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Sleep – My best and most fulfilling pastime :)

I am writing this post at 2 30am sacrificing my hard – earned sleep. At the outset, I would like to state one fact that this post is not about the technical aspects of sleeping, its causes, how important it is or not or anything whatsoever related to this.  It basically deals with how sleep has shaped my life to what it is today (ok I know that it sounds like as if its a great deed I have done or an inspirational speech I attended which has changed my life :P).

Sleep is the best thing which has been discovered or invented or found out or whatever by man (ok I dont know who found it srsly). It is among the few things which can change a person’s mood from good to bad or vice – versa as the case may be. Lack of it can make a person cranky to everyone left, right and center. ok ok I know you are bored of this crap. Obviously because its about “me and sleep” and nothing else.

Without proper sleep I keep getting angry at anyone and everyone without any fault of theirs. But ya the matter altogether takes a different turn when I may sleep at 10pm the previous night and get up the next morning at 8am to finally end up yawning whole day in class (who was that who said 8 hrs of sleep is enough? because for me even ten don’t seem enough :P). Waking me up has always been and I presume will be (I know you guys will be really angry at me but what to do as old habits die hard :P) till the time I live in this world.  From ISM to VIT followed by SIBM at present, numerous people have been entrusted with the task of waking Aseem Rastogi up. While at school, mom, dad along with the house boy used to struggle to wake me up somehow by different means be it throwing water, switching off AC / fans, putting something burning hot on me to scare me what not (god I think this would be right up there as one of the toughest jobs in the world :P). While in 12th it became really horrible when I started yelling at my parents for no fault of theirs (only that they had woken me up). I remember recalling one particular incident when the house boy woke me up and I ran to hit him because I didn’t want to be woken up and in this anger he got scared. So he locked himself up in the bathroom and my banging into the door made a crack (which made dad call me the Iron Man of our house). I would like to sincerely apologize for my misdemeanors back then. Thankfully I have become much better since then in terms of controlling my anger in this matter (I know you guys would be like me and controlling my anger how can it be possible).

While at VIT, waking me up reaching dizzying heights of craziness and madness. Over the years many people such as Ishani, Ahalya, Ranjani, Mohsin, Arun, Girish, Juvin among others were entrusted with the responsibility to wake me up from my deep slumber. Ishani, Ranjani, Ahalya had phone numbers of many friends of mine and they used to message guys in my hostel at a particular time to wake me up. As Arun would describe it “the doors of 10 rooms would open at 6pm and the ten guys would walk to my room and on reaching and seeing each other, they would be like even you are there?..After some time of discussing, they would knock and knock and knock till after ten mins I would open the door all sleepy – eyed and say Thanks only to SLEEP AGAIN!!. How can I forget the way Sruthi used to wake me up for the IMS CAT classes and Test Series for TIME and IMS. Sruthi seriously because of you I was able to attend most of these classes as well as exams. At SIBM Pune, my roomie as well as some other friends (Mini in Bangalore) who now have the responsibility of making sure I wake up are slowly coming to know about my sleeping habits which I have nevertheless improved. Getting up on my own for class as well as having breakfast frequently for about 70-80% of first sem as well as in 2nd sem speaks volumes of how I have changed.

I know this may not be much but here’s a big THANK YOU to all you guys who have cared for me throughout my college years to wake me up despite having to piss most of you off by my sleeping habits.

On a lighter side, one thing I am really happy about is the fact that I can sleep any time and any where I want to. I mean what the hell even after sleeping for 12 – 14 hours on the trot, I have got up to have food and then sleep for another couple of hours (Now that’s what one calls stamina).


P.S – Till the time I went to VIT, I thought that I was really Kumbhkarna but Mohsin (MBL) was really the baap of Kumbhkarna. He estabilished a record of 19 hours which he was “VERY” proud of. Sadly my own record of 15 hours couldn’t come even close to it


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  1. mini

    seriously dude sleep is one of th best things discovered so far 🙂 .U can forget all th bad things tat happen to u during th day by just going to sleep .For me it really works he he.I just love sleeping 🙂 🙂

  2. forum

    dude thanks.coz whenever u asked me to wake u up, u were already up.hahaha dint have to go thru the effort that ur other friends have gone thru.hahah

  3. MBL aka 'The Baap of Kumbhkarna'

    lol!!! good one da!!
    i could not agree ever more!!! there’s nothing that can come close to the joys & pleasure of a long, warm, dreamy sleep! and i have to agree that even though i am the Baap, you are no less a sleepping prodigy my dear!! glad to read about your ‘nappy’ times! 😉

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