanted. Manu Sharma and Ramalinga Raju are living such an amazing life in jail that they would not want to leave the luxury of it. Ashok Todi was never caught because CBI could never prove (in India everything happens on the basis of proof) that Rizwanur Rahman was killed or driven to suicide because of him. N yes look at Madhu Koda’s daredevilry – he managed to dodge the notices of the Enforcement Directorate four times before being caught because he obviously knows that nothing will happen to him. Ruchika’s case was completely dead and buried until recently when a CBI court gave a 6 month sentence to Rathore who is even fighting that. All these years, he ripped apart the happiness of the Girhotra family. Can the media activism bring justice to them?

Arushi Talwar was found murdered in her house on May 16, 2008. It became a national news with the sensational coverage being given to it by the media. Sadly or probably for the good depending on how one takes it, it was telecast as breaking news. This kept the police on its toes to find the criminals. But in all this as has been the case the DIG made some horrendous statements about the character of Arushi as well as her having sexual relations with the servant or with the father. God!! In this world, I had thought there was some respect one needs to give to a person who has passed away. This was a complete character assassination of a simple family and a simple girl. With time people forgot about the case and no one has been prosecuted till date.

Kasab, the only terrorist caught alive from the 26/11 blasts has made a complete shame of our judicial system if there was any left. His was an open and shut case from the start. But the way it has gone, its like he is some normal criminal being treated in the best possible way. He asks for walks to refresh himself, biryani, newspapers in Urdu and what not? God what the hell!! He even has a pretty big Wikipedia page and has 503,000 search hits on the Google page. Wow! We have maintained our tradition of “Atithi Devo Bhave” for him truly. Off late he has retracted all his previous statements saying that he was confessed to confess under duress. God till when will this tamasha go on??

These are some of the few among the millions of cases which are reported. In this nation rapes, deaths, murders, terrorist attacks, suicides, thefts everything occur by the second. But sadly today the people in the khaki who we are supposed to trust have become the biggest criminals that people are scared to go and tell them anything. And the people know that even if they write an FIR, by the time the judiciary would come out with its verdict, their kids would have been born or maybe even become old.

And thats why the Indian Judicial System has become the biggest joke across the world!!!


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  1. forum

    this article is really good as in its a serious topic and u have been able to express ur views pretty well. be it a informal topic or something like this. the balance expresses every thing. you have expressed ur views on every popular cases. all in all its a well presented update

  2. Madhukar Dhruva

    The Indian Legal system is Best.There is no other such a good system.Study will show that it is not rightly applied.Its absoultly transperant, one can know all the steps of proceeding and reasons for passing order.What is required is that those who are connected with the institute of judicial system must be fair sincere honest industrious impartial and commited to serve the human society.The parsons responsible are mmbers of Legislature -Executive -Judiciary and members of the staff-the establishment.

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