Emotions & all..

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We laugh. We cry. We get stressed. We feel lonely. We get angry. We love. We hate. We get irritated. We fight. We make up. We get scared. Emotions of all kinds define our lives each and every single day. A person without emotions is just a lifeless object. Emotions are something which make our lives meaningful. But why doesn’t everyone have the same emotions? Why do our emotions get mixed up so many times?

Have you ever felt happy and nervous at the same time? Have you ever felt sad and excited at the same time? There are many times when our emotions get mixed up. We don’t really know whether to be happy or sad. Consider the below scenario.

You have got a new job in a big organization. You are really excited at the prospect of making a big name for yourself. But you are also nervous at the expectations your managers and seniors will have from you.

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A smelly affair!

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“He just walked past me and all I could smell was a mixture of cigarette and drugs. Thankfully he didn’t stay there.”

“She came to our office to sell kids books. Since I was the manager on the floor, she came and sat next to me and started giving me more information on them. Maybe she hadn’t taken a bath. Maybe she was out all day. And that’s why she must be sweating. But the smell was unbearable.”

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Bliss turned into nightmare!

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We were really happy. He really loved me or so it seemed. From talking sweet nothings to spending all his free time with me; he never left my side. Whether it was going to horror flicks together where I could snuggle into him or talking for hours on end in coffee shops, our life seemed totally blissful. I never feared anything if he was around. This went on for months and I was just lost in him. But then, life has its unique ways of jolting you out of slumber. And that’s what happened with me.

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How far would you go to get closer to someone you love?

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Love is an emotion. Love is life. Love makes ones world go round. Love gives one the hope to live a life. If there is no love in life, there is no life itself. Love is that feeling which stops you in your tracks and makes you admire the beauty of everything around. Each of us has a different definition of love. But what is common? It is the fact that love gives your life a meaning to live.

Some find love at first sight. Whether its the smile or the good looks, so many of us just fall for the one person in that very instant. For some it wears over time while for others it goes on. School and college crushes are where a huge number of love stories begin. That feeling of sitting with her in class, bunking classes for movies, having candle light dinners, spending hours on phone calls and more are the stuff lots of us have gone through. During these times, the world seems such a beautiful place. Everything feels perfect. Life seems like a bliss without any problems in sight.

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Politics in India – Abuse and makes the news!

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Politics is a game which few people want to get into. Though everyone cribs that we don’t get good ministers in our Parliament, no one wants to even think of joining politics. Why waste your time in the country when you can live a great life outside the country? Why take the pain of developing the nation when nothing has happen for years on end. The young generation thinks so on and so forth. But then what we get is a group of people who keep abusing each other, abusing our country and the trust we have put in them. Some don’t even seem happy with abuse. They go to the extent of throwing chairs, knives, pepper spray and god knows what at each other. And even then, we call ourselves a democracy.

Manifestos, development of the people, welfare blah blah are all passe. Who cares about it when you can fight with your opponent just by abusing him? If one calls his opponent ‘impotent’, another brings the word ‘nightwatchman’. Then there are others who call each other jokers, ‘man of low stands’ and many other things.

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Arvind Kejriwal – A revolutionist or an anarchist?

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Dharnas against the government, FIRs against corporates, statements against FDI, holding the state and the country to ransom – the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) party led by Arvind Kejriwal has done all this and more since coming to power in the last week of December. What have they achieved? What have they governed? What they are planning to do in the future? Do they even have a roadmap? Let’s check it out.

Arvind Kejriwal left ‘Team Anna’ midway during the Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption in Nov-2012. He decided that if they wanted to get the Jan Lokpal Bill through, they should form a political party. Many who believed that one should be part of the system to change the system supported his decision. But some of them including Hazare disagreed. There was confusion on how will his party get its own members to even fight elections let alone win them. Some wondered whether they will have enough funds to fight the election. But despite all this and against all odds, the party was formed towards the end of 2012.

1 year on, Kejriwal won 28 of the 70 seats in the Delhi Legislative Assembly election. Though they hadn’t gained majority, in a surprising turn of events Congress supported AAP to form the government. And so Kejriwal came to power almost one year from the day he began his journey for a corruption free India.

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What would happen if our smartphones could speak?

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She was enamoured with her Galaxy S4. From using it for Whatsapp to listening to music, from browsing the internet to playing every game under the sun, the Galaxy was her constant companion. She may not have people around to talk to. She may not have brushed her teeth after getting up. But the Galaxy had to be next to her at all times. But one fine day, something unusual happened.

Galaxy: Don’t your eyes get tired staring at me all day? Or wait a minute. What about those fingers of yours? Do you have enough strength left in them?

It was about 2am at night. And she had to be off to work the next day. She was literally jolted hearing noises coming out of the phone. She was alone in her room and everyone at home was asleep. Was she dreaming? Was it a ghost? How could her phone speak?

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Sachin’s retirement: What next after ‘Fab Four’?

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Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman & Saurav Ganguly: The ‘Fab Four’ were the backbone of the Indian batting line up for years on end. Whether it was rescuing the team from perilous positions or batting till the crows came home, these 4 were the heart and soul of the Indian team whenever it was needed. Saurav left first. Then came Dravid and Laxman’s turn. None of them had really great farewells so much so that they were almost pushed to retirement as calls became louder to have a younger team and fresh legs. It was said that youngsters performing badly is better than oldies extending their time. But Tendulkar was different. He was the so called ‘God’ in the temple of Cricket. He couldn’t go without a bang, could he?

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Top 3 ways to shirk responsibility when things fail!

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Success is like a drug. When people succeed, they love to take all the credit. Even if there was a team involved, many people love to be the center of attraction trying to ensure they get all the praise. But when things fail, why does everyone try to escape? Why is it that no one wants to be accountable for failure? Why is that people tend to buckle under failure?

Someone has rightly said that there is always a calm before a storm. A storm can be as dangerous as it gets. When things get very happy and successful for anyone in any part of life, people tend to warn that failure or disaster is always around the corner. You don’t always get all the happiness. It’s a mixture of the good and the bad which you need to be able to tackle.

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Singapore Diaries: My experience at Singapore Grand Prix

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Honestly, am not a fan of Formula 1 at all. I haven’t ever watched a complete race and neither do I know the name of all the drivers. Yes I know the famous ones like Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and the likes. But as you would have understood, I am not one who keenly follows who wins the Championship and stuff.

But when I realized that the Singapore Grand Prix was happening during my time in Singapore, I knew that I had to attend it. Whether it is the party like atmosphere at the Circuit Park or hearing the roar of 22 Formula 1 cars zooming past by, I wanted to see how it feels. Singapore has become famous as the ONLY night race on the planet. And moreover, another interesting fact is that it happens on the streets of Singapore. Singapore itself is quite small. And so the organizers would haven’t even thought of building an entire circuit. Instead, 2-3 days before the race, certain roads which would form part of the track were closed to the public.

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