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19th Commonwealth Games – 68 days to disaster!

The 19th Commonwealth Games is going to be held from 3rd October – 14th October in Delhi. It’s the second time that these games will be held in the Asia (after Kuala Lumpur in 1998). There were two bids for these games – one from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and the other from Delhi, India. Delhi won the bid (46-22) on the premise that it would provide US$100,000 to each participating country along with boarding, lodging and support. The fact that India had conducted a successful 2003 Afro – Asian Games was also responsible for them getting the nod.

But since then the preparation has been beset by problems galore. In 2005, the Indian Olympic association vice – chairman expressed concern that the preparations for the games wasn’t up to the mark. In 2009, a government of India report showed that 2/3rds of the venues weren’t ready. And this six years after winning the bid. Off late when the Commonwealth Secretary, Mike Fennel expressed concern at the delay, our dear Indian Olympic Association, Mr Suresh Kalmadi engaged in a war of words with him. Finally it seemed like he just wanted to win the battle of words and didn’t bother a bit about the Games.

A large number of roads, stadiums, lanes, highways, expansion of the airport etc had been planned. But till date that is even today, 68 days before the Games, most of the things haven’t been completed. An MOU has been signed to make this the first Green Games ever. But instead thousands and hundreds of trees are being cut in the name of construction. Entire roads have been dug up across Delhi in the name of the Games. Terror threats and such a shoddy Games preparation has scared of many top athletes like Usain Bolt etc. Workers have been exploited with poor wages, accidents, improper safety, shoddy working conditions etc. The most interesting aspect recently was the collapse of a couple of stadiums because of few minutes of rains. How amazingly we have built the venues. This rain caused blockades of hours around Delhi. You may ask why? Because of it being entirely dug up. All the politicians involved are bothered more about their publicity rather than India’s ability to hold a successful games. It’s all become a game.

I really don’t care whether Suresh Kalmadi. Shiela Dixit or Achantha Sharath Kamal (India’s best table tennis player – Ranked 76 in the world) say that the Games will be the best ever. The way we have horrendously prepared for these games, we don’t deserve to hold such sporting events ever. The only thing we can and will always hold is the Cricket World Cup, Indian Premier League, Champions League and all things related to cricket.



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  1. Mini

    Its really sad that India is so poor at organising world wide games !!

  2. anita

    The problem is – ordinary Indian man is not connected with these games. Common people are just spectators, not connected with these games much. In fact, a normal Delhite is worried about problems of the traffic, road closure etc during the games.

  3. Abhishek

    I am hoping against hope that India will manage to pull it off perfectly at the last moment. I guess we are experts at this !!!!!!

  4. Wonderful description of the apathy… Also, some well researched facts and events mentioned. Got to know numerous interesting facts such as how India triumphed to win hosting of CWG.

    • aseemrastogi2

      thanks…:)..just try to update my knowledge like you before writing any post 🙂

  5. Arjun Dhar

    This is sad and to an extent shameful. Being an Indian I obviously would like to take pride; but to be honest false-pride is the same as egoism.

    I think this is a reflection of not just the games but a state of apathy that exists generally in our minds. As a big nation we have many strong points but this is the one weak point that brings everything else down.

    I believe is it also a result of a lot of bureaucracy, indecisiveness that things get stuck.

    Good article.

    • aseemrastogi2

      The biggest problem is that instead of at least doing work on a war footing at least now that we are so late, our ministers are engaged in blaming each other and playing politics…I srsly feel that this would be the last big sporting event other than Cricket we will ever get unless we can really salvage the situation which I feel is really difficult and doesnt look possible

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey thanks for the article..It talks about how we have lagged behind in our preparations really well..

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