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Pyaar Impossible – Music Review

Pyaar Impossible has been directed by Jugal Hansraj (In case you forgot who he is..He has acted in Papa Kehte Hain, Mohabbatein and directed Roadside Romeo) and produced by Uday Chopra. Doesnt sound interesting surely..Does it? Especially considering the fact that Uday Chopra (who I really hate cuz I seriously feel that he looks like a monkey who hasn’t evolved properly into a homosapien) is acting in the movie. But one thing is for sure – the role he essays in the movie of a stupid, dumbo who falls in love with the amazingly hot “Priyanka Chopra” suits him to the T. Salim – Sulaiman are the music composers.  So lets see hows the music of the movie.

From the first song “Alisha” one gets an idea about the youth feel of the movie. Its been the first promo on television. The best thing about this song is Anushka Manchanda (of VIVA fame). Her husky rendition which brings a lot of attitude to the song is apt considering that Priyanka’s character in this film is supposed to be this hot-difficult to get kinda gal. She does a good job in the “Remix” version of this song as well. Her change of pitch as well as tone in this song deserves a thumbs up.  Salim Merchant also does a good job whenever he comes behind the mike. All in all a good start to the album.

Soon after, Dominique Cerejo along with Vishal Dadlani come up with the title song – “Pyaar Impossible”. This is yet another Westernized song confirming the theme of a rom-com musical. Dominique is as soothing as always in her beautiful voice as she takes the lead here. Vishal comes behind the mike intermittently throughout the whole song. The remix version is also really well done. Good!

Neha Bhasin and Benny Dayal do a good job with “You and Me”. Benny Dayal shows his versatility with this song after his “Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gayee”. This mushy love track would be there in any kind of urban love story. It has shades of some English songs (which I don’t sadly remember!). But nevertheless, this number has the potential to be played in clubs, lounges and parties across the nation.

However the best part of the song comes with “10 on 10” where its firmly established that this a complete girlie album. Mahua Kamat and Anushka Manchanda bring amazing energy into the song with their tremendous rendition. For some reason this song reminds me of little Avril Lavigne in the beginning and the video kind of reminds me of the prom nights in English movies. The video also establishes Priyanka Chopra’s popular and difficult-to-get status in the movie. Naresh Kamath comes towards the end with a few lines. But eventually the girls take the cake in this song.

Finally comes “Ek thi Ladki” which is crooned by Rishika Sawant. It has a story telling setting to it and doesn’t disappoint at all. She tells this story of a girl meeting a guy who falls head over heels in love with her. Though its more of a situational song and would sound well when one watches the movie, the music sounds really nice.

All in a well the music of “Pyaar Impossible” sticks to its urban youth rom-com feel throughout. It delivers what it promises. Highly recommended for the youngsters! A job well done :).

Rating – 3/5


Padhee and Anish – You guys are the best! This ones 4 U :)


Air India / Indian Airlines or “Indian” (Whatever the name) – It is the biggest disgrace to our nation ever!


  1. mini

    Nice review 🙂 . I have heard alisha , pyar impossible and 10 on 10. I must say they are really good. Ur review makes me want to listen to th rest of th songs too 🙂

  2. frank kipruto

    i love this video js cnt stop repeating it,,,all characters deserv #thumbs up#

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