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A month at SIBM

It’s been just a month since we entered the hallowed portals of this institution. I still remember 2nd June which was the first time ever that I came to Pune and that to all by myself. My parents settled in Muscat (yeah I am an NRI) were like “beta you are big enough to go alone”.  To tell you the truth I was slightly apprehensive or probably you can say nervous to say the least about the place, the kind of people, the way of life etc.

My first impression of Pune was like “ok it seems a normal city like any other”. But when I went to the international office of Symbiosis at SB Road I saw the global reach of Symbiosis with students from so many countries. Finally I reached Lavale on 5th afternoon by taxi (had to pay a bomb). Heavy rain with clouds hanging down the mountains greeted me.

I seriously felt that I am going to be studying in some kind of a resort (believe me it really does feel so especially after studying in the heat of Vellore Institute of Technology for 4 years) at 2200m above sea level for the next two years. I slowly started to take in the new surroundings, the new friends, the feeling of being in a double room (yeah I was really spoilt during the 4 years at VIT when I was in a single room!!) and also the feeling of having a hostel in-time of 12 (at college it was just 9 30).

Rains – this is the best or shall I say the worst time to be in this place (depending on how you look at it). This time though the rains have mostly played truant. For the first twenty days or so when the rains were absent everyone was like “oh god where are the rains? We want a relief from the heat. Obviously for me it wasn’t a problem because 35 degrees and no humidity is any day better than the torture at 46 degrees with 90% humidity in Vellore. But when the rains came, even though it didn’t pour exactly, it was a sight to behold. Walking in the clouds everyday literally with droplets of water falling on one’s face (or on the umbrella if one wouldn’t want to get wet) and the visibility falling to less than 50m at times, Lavale becomes like the perfect hill station nestled among the beautiful and picturesque surroundings.

Ok obviously how can I forget the most important thing in all this – studies. We had a really nice induction into the college wherein we got to know about from what one should do to what one should desist from for the next two years. After a slow start, we have started getting loaded with tests, case studies, guest lectures, extra curricular activities (like I am busy here blogging!) and many important things.

As I speak, a test and a case study await my attention. But this is what MBA is going to teach us  – “Learning to manage our time”. Isn’t it?


What a match!!


VIT – the beginning


  1. Anish Kumar

    hello!! glad to see u joined the blogging community! 🙂

  2. Abhishek

    Good One. Keep up the good work and hope you are truly enjoying your stay at SIBM.

  3. mini

    The new look is amazing aseem…i loved it…make it a little bit more brighter and cheerful 🙂

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