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Social Media has attracted almost everyone across the spectrum in today’s world. Whether its users or brands, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and the likes are popular almost everywhere. While many use it to brand themselves and create their online identities, there are others who use it to keep in touch with friends. Sharing thoughts, photographs, links, videos – there’s so much and more one can use social networks for. But don’t you find it difficult to manage all your networks? Wouldn’t it be useful to analyze the social activity across all the networks on one platform altogether?

Here’s where ThoughtBuzz comes in. This was an organization setup in 2008 to provide insights on social platforms for a user through big data and cross platform analytics across different social networks. It has offices in India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

Thoughtbuzz Pricing Plans
Thoughtbuzz Pricing Plans

Thoughtbuzz provides a variety of social insights from evaluating a brand or a user’s social media presence to helping generate additional leads and clients to even establishing and reinvigorating the social media strategy of the organization. There are three kinds of plans (Free, 6 SGD per month and 160 SGD per month). They differ in the social networks evaluated as well as the other insights provided.

Thoughtbuzz Signup
Thoughtbuzz Signup


Choosing between basic and premium plans
Choosing between basic and premium plans

There is a simple way to signup for the FREE version which I tried. A user can either register by entering the user details or login using Facebook, Twitter or Google+ login. On entry, the user has to select the Country and click on Submit. The basic version allows to add only 2 social profiles (Facebook and Twitter) while the premium version allows adding 5 social profiles which includes Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin as well.

Global Twitter, Instagram & Youtube Trends
Global Twitter, Instagram & Youtube Trends

A dashboard with the global Twitter, YouTube and Instagram trends are visible. This can be customized according to one’s country. The user can add his Facebook and Twitter accounts to get going. I logged onto Facebook and imported my fans from my page ‘Aseem Rastogi’.

There is a feature for the user to engage with friends, family and other users or brands across all social networks within one dashboard. The posts and tweets can be scheduled and posted at a later date and time or posted immediately depending on the user’s choice.

The graphs and charts feature helped me analyze my reach, likes, followers etc. on both Twitter and Facebook for the past 45 days. For brands, this is an excellent feature to compare the social activity on the different social networks.

In case if there are any questions, there is also the FAQs and ‘Contact Us’ feature which is quite useful if one is still trying to get through the different features of the site without much success.

UI: Thoughtbuzz has a pretty neat and clean User Experience for users and brands to navigate through the website.

Graphs and charts: These insights which detail out the followers, likes and overall engagement of the users and brands on social networks is quite helpful to get insights on the social activity and make appropriate business decisions.

Competition: Klout provides social insights on all the social networks provided by Thoughtbuzz and many more in the free version.

Last word:

Thoughtbuzz is an interesting and easy to use social monitoring tool for various brands and users who would like to keep an eye on their social influence and activity.

Written for the Thoughtbuzz review activity as part of an initiative at BlogAdda

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Review: Nokia Lumia 620


It’s been sometime since Nokia joined hands with Windows to come out with phones having the Windows OS. The first series of phones with Windows 7 and 7.5 didn’t do too well. There were issues of every kind and Nokia was slowly but surely moving towards disaster. Then came the Windows 8 series enabled phones beginning with Lumia 920 and 820. Lumia 920 has garnered great attention throughout the world with its specs and particularly the amazing camera it has. But the critics were still out saying that Nokia needed to come out with affordable Lumia’s for markets like India and China which are the fastest growing on the planet.

Lumia 620 is the first in the range of the affordable Lumia handsets. So what all does it have? If you are not looking at the black colour, at first glance you would surely notice the colourful back cover. This is the first Lumia handset which comes with changeable back covers (Cyan, Lime Green, Black, White, Magenta, Yellow). The screen size is quite handy at 3.81 inches. It packs a 5MP primary camera and a 1.2 MP secondary camera. This camera is quite good for this price range (Rs 14,200) that is if you are not looking at Indian models like Micromax, Karbonn etc like me. It provides you all the features like Panorama, Face Detection, Multiple Shots, Auto Focus with touch etc.

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