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Ranju – This ones an ode to U!!

For the uninitiated, Ranjani Gopal (popularly known as Ranju at least for me – waise toh unke bahut naam hai like Rajjo, Run-Genie, Cracksy and wat not) has been my classmate since 7th std. Yes, our friendship dates back to 1999 (Now thats an amazingly looooooong time). We were together in 7th, 11th (only in Maths), 12th at ISM (Indian School Muscat) and then four amazing yrs at VIT. In 7th we were just like ok friends chalta hai types. Then for 3 years didnt have much contact as such.

When we met in 11th, we had changed a lot obviously in terms of the way we thought about life, friends etc. Basically both of us had become much more mature about life. But this gave a great chance for us to revive our friendship (not that it had died or something…but i guess if you are in one class its very easy to maintain it). Then finally came 12th std when we were back together in one class after 5 years (Now thats a pretty big time!!). But the way we spoke in 12th, it didnt seem like we had been away for loooong. Loads of interesting things happened in that year (some of which obviously shouldnt be spoken in a public forum πŸ˜› cuz I am sure the people who matter know it ;)). All the times during Chitra maam’s and Preetha maam’s tution spent on talking all kinds of things in the world were really amazing.

Then again for the next four years we ended up being together (After this I was sure that god surely wanted us to be friends for as looooong as we can be). At VIT we had the most amazing times together be it good times, bad times, funny times, sweet times doing wat not. We really lived a lyf together (here we were in the same dept and also used to be together around campus till 7-8pm unlike in ISM wherein we met only at school or tutions).

Roaming around campus doing nothing discussing abt issues ranging from which relationship has bloomed to which went bust, having gobi 65 at FC or canteen (god i still remember that frenzy in the last few days of college of her having it so frequently :P), the times spent with Padhee (oh god wat bad luck or whatever u may call it he had that he used to get injured so often :P) and Anish (i surely cannot forget our beautiful times together) , spending time at FC, QB, going to Aahar Dhaba so often (ahaaa i still remember that day how i ate whatever she ate!! god i was gone mad ;)), watching movies in Raghavendra for just 30-40 bucks…maan that was so bloody cheap, she getting pissed off at me most of the times because of not coming on time during project and also otherwise cuz of my sleep as she had to literally wake up the whole hostel, she having to wait for me (obviously again due to my sleeping habits) maaan i can go on and on but all these times were and will be the most precious ones of my life.

I seriously admire her the way she is. Her being helpful to anyone and everyone, her amazing ability to initiate a conversation with anyone, the lengths she can go to care about any person she loves, her dedication to achieve and do what she likes are some of the few qualities which I have tried to imbibe in my life. She has been the backbone of my life. From helping me in love to making friends to helping me become a much more dynamic person in life to always being there for me whenever I needed her, she has played an amazing role in my life which I know no one can replace.

When we parted on 17th May 2009 at around 4pm, i felt a really big hole inside me as to how life would be like without having her as my support system. But as they say the show must go on and it does with her in Dubai searching for a job and me at SIBM Pune doing MBA.

I would just like to end by saying thatΒ  I am really proud to have a friend like Ranjani and the ten years we have been together have been one of my most beautiful years. I am sure we will meet soon, because I really believe that we are meant to be friends for life.

Three Cheers to our friendship!!!!

PS :- Padhee and Anish – You guys will surely be covered in the next few posts coming up!!!..I have loads to tell πŸ˜›


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  1. Abhishek

    hey buddy..that was a cool dedication…i didnt know u have known each other for such a long time….
    gr8 going guys….u rock!! all the best!!!

  2. True friendship. Reflections of memories. A nice breezy feel.

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