Guest Post: How to Prepare for Phone Interviews


Telephonic interviews are now common and companies call prospective employees who are out-stationed or stay far away from the interview location. This post tells how to prepare well for phone interviews.

More and more employers are now conducting telephonic interviews to recruit candidates. Telephonic interviews are usually done to screen candidates from a vast pool of applicants and then the selected candidates would be called in for face-to face interviews. It’s usually good for interviewing out-of-town candidates where the expenses involved can be reduced.

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Guest Post: 5 Signs You’re Dealing With College the Wrong Way


College can be the best or the worst time of your life. But if you’re dealing with it the wrong way, then it is sure to be indeed the worst time of your life.

Not everyone enters college. But if you choose to do so, then you will have to deal with it. Although there are no rules and regulations on how to deal with college correctly, there are actually some sort of unsaid signs that you’re having it the wrong way. Below are five clear signs you’re actually dealing with it wrongly. See how you’re doing so far.

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Guest Post – Paris in the Spring: Things to See and Do


Experience springtime in Paris during the optimal season for blooming gardens, scenic views and fragrant café terraces.

The City of Lights, Paris, is beautiful at any time of the year, but spring is when she is most alluring to visitors. While there are certainly many popular attractions and tourist hotspots, Paris is best seen in spring through the eyes of locals. The secret gardens and Parisian cafés offer a unique and relaxed vacation that is unlike ordinary international travel. Accor Hotels offers this list of things to see and do in Paris in the spring as inspiration for your springtime travel plans.

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Guest Post: How to End Discrimination at the Workplace

discrimination or odd one out[1]

Workplace discrimination takes many forms; from reduced opportunities for members of certain groups to unequal salaries for workers performing the same jobs. While legislation and social development have turned the tides on the flow of workplace inequality, there are still instances when discrimination occurs within the workforce.

In addition to race-related discrimination cases, complaints are filed annually for age discrimination and sexual harassment – another form of inequality leading to an uneven playing field for women and men impacted by this workplace phenomenon.

The overall toll of discrimination is not only felt by victims; who bear the brunt of discriminatory practices, but by other staffers who suffer from lower productivity working in dysfunctional environments. So what can be done to end discrimination in the workplace?

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Guest Post: 7 Debt Management Rules for Young Professionals


For young professionals, debt is inescapable. That is, if you’re not careful with how you spend your money. Maybe you think, because you’re young, you have all the time in the world to save for the future. But the future isn’t often safe and convenient. There are always a lot of emergencies. Unexpected things often happen. Your sister or dog gets sick and you end up with hospital bills or pet clinic fees.

There are many things you can do to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Here are seven of the most basic debt management rules you can follow to make sure you survive your twenties—debt-free:

1. Live within your means: This is perhaps the most obvious rule that many young professionals definitely consider easier said than done—especially if there’s a shoe sale coming up or another hot new gadget to be released in the next few months. If you’re serious about being debt-free, there is no going around it—either you spend less than what you earn or find yourself in debt for much of your life.

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Guest Post: Why do women lose at negotiation?


According to a recent survey performed by the famous website LinkedIn, it appears that business professionals are not willing to ask for higher salaries and that they prefer to stay away from a process that involves the negotiation a certain issue. The problem is that women are even more hesitant when they have to take part in a negotiation.

Experts say that a potential explanation for this problem is the fact that employers tend to pay as much as they are asked to and they don’t even try to negotiate. When it comes to salaries, employees consider that they have to agree to the amount that they get, in order to avoid being involved in a negotiation.

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Guest Post – Movie Review: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag


Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Divya Dutta, Prakash Raj, Sonam Kapoor, Pavan Malhotra

Director: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

Producer: Viacom 18, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

Plot: The movie begins with Milkha’s tragic loss in the 1960 Rome Olympics and then goes into flashback mode showing a young Milkha and how it all started for him from the army recruitment phase. We also get to see the post partition riots where Milkha’s parents’ were murdered and how the little Sikh runs for his life, meets his sister in the refugee camp and then grows up gambling, learning how to use a knife and stealing coal from local trains for some cash. From the army begins his journey to become one of the greatest ever athletes India has ever seen.

Technical view: This biopic just leaves you speechless with it’s impeccable direction and energetic atmosphere. Though the movie runs for about three hours, except for maybe a few minutes, the movie holds a strong grip over the audience. The background score is exceptional and the introduction of Farhan Akhtar is just epic! Dialogues are not the best part of the movie but they do provide you a chuckle here and there. Prakash Raj and Pavan Malhotra also do a fine job with their acting as always.

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