Transition of Thoughts

Weaving thoughts into words

Finally here it all begins

I feel elated, happy,  joyous and what not (ok! i am forgetting my adjectives here a bit) to finally start something which I have always wanted to since god knows when. It all began with the Readers Forum column in my beloved Times of Oman about 5 years back. All of sudden I had got this great motivation to write about things which i liked, didnt like, felt about on every and any issue under the sun. Then I think it all ended the way it began (all of a sudden!! – because I guess got really lazy ). In the next 3 yrs the writer in me was in the wilderness mostly because of my laziness. Then again as they say “one shouldnt let opportunities slip out of hand if they come running to you”, I got a chance to be a part of the Editorial committee during Riviera (our splendid cultural fest at VIT University). This was one opportunity I grabbed with both my hands. The experience during working for the souvenir (wow!! the teams we had in 08 as well as 09 – you guys rocked), the revolutionary (obviously because we were the first ones) newsletter as well as Riviera TV Channel 25  finally made me determined to start putting up my thoughts somewhere. But then again the usual laziness started to grip me. But then after coming to SIBM, I heard of a blogging team (now that really interested me) which I really wanted to join. Thats why here I am to begin this journey of words, thoughts, aspirations, feelings and anything and everything about what I feel.


What a match!!


  1. welcome to the group man..!!! nice to have a future MBA graduate expressing his views..!!

  2. mini

    Hey aseem it was nice reading ur blog…felt really happy…So happy to knw that u have started ur own blog site…I m glad u are back to writing again coz u r really good at it…U rock at it…So cultivate this habit of writing and one day who knws u ll become a great writer :-)…I m serious u have loads of potential so dont be lazy he he..Well keep me updated abt ur next blog and i ll keep checking too

  3. Abhishek

    Great Aseem. Its nice to know that you have started penning your thoughts in the blog. I think its a nice way to communicate with people around the world. Just keep up the god work and may god shower you with all his blessings. Love you lots.

  4. Mahim

    So finally you indeed are a part of the SIBM blogging team!!!!! way to go!!!!!!!
    nice blog…..

  5. priyu

    hey aseem…nice blog i must say…ur good at writing..develop on it..
    nice to know ur thoughts….
    keep in touch

  6. priyu

    hey aseem…nice blog i must say…ur good at writing..develop on it..
    nice to know ur thoughts….
    keep in touch…

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