What does a writer dream of?

Writing helps you find your inner voice..
Writing helps you find your inner voice..

Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f5/Find_your_voice._express_yourself._creative_writing..jpg

Royalty? Fan Following? A professional writing career? Winning the Booker Prize? Yes, all this is part of a writer’s dream. But at a fundamental level, a writer wants to get a chance to express his opinions freely and ensure that people read what he or she pens down.

Writers are always on the lookout for inspiration. From inspiration to write on a topic they haven’t ever thought of to inspiration from the exploits of fellow writers, there’s so much to learn from.

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Does moral policing actually work?

A pair of eyes are watching you..
A pair of eyes are watching you..

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These days, everyone wants to control the content we watch, the things we do, the sweet nothings we talk to our partners, the food we eat and so on and so forth. It seems as though every individual is trying to act like the moral guardian who aims to protect society from all the evils. But does this really work?

We keep reading about things being banned left right and center. There’s one school of thought which says that banning something ensures that people don’t get exposed to the wrong things in life. But the other school of thought asks “Who decides what is wrong or right?” Shouldn’t it be an individual’s perspective to decide on what is right and what is wrong? Banning instead may have the opposite affect.

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What can you do for love?

Is this what love is about?
Is this what love is about?

Source: http://www.loveradio.com.ph/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/The-things-you-do-for-love-are-the-same-things-you-swear-not-to-do.jpg

Love is an emotion which makes us do a variety of things which we may not always do. From surprising them with gifts to taking them out to an expensive restaurant; from doing things that evoke nostalgic memories of the times gone by to just giving them a call to express how much they are missed and loved, all of us do all this and more to keep our loved ones happy and smiling.

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Success or Happiness – What comes first?

Happiness is the key to success..
Happiness is the key to success..

Source: http://www.goodmorningquote.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/beautifulinspiringsayings.jpg?c06c3e

I have always believed that we are responsible for our own feelings. If we are sad, it’s because more often than not, we ourselves tend to think about the unhappy and depressing things in life rather than appreciating the happy moments.

If we are happy and satisfied with our lives, there are more chances for us to succeed and achieve our goals and dreams. A happy mind and soul is a perfect ingredient for success.

Success should be considered as a result of happiness rather than the other way round since the barometer for success changes from time to time.

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Buddy parenting – Does it work?

Does buddy parenting work?
Does buddy parenting work?

Source: http://www.proact-campaigns.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/parenting.jpg

There was a time when the sight of parents evoked fear, tension, nervousness and so on and so forth in children’s minds. But with the changing times, parents have also undergone a sea change. They have started acting more as buddies with their children empathizing with their problems, issues and difficulties rather than just acting as an overbearing and towering presence who do nothing more than scaring them. But does this so called buddy parenting work?

Most of us have always been averse to sharing the secrets of our relationships, bad habits, parties etc. with our parents. We are scared of them reprimanding us and putting up all sorts of restrictions to not let us do whatever we want. But isn’t that because we perceive parents as those humans who are always angry and looking to scare us? What if they behave like our best friends who listen to us and then advise us accordingly without jumping to any conclusions? What if they don’t judge us based on simple incidents in life? Wouldn’t it be a really delightful feeling?

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Quote Challenge – Day 3 of 3

All the world's a stage and men & women are merely players
All the world’s a stage and men & women are merely players

Source: http://www.writespirit.net/wp-content/uploads/old-images/shakespeare-all-world-stage.jpg

Isn’t the world a stage where all of us have different parts to enact? As infants, we are small and want all the love and care of our elders. Though we don’t understand emotions or the trials and tribulations humans face in the big bad world out there, we do know that crying indicates that we aren’t happy. From wanting food to going to sleep; from feeling uneasy to not getting what we want, we have a simple reaction to all and sundry – Cry.

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