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Love – What it is really??? (Even I am trying to know after all these years :P)

Crush, Infatuation, Liking someone, Love – all different words used to describe one particular feeling. The urge to be with that special someone, the necessity to make that one person happy whether others maybe happy or not, the smile one gets on his / her voice at just hearing that one person’s voice, the eagerness to just get a glimpse of that person, the ability to sing the most amazing luv songs  (ok i guess i should stop here or ill keep going on and on and bore you) are few of the “N” number of signs i can give about a person falling in love. Obviously I myself am no guru to give so much gyaan on it.

But yeah love does change a person’s personality a lot (whether in a good or bad way toh depends on person to person :P). It changed me in a number of ways (obviously good ones!!!). I started becoming much more patient (yeah I know me and patient are like poles apart, but I think I have improved somewhat), much more daring (:P), much more caring (I am sure the people who matter know how), singing amazingly and that too in front of big crowds (ok my parents got the biggest shock when that happened) and basically doing things one wouldn’t do under normal conditions.

Even though the feeling of love has remained same over the decades, many things have changed. Today relationships change as fast as people change their shirts and also its really becoming easy to move in and out of relationships (yeah I guess time time ki baat hoti hai).

But I can say one thing for sure despite so much happening in my life I am still confused about so many things. Even today there are hundreds of questions in my mind about love, commitment, how to understand girls and what not. So in the end humme yeh seekh milti hai ki LOVE IS SOMETHING WHICH IS TOUGHER TO UNDERSTAND THAN EVEN OPERATIONS (ok I am saying operations because I cant understand how to do anything in it :P)


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  1. forum

    this seems the best write up till date coz this is directly what u feel and u expressed in words. love is sure confusing but thats the best part. otherwise u wont fall in it in the first place. so fall and rise in it

  2. nidhi

    great going bro 🙂 !!!! really impressive

    from the aseem i met 2 years ago u have transformed really a bit intellectual guess u wrote a nice bit of things
    sometimes i really feel its necessary to write and understand what and how u percieve about things becoz when u see it in long run it really does matter
    but i think u really are catching the essence of love so what m not into it but ya i can definitely understand 😛
    i happy the way things are turning out hope u achieve great heights
    all the best sweetheart

  3. mini

    this is th best blog entry of urs till date aseem and its my most fav one…trust me love is something very difficult to understand but its th most beautiful feeling in this world….life seems very beautiful and perfect in turns ur life upside down and u start loving th upside down world of urs…there is lot to understand abt love and as years go by and as we grow older we ll surely understand

  4. I agree with you aseem that love is really very difficult to understand…..and even more difficult are girls…:-)
    Atleast now I knw m not the only one confused about love and commitment…

    Continue writing such enlightening blogs….

  5. gud to see u in love u dude…
    just kidding..
    hope u found ur true love…m still looking..!!!
    nice post

  6. girish


  7. Mohsin

    i’m LOVIN it!!!
    gud job da!

  8. rachna

    very well written! seems to be a gud experience if it has changed u so much and more if u actually like the change …
    love definitely confuses most people perhaps coz of their extraordinary expectations from the other person… especially of things that do not exist…
    take care dear!

  9. Prof. Harish Maru

    “A lover may bestride the gossamer,
    That idles in the wanton summer air,
    And yet not fall, so light is vanity.”

    Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare

  10. priyanka negi

    It is an honest attempt to mould something as unmouldable in words as “love”. Wishing that you find yours soon, two thumbs up for this one

  11. I am still confused about so many things. Even today there are hundreds of questions in my mind about love, commitment, how to understand girls and what not. ????????????


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