Risking their own lives by helping ordinary citizens stuck in raging waters, they were going all out to protect everyone in need. But even in this hour of pain and suffering, there were those who kept pelting stones at them needlessly accusing them of being biased. Perspective matters, doesn’t it?

Written for the 15 to 50 prompt: ‘Perspective’

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Write & change the world


If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.
Martin Luther

Converting thoughts and ideas into words is what gives wings to our dreams. Whether its poetry or opinion pieces, short stories or novels, writing gives us a chance to explore new destinations and live the life of so many characters. From famous writers to celebrated journalists, written pieces have captured the imagination of millions the world over. Whether it’s analyzing and reporting incidents happening around us or talking about relationships, love, life and the likes, writers tend to take us to a different world altogether. And so, pick up the pen and let your thoughts flow as you go on.

Written for 100 word Saturday prompt on the quote “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.”

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Game of Blogs: Chapter 2: Painful Memories

Read Chapter 1 here.

Tara’s demanding schedules meant that the Dutta’s hadn’t had a proper family vacation for years. And so when her boss decided to give her a few days off for working too much, Shekhar and Roohi got together to make the plans.

“Yayyyy. I am already dreaming of making my own castles on the beaches.”

“Tickets? Check. Clothes? Check. Hotels? Check.” Father and daughter were busy at work sorting out all the formalities while mom was occupied with work as usual.

Though Tara was engrossed in her laptop with last minute work, Shekhar knew that God’s own country with its pristine beaches, the backwaters and the beautiful landscapes would give her time to relax and enjoy with their little princess.

With greenery as far as the eyes could see and its unspoilt beaches, Kerala provided the perfect getaway from the din of Mumbai. Though Tara couldn’t avoid taking the most important calls, the time she spent with Roohi and Shekhar day after day made her understand the importance of family.

One of the days, she was so busy having fun that she even forgot to call her sub editor. Initially, she wasn’t too excited to be on this holiday, but now she didn’t want it to end. It had been the best thing she had experienced in years.

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Making sense of committing suicides!


There are so many of us who don’t give importance to our lives. Whether we die or live, we feel that it won’t matter to anyone. Call it inferiority complex or whatever you like, we feel that there aren’t many people who care for us. Sadly, our life is not only ours. Our family, friends and many others are dependent on us in one way or the other. Do we even realize how they would feel if we commit suicide? Do we even think of them? Why are we so self-centered?

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Stuck in the Bathroom

Young speaker at a meeting

“Where is he when we need him the most? I always hate this habit of his. He never respects anyone’s time.”

“I am truly sorry Rajesh. I had reminded him about this meeting since the last few days. We had also prepared the presentation together.”

“I don’t care about you, him or this bloody presentation. Do you realize the importance of this meeting? It is the one which will decide whether we are able to crack the deal which many other vendors are pursuing as well. Get him here in the next 10 minutes any which way. If you don’t, then you will see the consequences.”

The D-Day had arrived for Rajesh. He knew that they could win the deal as they had individuals with superior skillsets and had prepared well in advance. But just when everything was going according to plan, Narayan informed him about the absence of Arjun.

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Are you a real braveheart?


Rapes, Sexual Harassment, Molestation & much more – Women in India face all of this each and every day of their lives. Whether its in offices, buses, stadiums or also sometimes at home from family members, women have to face the brunt of disgusting actions by men everywhere. Even after this, parents don’t control their sons but instead put up all kinds of restrictions on their daughters. Whether its about wearing the right clothes to avoid being stared at or not going out beyond 9pm at night, women are made to follow the rules because men can be beasts whenever they feel like, right?

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Re-doing my Home

Our home is where our hearts always lie. We feel safe and secure behind those four walls. Whether its about saving us from the brutal summer or harsh winter, our homes provide us the shelter we need. And therefore, we all dream of having the perfect home with beautiful fittings, vibrant colours and large spaces. When I was searching for options to decorate my home, I happened to visit the MakeMyHome website. It gives a great variety of products to choose from. And I couldn’t resist.

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