2015 – The year that was..

And another year goes by..
And another year goes by..

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And another year has gone past us. This was the year when I moved back to the Gulf again. I say again since more than half my life has been spent in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The last 365 days have been quite interesting meeting people from various countries and learning about various cultures.

From a blogging perspective, I continued taking part in various short fiction prompts and challenges like 5 sentence fiction, 100 word fiction, 42 word fiction, 6 word fiction and so on and so forth. These challenges have always been helpful in keeping the creative juices flowing.

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My blogging journey..

My blogging journey..
My blogging journey..

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We all take inspiration from various sources in our lives be it friends, family or even the experiences they have gone through at different phases in their careers. This helps us in learning the steps to be taken to achieve success and avoid failure. It serves as a motivation to achieve great heights in our careers.

While I did write a few editorial columns in Times of Oman and was part of the editorial committee of Riviera (the international fest at VIT University), it wasn’t until I started my blog in 2009 that I got serious about my writing.

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5 things I can’t do without

5 things I can't live without..
5 things I can’t live without..

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We all have those few things which we can’t live without. From a phone to a book; from nail polishes to creams, we tend to start getting nervous if any our favourite things aren’t around us.

As I began thinking of the things that I can’t live without, it also struck me that few of these things weren’t actually necessities even just a few years ago.

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My dream to roam the world..

A travel freak..
A travel freak..

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All of us have dreams and aspirations in our lives. While some of us are doing what we aspire, there are many who aspire to do a particular thing but end up doing something totally different all through their lives. But what if you have the chance to live your dreams and aspirations without any issues of money, family or any other obstacles. Would you live your life differently?

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The quirks of family traditions..

Family traditions
Family traditions

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From organizing extravagant parties to exchanging gifts of all kinds; from going on international visits to being very spiritual, different kinds of traditions run in families throughout the world. While some may call them quirky, weird or bizarre, these traditions define the soul of families and the way they live. Let’s go through a list of some of the most interesting traditions we see around us.

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What brings a tear to our eyes?


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Tears are secretions from the lacrimal glands in the eye. They are generated due to a variety of mental or physical issues which may or may not be controllable by the individuals themselves.

From a mental standpoint, we cry either when we are distressed about something or our happiness knows no bounds. Loosing your girlfriend, getting your dream job, failing in the exam, losing an important deal, meeting your parents after many years and so on and so forth are the kind of situations which we all go through day in and day out.

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Diwali celebrations need an overhaul..

Diwali celebrations
Diwali celebrations

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As per the Ramayana, Diwali was a festival of celebration, lights and happiness at Rama, Sita and Lakshman’s return to Ayodhya after 14 years in exile. It started off as a festival wherein people whitewashed their houses, lit up diyas (glow lamps), performed Lakshmi Puja and met friends and family.

But over the years, Diwali has unfortunately also become synonymous with gambling, firecrackers, noise and air pollution and more. Along with killing and injuring numerous human beings over the years, these firecrackers are also dangerous for all the animals around as they are loud enough to scare them.

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