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An experience with state.com

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Social Networks of all kinds have sprung up these days. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest or any other, people seem to have become social in more ways than one. Whether its chatting with friends, asking queries about all and sundry, making professional connections or even following people who have similar opinions as you, social networks cater to each and every taste.

And so when I was recently asked to review ‘State.com‘, I was quite curious to know what’s it about. At the outset it is a social platform for people to express their opinions on anything and everything under the sun. From Rafael Nadal’s performance in the French open to the Nigerian army’s response to Boko Haram, from Miley Cyrus’s dresses to the taste of hand cooked chicken, this network gives people a chance to put their opinions forward.

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Cuisine you cannot afford to miss in the Arab world!

Continuing with my foodie posts is the latest one on Arabic food. Irony or not, despite living in this part of the world for years on end, I hadn’t had any introduction with Arabic food before this trip. But this trip has been different.

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