Published Fiction

Down the Road by Grey Oak Publishers

An exciting and eclectic collection of short stories that brings out all those memories – unforgettable, warm, thrilling, and at times embarrassing – of life in school and college campuses. From hesitant first crushes and relationships to the angst and heartache of wanting to fit in but trying to look like it doesn’t matter, and from the excited anticipation of midnight “Maggi parties” to campus ragging and the struggles and insecurities of a fresh graduate trying to find his calling in life – these stories cover situations and instances familiar to anyone from their school and college days.

Read my short story “An Opportunity” and essay “Bollywood on Campus” here

Minds @ Work by First Step Publishing.

An interesting collection of poems, short stories, anecdote’s and real stories – the book has it all. The book brings together 12 writers from across the spectrum. There are students, IT professionals and even entrepreneurs who have contributed.

Read my short story “Twisted Love” here.

You can buy the book from any of the below portals as well –

Infibeam –

Flipkart –

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