Re-doing my Home

Our home is where our hearts always lie. We feel safe and secure behind those four walls. Whether its about saving us from the brutal summer or harsh winter, our homes provide us the shelter we need. And therefore, we all dream of having the perfect home with beautiful fittings, vibrant colours and large spaces. When I was searching for options to decorate my home, I happened to visit the MakeMyHome website. It gives a great variety of products to choose from. And I couldn’t resist.

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Are you really patriotic?


When you get out of the airport, you throw litter on the road without a concern. Despite knowing that the vehicle you use is causing pollution, you don’t care because no one asks you to change. You don’t go to vote but keep cribbing about every minister in the country. You can tweet, blog or put up Facebook posts on the state of the nation and what can be done better. But you dislike the thought of even trying to make things better by working for a government organization to build the future of the nation.

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Organ donation: Bringing smiles to many faces


There are so many of us who dedicate their lives to help others. Companies do it as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) while individuals do it for their personal satisfaction at having given back. Helping others could be through monetary benefits, psychological benefits, health benefits etc. For some of us, keeping others happy is what makes us happy.

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Inter – religious marriages in India – A taboo?



There are so many of us who believe that we marry for ourselves and not our families or extended relatives.Obviously that’s understandable to a great extent. If you and your spouse-to-be love each other & understand each other very well, why should anyone else have any problem at all? Let’s explore the argument in more detail.

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I am blank because…


I am weird because

I can have any combination of vegetables for food if they are considered healthy as per nutritionists.

I love hard copies of books more than e-books just so that I can smell the fresh pages of a new book.

I get sleep only if I lie on my stomach on the bed.

I get the most  creative ideas for blog posts or stories after 1am.

I am a bad friend because

I am not the secret Santa who often gifts his friends a lot many things.

I often speak my mind out.

I am not very prompt in staying in touch through social networks.

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The girl at the bus stop


Her dark kohl-lined eyes always seemed to radiate a warm glow which made me go weak in the knees. Her hair was a shade of dark brown which partly covered her face owing to the breeze. As she tried to part it away with her hand, my heart skipped a beat. With full lips and a well toned body, she looked like a dream. Was I dreaming? Was she for real? Her radiant smile would have been enough to make the world happy. If she would have been sad, the world would have shared her sorrow.

I made it a point to cross that road each and every day at the same time while coming back from work. Whether it was western or Indian formals, she was always elegantly dressed. Her sense of style, be it the attire or the matching minimal jewellery was brilliant.

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Turbulent Times


The sky was relatively clear and the inside of the aircraft seemed equally calm. There were some who were relaxed while most others were tired from a great trip on the Goan beaches. About 25 minutes into the journey, the captain began the descent into the Maximum City.

“Ladies and gentleman! We are now beginning our descent into Mumbai. The weather is cloudy with light rain. We expect to touchdown at about 6pm. I hope our crew has kept you comfortable throughout the journey. We thank you for flying with us and we hope you enjoy the rest of it as well.”

The captain had made his customary announcement and switched on the seat belt sign. The washrooms were a no-go zone from this moment onwards. The crew began to collect all the food waste and started to make preparations for touchdown.

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Emotions & all..


We laugh. We cry. We get stressed. We feel lonely. We get angry. We love. We hate. We get irritated. We fight. We make up. We get scared. Emotions of all kinds define our lives each and every single day. A person without emotions is just a lifeless object. Emotions are something which make our lives meaningful. But why doesn’t everyone have the same emotions? Why do our emotions get mixed up so many times?

Have you ever felt happy and nervous at the same time? Have you ever felt sad and excited at the same time? There are many times when our emotions get mixed up. We don’t really know whether to be happy or sad. Consider the below scenario.

You have got a new job in a big organization. You are really excited at the prospect of making a big name for yourself. But you are also nervous at the expectations your managers and seniors will have from you.

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