Oman Diaries: Foodie times at Kargeen Cafe!

Does it remind you of Alladin's lamp?
Does it remind you of Alladin’s lamp?

In Arabic, Kargeen refers to a quaint wooden cottage. First established in 1997 in the posh locality of Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos, Kargeen Cafe has come a long way with many more outlets having sprung up around Muscat in the years hence.

The sitting area at the reception..
The sitting area at the reception..

It’s wooden furniture, the ethnic decor and the lovely rugs give it a truly traditional feel.

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Oman Diaries: A visit to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

The Bloggers at Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
The Bloggers (Manjulika, Mithun & myself) at Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

While I was a resident in Muscat, I wasn’t able to visit the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque as something or the other always came up. But I finally got my chance when I came in as a tourist courtesy Ministry of Tourism, Oman & Indiblogger.

The minaret stands tall - An architectural masterpiece
The minaret stands tall – An architectural masterpiece
Stunning art work..
Stunning art work..

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Guest Post: Spiti Valley – A Land of Mystical Experiences

Everest North Face towards Base Camp
Everest North Face towards Base Camp


Beautifully situated in the serene Himalayan mountains in the north-eastern part of Himachal Pradesh, the name Spiti means the Middle Land. It is the land between Tibet and India. The Valley lies almost 12,500 ft above the sea level. Just like a maze, the roads in and out of this valley are quite confusing. The backdrop and culture of this valley are quite similar to that of Ladakh and Tibet. Picturesque monasteries, fluttering prayer flags and monks in their orange robes add up to the mystic charm of Spiti.

Spiti has a number of alluring places in store that one should visit during their Himalayan Holiday Tour.

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Guest Post: Experience Sydney like a local

Everyone who ever visited Sydney realized that it’s a mixture of flawless seaside and cultural beauty, where amazing tropical climate, imposing architecture and laid-back lifestyle create its uniqueness. As a person who lives in Sydney for years, I just adore every part of it.

But when I became a freelance tour guide, I noticed that most tourists head for Opera House and Harbour Bridge, leaving all other magnificent spots completely undiscovered. Plenty of authentic suburbs, monumental places and secluded beach spots present amazing local nooks that show the real Sydney attractiveness. So let me discover the greatest Sydney attractions from a local perspective:

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The Kidzania Kuwait Experience!

Entrance to Kidzania Kuwait
Entrance to Kidzania Kuwait

I had read a lot about Kidzania before visiting their outlet in Kuwait. Started in 1999 in Mexico City, Kidzania has expanded to 16 cities and more across the world in the space of a few years since they started a franchise model to expand their properties. With more than 31 million guests having visited Kidzania since its opening, it is one of the fastest growing edutainment brands on the planet.

So what’s Kidzania all about? Let’s check it out.

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Singapore: A haven for foodies!

Singapore foodie moments..
Singapore foodie moments..

With immigrants from a varied variety of countries including India, Indonesia, China and Malaysia to name a few, Singapore is one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the world. Be it tourism or infrastructure, Singapore always stays ahead of its competition in every which way you could think of. Amusement Parks, Greenery, Shopping, Food, Electronics and more – there’s so much to do for everyone.

But why food? Is it even important? The  food in a country defines its culture and daily life. It defines the habits and persona of the people. As immigrants from different countries stream in one after another, they bring a taste of their country along with them. Haven’t you heard of the Kaya Toast or the Roti Prata or even the Icecream Sandwich? What are you waiting for? Read on!

I was in Singapore on a work assignment for more than 6 months and I must say that I was totally lost for choice seeing the food options on offer. Despite the variety of cuisines to taste, I have narrowed my list of favourites to the below 5 ones.

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Melbourne: A city with a little for everyone..

Yarra River And Melbourne Skyline
Yarra River And Melbourne Skyline


There are so many factors which people consider before deciding to settle down in a city. While professional growth in terms of the organizations and corporates is at the forefront of our decision, there are other points like education, healthcare, infrastructure, safety, tourist places to visit and the likes which we consider before making our decision as well.

In this context, Melbourne being voted as the world’s most liveable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s liveability survey for the fourth consecutive year is an achievement to be really proud of. In a world where terror is spreading its tentacles far and wide and policies of governments and corporates are changing frequently, the tag of the most liveable city is something which every resident of Melbourne can boast about.

So what is it about Melbourne that makes it so special?

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