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Ok, guys here is the first chapter of the most beautiful days of my life at my lovely “VIT University”. So here it goes…. 5th July 2005 was the day I began a completely new chapter in my life. Ok for the people who dont know, that was the day we started our lives at Vellore Institute of Technology (I seriously make sure that I tell everyone the full form here especially in Pune because they tend to confuse it with other VIT’s like Vishwakarma Institute of Technology).

Ok, first I should start off from how I landed up at VIT. Till Jan 2005, I was all like “I want to do ECE” (obviously even I dont know why I wanted to do it :P). Then all of a sudden I got interested into Biotech (ok now what was that?.. obviously I didnt have a clue abt it again :P). For some reason I have had a thing to go with the bandwagon many times even though I may not know whats the whole thing about. Mom and Dad obviously were confused and wondering “Oh god! What does our son really want to do”. So they asked many of our family friends to give me a counselling session  about all “GOOD” courses ranging from B.Pharm to BBA. Obviously I was all the more confused after this.

Then all of sudden one fine day on March 21st 2005, one of my dad’s friends told him about VIT. My dad’s instant reaction was like “VIT!!! Where’s that??? Is it a part of CMC?”. Obviously I as usual had no idea. But my dad was finally happy that I had a chance to do Biotech Engg and not I dont say that its bad). But the best part was the way the things worked out. My dad called up VIT on 21st March and asked all the info regarding the course, fees, facilities blah blah!! He sent the documents on 22nd March and I was of to India on 23rd. So basically the next four years of my life were decided in just a matter of 3 days flat!!

I landed on 2nd July 2005 at the Anna International Airport (Meenambakkam). It was my first time in South India. After taking a taxi directly to Vellore, I started experiencing the heat, humidity and air of Chennai. Watching  the ladies with Mallipus, the guys in lungis and also hearing them talking Tamil, it was all a new experience. We reached in about 2.5 hours. The Chennai – Bengaluru highway is one of the most amazing highways in the country. After reaching, we all had to run around for the amazing no of formalities ranging from giving the certificates, getting the hostel, getting the reciepts etc.

In the time Mom and Dad stayed there we went to the Jalakanteshwara Temple (the next time I went after the first day in Vellore was probably in second year ;)). The next day I couldnt go to Tirupati with them because of formalities at college. All these days even though they stayed at the Guest House, they made sure I slept in my room (obviously because I had to get used to the days ahead). It was a really new experience to stay in a hostel for the first time – Ramanujam F-Block (Room No – 535). It was a cozy little single room (with AC – yeah guys I am a spoilt little brat). They left on 5th July. I met them near the Food Court, touched their feet, bid them goodbye and walked back alone to the hostel with tears in my eyes as they walked towards the Guest House.

But in the next couple of days, weeks, months and years I made many friends (some good, some bad, some amazing, some stupid) with whom I lived a life. Arun, Girish, Mohsin, Ranju, Anish, Padhee, Basu, Ahalya, Sruthi, Riya, Atulya, Juvin…(I know I am missing many many names here ) – but all you guys made my four years memorable, beautiful and amazing. I have tons to talk about all of you.  The experiences between me, Arun, Giri and MBL, the fun with anish, padhee and ranju, the emotional talks with ahalya, the business plans, mba and ims experiences with sruthi, the ever  smiling  “riya”,  my dear brother “anish” and above all mine and Ranjus friendship. Then there are also other things to talk about like the experiences of working for Riviera, E-Cell, SEDS and what not. So stay tuned and keep reading to know more!

"The Fab 4"

"The Fab 4"


A month at SIBM


Convocation 2009 – A beautiful end to the best 4 years of my lyf!!


  1. mini

    Well i never knew in detail how and why u joined VIT and why u took up biotech engg :-)…now i knw :-)…come on continue th story i m sure there is lots more

  2. Girish

    nice dude…..

  3. Anish

    aseem 3 years and so lil??? there’s an empty book and u gotta fill the pages… a saga that has to be unveiled to the masses in SIBM.. lol

  4. shubham

    can u pls tell me more about the life at vit.
    are there a lot of restrictions imposed upon the students.
    i read some blogs which criticised vit for its rules.
    i am goin for counselling on 7th june.
    so it would be of great help if u could clear my doubts……..

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