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Guest Post: 5 Interesting Things To Do In Delhi

Know the time when you are so overwhelmed with your work, that you slip up on keeping tabs on the holiday calendar? Well, I recently had a first-hand experience of the same when I realised that work was almost finished, and I had a long unplanned weekend ahead. Now, inspired by the uber-digital generation of the 21st century, I googled around for happening places which my pocket could accommodate. And, guess what, Delhi trumped the deck!

So, that’s how I got to visit the capital, and learned a few of its secrets. The city is not merely confined to the grand monuments which grace its soils, but offers a number of different and interesting activities for the inquisitive traveller to explore. Here I mention a few of these, which left me with lifelong experiences to share.

1. Art Though ART?

Interesting things to do in Delhi: Delhi Art Gallery

Photo by Nomu420, CC BY-SA 3.0

The city of New Delhi has been patron to a host of virtuoso artists over the course of its richly-flavoured history. Unsurprisingly, the capital city finds itself front-row seats to a cultural renaissance of sorts in the 21st century as well – if the boom in art galleries serves as any indication.

My first expedition was at the Delhi Art Gallery, located in the village town of Hauz Khas, which is perhaps a staple joint of – well, everyone. This 24-year old space is renowned to have one of the most exhaustive collections of Modern Indian art, and I found myself surrounded by over 35,000 unique marvels of ingenuity from Modernists to early British spectrums, along with leading painters of date.

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Skywatch Friday – Poseidon Temple, Athens

Poseidon Temple - Cape Sounion, Athens

A calm blue sky at Cape Sounion overlooking the Aegean Sea

“We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon”

– Konrad Adenauer

Linking to Skywatch Friday 

Thursday Tree Love: Barren trees in Gorky Park

Thursday Tree Love: Barren trees in Gorky Park

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.”

– Kahlil Gibran

Linking to Thursday Tree love, a photo feature on Parul’s blog. 

Lights, Camera, Action! #AtoZChallenge

A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

I had taken part in the #AtoZChallenge for the first time last year and I must say that it was a really wonderful experience. While I did try my best to blog as well as read on a consistent basis, it wasn’t half as good as the blogging stalwarts out there. But it was surely a fantastic learning experience and a great way to get more eyeballs and meet many more bloggers ‘virtually’.

While my last year’s theme was “Micro-fiction“, this time I am going with something even closer to my heart.

I am a travel freak with a practical goal to visit at least 1/3rd of the world’s countries before I die. Currently that goal is about 33% complete. While I do write travel posts on and off, my next month will exclusively be devoted to “Travelogues“. These could range from posts full of photographs to those having detailed step-by-step itineraries.

So stay tuned for more this #AtoZChallenge.

100 word fiction: The wax figures..

The wax figures


A wax museum in the sleepy town of Troddle had risen to prominence courtesy George, one of it’s residents. His museum had figures of famous people from around the town and the cities nearby.

His work was so good that almost all the wax figures actually seemed like real people.

But no one ever knew the secret of his work until the death of his fiancee opened a can of worms.

The police who were already on the search for a number of abductions found that George killed people for money and then turned their dead bodies into wax figures.

100 word fiction: The rise..

100 word fiction

“You need to have the courage to follow your dreams and climb the steps to your goal. You can crib all day long about what you don’t have. Or instead, you can pursue your dream and live life on your own terms. It’s your choice.”

In a country without a history of fencing, Malti had carved out a niche for herself by winning numerous tournaments. And now, she had to move out of India for a few years to train and realize her dream of representing the country.

She knew that it was time to take the leap of faith.

Stockholm Diaries: Landing at Arlanda Airport

Landing at the Arlanda Airport

The Nordics (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark) have been in my bucket list since the time I can remember. The quality of life, the natural beauty, the helpful people have for long attracted millions of tourists as well as immigrants for years.

Landing at the Arlanda Airport

One would usually expect a lot of snow while landing in Stockholm in the peak of winter. But as is the case with the rest of the planet these days, (global warming et all), the day we landed it was just 0 degrees. From high up above, we could see patches of snow, but there was nothing to be too alarmed about.

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Skywatch Friday – View from Helgeandsholmen Island, Stockholm

Helgeandsholmen Island in Stockholm

Dusk falls over Stockholm on a cold winter day..

“The light is amber, the air still; the daylilies have folded in on themselves. Soon, the hooded blue of dusk will fall, followed by the darkness of night and the sky writing of the stars, indecipherable to us mortals, despite our attempts to force narrative upon them.”

― Elizabeth Berg

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I love my blog

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Seema

I love my blog

My blog is a continuation of my personality and it transports me to a different world where I can dream as much as I want.

B – Building my ideas about anything and everything under the sun

L – Linking me with bloggers from different walks of life

O – Organizing my ideas into words

G – Giving me the platform to express myself however I want

And this is why, I express my Blog Love this Valentines Day.

I pass on the baton of Blog Love to Stephen

New Year 2014 in Singapore

New Year 2014 Singapore

Singapore is regarded as one of the most dynamic cities on the planet. It is at the crossroads between Asia and Europe. Despite its small size, Singapore has for long been a strong business and tourist hub. And so when I got a chance to experience the feeling of ringing in the New Year 2014 in Singapore with a lot of fireworks and celebrations, I was quite excited.

New Year 2014 Singapore: Louis Vuitton Showroom

While there are dance parties throughout Singapore, the area around Marina Bay Sands is where Singapore showcases it’s splendid fireworks.

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