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Xeroxes – The elixir of a college going student’s life!

Xerox – What does one think after hearing this word?. About the company Xerox?. No! Especially a college going student would be the last person to think about the company upon hearing this word. What comes to mind is the photocopy of a sheet or notes which he / she would have to study, copy, submit whatever. Xerox is a 103 year old company manufacturing printers, photocopiers among other things. Over the years it became a generic name wherein rather than using the word “photocopy”, people started using the word “xerox”.

Till I was at school, like a “good boy”, I used to take notes and be very disciplined and obedient. When I came to VIT, writing notes became a big task. Initially I used to take notes but as time went by laziness crept into my system like the way a virus gets into a person’s body or into a computer (Amazing what an analogy! :D).

Slowly and slowly we realized that most of us in the class were in the same boat (lazy and disinterested to take proper notes except a certain “few”). Those few were certain girls like Liza, Aditi, Arundhati, Debanjana to name a few. But among them Liza took the cake for taking down all the notes i.e. basically each and every word what came out from the teacher’s mouth. She used to have different coloured pens and stuff. Two facts about her completely stand out – She had 100% attendance and the way she wrote in every class irrespective of the fact that whether it was early morning or towards evening. Most of us would be sleeping, msging, looking here and there when she would be doing this.

Just before exam time, we used to get tons and tons of xeroxed printed notes from the college. Liza’s notes (unsurprisingly) were xeroxed by the whole Biotech batch. To make it easier, people used to give her different subject books to one of the xerox shops so that they can keep many copies of them as everyone took it. One of the shops went to the extent of putting a notice saying “Liza’s notes – Comprehensive Package (All subjects) – 50 Rs – To be ordered one day earlier during exam time”. She was a brand. Whether anyone knew her or not, hated her or not, liked her or not, most of them studied her xerox notes for every exam.

During the exam times one could always here students shouting stuff like “Dude, shit maan even that Xerox is there”, “Dude how much is there in this xerox”, “Yaar main toh yeh xerox pura nahi kar ke jaa raha kyunki bahut bada hai”. After the exams used to get over and people would embark on their vacations, tons of xeroxes would be found thrown away in the dustbins.

In all this the xerox shops had the most merry time. Imagine 14,000 students of this college wanting xeroxes. They had all the business in the exam season which was approximately total of 1 month in a semester. But the business in that month much more than compensated for the remaining period. More than 20 xerox shops had sprung up around the college in the four years we were there. At one point of time we had even contemplated of starting one as an entrepreneurial venture :D.

Liza – This is a big thank you from VIT Biotech Batch 2005-09 for helping us study from your notes throughout these years. If it weren’t for you, we seriously would have faced loads of problems.

And yeah If it weren’t for “Xeroxes”, we wouldn’t have managed to get hold of Liza’s notes 🙂


Sleep – My best and most fulfilling pastime :)


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  1. priyu

    aseem…. xerox is a very imp part of student life!!

  2. mini

    cute and sweet article :-). something which connects to each and every one of us . Seriously xeroxes are a very imp part of a student life. Even i remember in my bachelor s degree just befor th exams i used to get tons and tones of photocopies of notes , my goodness used to spend a lot of money he he 🙂

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